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Michael Vick

Turns into

Bob the Builder

4/2/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickEveryone is expecting Michael Vick to return to the football field after his incarceration, but he has other plans -- as in floorplans.

Vick's lawyer announced in Bankruptcy court today that the former QB has a construction job lined up after his prison release and Vick will work a regular 40 hour work week. Further details about wages or the duration of his new career were unavailable.

After being the highest paid player in the league, Vick was suspended indefinitely from the NFL after his 2007 indictment. The NFL Commissioner has said he will review Vick's status after he is released.

Who needs football when you can have drywall?

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:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Post #89: Your an imbecile. Go back to school.

1998 days ago



1998 days ago

hate her    

You people are crazy racist pigs....Leave this man alone. He's paid his debt to society and he deserves another chance.

You people are just a freaking LYNCH MOB!!!

1997 days ago


Michael Vick has paid his debt to society and now he deserves to be able to earn his way back onto the field. What he did was not right but that is the past. We should all be lifting him up and letting him know we have faith in him. Not tearing him down and making fun of him. I would love to hear some good news about some of these people for a change.

1997 days ago


The NFL Commissioner is Roger Goodell. His contact info is: Roger.Goodell2 at nfl.net and his telephone number is 212.450-2000 or 450.2027. Let him know how you feel, either way.

1997 days ago


if he shows some compassion, and is able to help some unfortunate bull dog down the road ,for rest of his sorry life .

Then he will have become a bigger man than he was , then he will be forgiven by me, until then NO DEAL.

1997 days ago


Okay. I wrote a short letter to the NFL Commissioner and this is what I said: (Ahem)

Surely there are other talented young men waiting in the wings who deserve to be given an opportunity and chance to play in the NFL besides Michael Vick. Michael Vick is a morally bankrupt monster and embarrassment to the NFL. If he is reinstated, you will be inviting trouble like you have never seen before. Out here on the streets, people really, really don't like this guy.

Vick was my 12-year old nephew's idol. I can't live with that. Perhaps football players don't sign up to be role models for children but that is what happens. The NFL has a responsibility not to employ murderers, rapists, child molesters, abusers of women and those who torture and abuse animals.

1997 days ago


Yeah, sure, this guy is a lowlife, but where is the outrage at PETA. They have killed THOUSANDS of dogs to save money to pay their high priced lobbyists and themselves. Check out petakillsanimals.com

1997 days ago

Dog lover    

What I want to know is how a convicted felon can walk from jail cell to the job site just like that? What he did was unthinkable, he had his chance. Give the job to someone that is a respectable citizen that needs to work to survive. I hope I never see him play in the NFL ever again. and btw, had he killed that many humans he would be jailed for life, so in retrospect 2 years is pretty much getting off free.

1997 days ago


Dear Dog Lover ,
"had he killed that many humans he would be jailed for life" , but he didn't kill humans hence the 2 years.

Even if he doesn't get back in the NFL. He still make bank with book deals, etc..

You haters and animal fanatics need to suck it up and move on.

I wonder why the animal fanatics don't take on hunters who kill deer, birds, etc.?? Why? Because you animal fanatics are wimps, and pick on Vick probably just because he is black and an athlete .


1997 days ago


There is no "getting over" what he did and there is not really payment that can be made when living creatures are tortured to death. Your allowed to kill animals if that is what you really want, ITS CALLED HUNTING! But noooo that wasn't enough for Big Man Michael Vick. He had to take it up a notch! What he did is not something that will ever go away. He might be able to move on but to most, he is just the ultimate bully who had to hurt something smaller than him to make him feel big. I hope he got raped in jail. A lot.

1997 days ago


Michael Vick is an evil person, not a hunter. He made those dogs fight for money. He made the female champions have litter after litter. It was so bad that the females' uteruses fell out. He used a contraption called a "rape chair" by animal trainers/vets. I watched a show on National Geographic where a shelter took, I believe, 20 of the worse case dogs. It showed how they were trying to rehabilitate these poor animals so they could have a normal life. It is working, but very slowly. I think Michael Vick should be put in a fenced in area with a group of dogs that have been tought nothing but to fight, kill and maul. See how he turns out!

1997 days ago


I am so SICK of YOU PEOPLE accusing others of being a racist. Every time a black person gets "themselves" in trouble it's always about race. I don't remember any of you taking up for Pete Rose when he got in trouble! He was banned from baseball because of gambling. Vick not only KILLED anilmals he also gambled. So if you want to scream racism, go ahead. I am tired of working trying to make it in this world because of the minorities living on welfare, having a good time while I'm working 2 jobs to support your dumb ass. Oh, as far as you nitwits saying this is how America is, pack your bags and get the hell out. Leave this wonderful country and never look back, I promise you will not be missed. I don't give a rats ass about any of you and I promise Vick doesn't either. I care about LIFE, human or animal. It's obvious to me it's easier to scream racim than it is to accept the truth. Where are my rights as a white person, minorities have more right than I do because we made it that easy for you.

1997 days ago


64. After reading all of your blogs, I can't believe that some people feel the same about dogs as human beings. What Vick did was definitely not appropriate and he was sent to prison for it. I don't know if he has learned his lesson or not. Only time will tell. You people who show such hate towards Vick should get a life!

Posted at 12:07AM on Apr 3rd 2009 by Ginger


Hey, Ginger, to you and all of the braying aholes like you who keeping slabbering on about how you can't compare animal life to human life, you know what? YOU'RE RIGHT! Because animals have infinitely finer qualities - not knowing hate, lust, greed, deceipt, covetousness, prejudice, and brutality - they do not function at the same base, ugly level that the human race does. And if you haven't noticed that this is the norm throughout all human history, you haven't even been paying attention to your own surroundings. For his deliberate, obscene inhumanity, this piece of s**t deserves nothing. Get it? NOTHING.

P.S. And for the a** clowns (like Whoopi Goldberg) who try to wiggle their favorite victiom out of this nauseating spot by claiming that dog fighting is a Southern tradition and he didn't see any wrong in that, I say how about some other Southern traditions that have come/gone/stayed: segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, etc. Could anyone sane say that some offender's misdeeds could be explained away by those quaint regional oddities ?

1997 days ago


Update: Yeah, I misspelled deceit and victim. Typos. Just saying before someone else must.

1997 days ago
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