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Rihanna -- On the Move Again

4/7/2009 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Chris Brown's court date has passed, Rihanna is ready to return to civilization.

RiRi was spotted at the airport on Tuesday in Barbados with her mother, Monica Fenty.

Rihanna stayed clear of Monday's proceedings, but her lawyer has made it clear she will do whatever is required of her.


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The fact    

Jessica shut up .

1990 days ago


She's IS a dumb "B!" I guess she gets her "hoochieness" from her muva!

1990 days ago


yeah Jessica shut it, you talk so much crap

1990 days ago

nira k    

Next time, when she gets beaten within an inch of her life, no one will be there for her. She made her bed -poor stupid bitch.

1990 days ago

The fact    

As a Rihanna Fan theres no way this incident happened the way she told the cops that slut made it up i said.You deserve that beating Rihanna as a matter of fact u had it coming bitch.

1990 days ago

Rachell Tebaux    

has anyone even considered the fact that she might have hit him? does that not matter at all?!

1990 days ago

just sayin'    

TMZ - the first sentence should read "Now that Chris Brown's court date has PASSED...", not "past".

1990 days ago


oh goodness. look at all the haters coming to bash because she's seen smiling. get the f**k over it u morons. you are just mad because the douchebag is in trouble. and whoever is saying shame on her to not have attended the court, grow some stupid brain u a**holes.
she did not have to attend because this is not her case. she didnt press charges. she didnt call 911 either. this is the case of the people vs chris not rihanna vs chris. wth would she attend for. it is not as if they called her to testify. it was an arraignment for him to face his charges not for anything else.
and the people saying she'll get what she deserves because she's happy. at least u morons she wasn't seen riding jetskis and flashing smiles a month ago when the f*****g person is accused of a crime.
u wanna know whats fake? it's the ugly ass remorseful face that chris had yesterday. now that's fake. he only shows remorse when facing the judge. where was the remorse before the charges were filed and he started feeling the heat? y should she be crying, she's moving on with her life and good for her.
and u wanna know who tucks their toes in and run like the wind. it is the wuss chris brown. that fled the crime scene, and is not man enough to face his charges. that's the person that should stand up for the good of mankind. get ur damn facts straight.
get ur heads out of ur asses u CB worshipers.

1990 days ago

The fact    

She needs another beating to wipe that smile off her face.

1990 days ago


Who cares. Their "separation" is obviously nothing more than a public relations move. I mean, as if it isn't obvious that she left the country to avoid having to testify against him. I'm sure once some time has passed they'll release a statement saying how they've healed and worked things out. Both are morons. I feel NO sympathy for her anymore. She's a role model to a lot of young women and she's sent a horrible message to them by staying with this thuggish douche bag. She deserves whatever else he does to her.

1990 days ago


don’t knoe body believe ri ri lawyer when he says she's going to testify against Chris brown that’s why im not her fan she about to meet up wit him in la tonight and tmz going to have pictures of them partying together and leaving his hotel she dumb.

~Team Chris Brown~

1990 days ago


# 28 you stupid c***..go f*** yourself!

1990 days ago

The fact    

STUT THE F UP YOU HATERS u are a moron uneducated and needs to put sentences together or go back to the hole where you came from.

1990 days ago


# 30
really ?!?!? shame on me for my ignorance? show me ur wisdom for a sec and tell me why you're hating on her.

1990 days ago

The fact    

SHUT YOUR F MOUTHS U HATERS U have a problem its not the blogger s nor Chris.I think its Physically or Mentally.Please get some Grammar lessons Boo Its for your own good.

1990 days ago
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