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Billy Bob Goes Off

Don't Call Me an Actor!

4/8/2009 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Bob Thornton transformed into a condescending, pompous jerkwad -- live on the radio today -- when the station DJ casually brought up Billy's acting career.

See, Billy Bob has a band now ... and he demands to be taken seriously -- as in, Billy demanded that the radio host treat him like he would treat Tom Petty. 

Seriously, Billy compared himself to Tom Petty.

It all went down today during a CBC interview -- Jian Ghomeshi, the interviewer, introduced the band -- including a few words about Billy's film career -- which caused Billy to become a massive d-bag for the rest of the interview.

You gotta watch it -- unless you wanna continue to like Billy Bob.

NOTE: The best parts... at the :30 mark, 1:12, 2:36 and pretty much everything between 5:00 - 10:00.


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madas hell    

he's a jerk.. He's lucky that this guy even wanted to interview with this band... Billy bob, Mr. A-hole, don't be a jerk, be glad ur old ass is still making money.

1972 days ago

not a fan anymore    

BBT, I blamed his freakish past on Angelina Jolie. Bad day when he makes HER look normal. If he were as great as he thinks he is, we would already be familiar with the music, thus no need for the crappy interview he tried to avoid. He wasted not only my time, but the interviewer's time as well. Move over, there is someone more interesting and connected to reality that we would like to hear about. I feel bad for his band members, having to put up with his self-important, self-righteous, self-indulgent ways. I'm no longer a fan and can't waste my time on this crap.

1972 days ago


I am sorry to say this pompas ass is from my state. What a big headed ass he is. I will never watch his moves again. I was not a fan anyway. Want listen to his music and feel sorry for his band members because they sure seemed to have a lot more sense than him. I think that the interviewer was a total professional. What a rude person Billy is!

1972 days ago



2025 days ago


What a loser! Lets elect him for president next. He's probably got more experience than Obama.

2025 days ago


Im glad TMZ posted this so everyone can listen to how big of a MEGA DOUCHE this guy is! I listened to the interview and i thought he was doing his best joaquin phoenix impression but as it turned out, this guy is simply a douche-bag!! Will never watch another one of his flicks again! oh, and the music sucked too!

2025 days ago


Audio link didn't work ....the blood vile of Angelina is preventing the truth of said audio recording being released to the masses

2025 days ago

artie help    

billy bob is the man . has some great photos of angie. Can't wait to see you old friend.

2025 days ago


C'mon Billy. Don't be unreasonable. You know good and dang well especially since YOU have been making albums in the past and NOONE gave a darn that if you weren't the Billy Bob we know today NOONE would still give a darn. Keep it real yo!

2025 days ago


and I find it funny that the DJ's tone changes right after the altercation, like whatever fuvor the DJ had for interviewing him was gone right afterwards, and as for Billy Bob, i've heard his so-called band, he and his band sucks.

2025 days ago


I think it's interesting that, if he didn't want his acting career brought up, if he didn't want it considered that his band is doing so well possibly based on the success he's had as an actor, why is he the only one speaking? Why aren't his band mates chiming in? I only heard the clip TMZ presented here, so I don't know if any other band members spoke during the interview. But seriously... he needs to calm down. His music isn't that great.

2025 days ago


What's the big deal? So, he has a short fuse, I wouldn't exactly call it a Christian Bale moment! The interviewer handled himself just fine..go Billy Bob!

2025 days ago


Meh, people have been saying he's a jerk, a racist, etc. under their breath for years. This immaturity comes as no surprise. If he can't live with the fact that he's best known as an actor, he has some personal "issues" that need to be resolved. Get used to it, BBT: The music is bad and the acting was pretty darn good. That's what you're known for. So it shall ever be.

2025 days ago


what a freaking loser. who the heck does he think he is? honestly, i've never liked him at all. i wont even watch his movies at all

2025 days ago


Just when you think there could not be a bigger D-bag than John Mayer along comes Billy Bob.... Wow he really wins the most Arrogant (not sure what he has to be arrogant about) D-Bag........

2025 days ago
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