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Mel Gibson and Robyn Play House(s)

4/16/2009 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

To the victor goes the spoils ... in Mel Gibson's case it's more like Victor Victoria. Among the $900 million in assets they will divide up, there are a number of insanely expensive estates....


We have pics of five houses, for starters ...


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artie help    

amazing how NO one mentioned Mel and Britney, shacking up. That's the truth ruth.

2017 days ago

Mike Botz    

Artie is right, Mel and Brittany have been a secret item for a while, Surprised Artie is the only one who said anything. We had drinks a few weeks ago with Mel and Oksana, Britanny called and she was furious.

2017 days ago


I am so glad his wife finally had enough. He doesn't deserve her and now she will find someone who does.

2017 days ago

northern gypsy    

h.w.g.a. (here we go again)...let's hope M.G. steps up and does the right thing...
in other words...respects his wife for being the mother of his children !!!

2017 days ago

artie help    

I told you ty. Mr.Botz for confirming this for me. We'll be in touch

2017 days ago


wow this divorce is gonna hurtttt... she just hit the jackpot

2017 days ago


"Toocool" - what do you mean she hit the jackpot? She's ending up with HALF of that money....she's had ALL of it so far being married to Mel. She's getting LESS money from the divorce than she has now. Also, how is going through a painful and devastating divorce a "jackpot"? A jackpot of pain and heartache. Yeah, wow, lucky woman.

2017 days ago


why does anyone need 3 house on the same beach?
2 are next to each other, the other is down the way a little?
Thats crazy!

2017 days ago


Who cares about that Nazi?

2017 days ago


Mel is not perfect...cut him a break...dont be a hater...I feel bad for him , his wife and his family..lets hope that he comes to his senses and snaps out of his mid life crisis...go back to Robyn!!

2017 days ago


Where did this guy get $900 million?

2017 days ago


#6, people like you are parasties! It was Mel's hard work and talent that made all the big bucks, do not forget that. And now how easily, the wife will get 50% of this guys hard earned stuff. That is indeed a JACKPOT!

2017 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Phone ringing...

OJ: Hello?
Mel:OJ? it's Mel. How you doin'?
OJ: Great... three meals a day... all they anal I could ever want new advice column is really taking off with F'd up husbands.
Mel: Yah, uh... that's kinda why I'm callin'. Listen, OJ, I just got off the blower...
OJ: Please, Mel... your choice of ain't easy in here...
Mel: Sorry, man... I just got off the Hulk. He F'd up bad with the OJ comment... did you give him that advice?
OJ: No way, Mel... The Hulkster went Rogue.. just started throwin' sh*t out there about "Doin' it OJ style" I would nev er recommend that...
Mel: So what do I do... Ive got a billion to protect.
OJ: Okay... first off... kill the bitch...
Mel: Hell ya, I figured that...
OJ: Don't interupt... kill the bitch and maybe a friend or two as well... make it look like a a psych-rape kinda thing...
Mel: Go on...
OJ: Then get a flight right away somewhere... maybe Pittsburgh...hole up in a hotel... fake some little accident to explain your defensive wounds... fly back to LA... and
Mel: Get in a low speed chase?
OJ: Too old, man... won't work for ya... call Steve Martin and arrange a Poker Game at his place. Cops like Steve Martin and will be less likely to hassle you at his place... when they do arrive simply deny all knowledge of the event... in fact.. go for the gold and deny knowing your ex-wife altogether. That'll really confuse them... and that's it... you'll get off.
Mel: Thanks, OJ... you are the best...
OJ: Hey, Mel... can you do me a favor?
Mel: Anything... name it...
OJ: Can you talk Danny Glover into confessing to my ex-wife's murder?
Mel: Oj... leave it to me.

2017 days ago

Joseph Jehoich    

Is there really a difference between having $900 million and $450 million? Seriously...

Joseph Jehoich

2017 days ago

Michael Madsen    


2017 days ago
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