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Cops Say Madonna Horse Story Is Bogus

4/20/2009 4:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops who took the report about Madonna falling off a horse over the weekend doubt the singer's story that a paparazzo jumped out of the bushes and spooked the horse.

The cops say no one from Madonna's camp said anything about a photog causing the mishap.

Sgt. Herbert Johnson from the Southampton Village P.D. tells us: "There is no mention of photographers. It's a matter of spin control that went out of control. If they felt there was something else, they would have written 'paparazzi' in the form -- if they felt there was a problem."


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You gotta be kidding me...    

This makes sense. MaWHOREa is a self centered, arrogant, egotistical fake & a liar; no reason why the jerks she surrounds herself with would be any different. If anyone needed proof that this hagged out slut needs to be bitchslapped, here it is...

1919 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

If there was a dildo attached to the saddle, you KNOW this whore would never have fallen off...

1919 days ago

brazen weep    

Is she looking to become the next Christopher Reeve? How many times does she need ot have a horse riding accident before she learns?

1919 days ago

Illinois person    

A horse is a horse unless of course the horse of course is the lying Mr. Madonna! Go away puke face.

1919 days ago


She needs lessons. This isn't the first time she's fallen off a horse. Horses seem to know when the person on their back knows what they're doing or not. I would guess not. She should give it up before she hurts a horse.

1919 days ago


Isn't just one more example of botox going to the brain? But seriously, Madonna, you are 50. Deal with it. Second incident on a horse throwing you in less than a decade? Likely the horse(s) in question had a reason. Again you are 50. Not 35 or 40 even. When will Hollywood realize there is no do over. We all get old...and eventually die. Botox and yoga won't fix that. I would love to say the era of Madonna is over...but chances are she will need hearing aids to actually "get it."

1919 days ago


WHA WHA old lady! Always blaming something on someone else! Are you sure she wasn't "leaning over" to get a lick of his big old honking stick!????

1919 days ago


ANd if a photo of the horse throwing her shows up, it means someone else lies. Wow, there sure are alot of people who hate her commenting here. Did she do something to you personally? Don't know her myself or listen to her music, but don't think that being a "celebrity" is reason enough for these feelings.

1919 days ago


HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN ??? Yesterday April 19 was the 14th anniversary of the OKLAHOMA BOMBING where many innocent children and FBI agents died. I dont see anyone posting any remembrance of it. REMEMBER OKLAHOMA it was a home-grown terrorist act. Somebody falling off a horse is NO STORY.

1919 days ago


Just because someone was a ficture of a certain period of time and a celebrity doesn't mean I have to, or for that matter others, care about her. She is an old person stuck on her looks. Period end of sentence. Old hag has been. Time for her to accept the reality of life. Life moves on. Welcome to reality, Madonna.

1919 days ago

judy anderson    

Yes a horse will spook even if the camera is far away! No cameras should be near a horse unless it is trained for it. SHOW horses get a ton of exposer to flash and snaping noices and they can still spook ! Stupid paps!

1919 days ago


If this story is true,-----three cheers for the horse!!!

1919 days ago

sick of all of them    

too bad it did not turn out like christopher reeves

1919 days ago


Madonna is about as sexy as Joy Behar right now. Yikes. When I read the headline about her being bucked by a horse I guess I missed the "f" somewhere in bucked because that is the only thing shocking she can do anymore. Too bad her red kabalah string doesn't ward against horses running amock. I guess she must have taken it off that day.

1919 days ago



1919 days ago
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