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Beth Chapman: Multiple Witnesses Heard the Shot

4/22/2009 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beth ChapmanBeth Chapman wants everyone to know yesterday's alleged shooting incident was the real deal -- despite a lack of physical evidence -- because there are multiple witnesses who can back up their story.

Beth tells us Duane "Dog" Chapman and the crew knew Hoang Nguyen was going to be a tough capture before they even went after him, because they were under the impression he was "dangerous" and a "known runner."

Mrs. Chapman says when "Dog's" team arrived at the Colorado Springs apartment complex where Hoang was holed up, 15-20 people were watching -- and when the alleged shot was fired she says the crowd had ballooned to around twice that size. The picture below was taken shortly after the shooting.

Despite the current lack of physical evidence -- like a gun, bullet hole or shell casing -- Nguyen was booked for attempted homicide.


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arte help    


2009 days ago


He probably did shoot. Would figure though that the police couldn't find no evidence. They're not exactly the hardest working people.

2009 days ago


toofastforyou! is my Gay Lover!

2009 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Has Beth Chapmen ever seen her knees?

2009 days ago


too bad he missed this drag queen bitch.......cant wait for the day these two racist idiots get their come uppance...i want to see some woman beat the silicone outta beth the transexual country bumpkin. sorry you missed time aim for both and get two for one!

2009 days ago


I can't believe her back doesn't kill her! I know a mother and daughter that come from a large family, 4 girls, 2 boys in this family (all adults now). Anyway, the youngest girl, ended up having bra size I (yes that's a I as in after the letter H) and the mother's bra size was J. They had to go to a specialty bra store to have their bras made and yes they were very expensive. And they were natural size, no implants. The daughter ended up having hers reduced because she just could not handle the back pain that went along with breasts that large. And she was not a short lady either, she was nearly 6ft tall. Her mom was about 5'7 or 5'8 (she kept her size and is in her 60s now still with those mammoth size breasts).

2009 days ago

Television Spy    

Well he's done in since there are enough witnesses.

2009 days ago

artie help    

toofastforyou, please don't try and get involved with TERRI and I. TERRI is a terrific bolgger with a great future.

2009 days ago

A & E watcher    

I like dog, Beth cracks me up..., LOVE Leland, glad he wasn't shot at, I don't see Leland in the pic above. I am sorry they were shot at.......also happy they got Hoang anyway. How stupid was he to think he could get away??

2009 days ago


If you are as disgusted as I am by Dog Chapman's constant usage of the n-word and by his murder of a black man back when he was in a racist motorcycle gang, then let's all stand up to this thug! PLEASE JOIN US IN EMAILING A&E AND MAKING SURE THEY KNOW THAT WE WILL NOT WATCH THEIR CHANNEL UNTIL THEY REMOVE DOG CHAPMAN'S SHOW. THEY KNOW THAT EVERY EMAIL REPRESENTS A HUNDRED THAT FEEL THE SAME WAY. WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE AND IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND. THANK YOU. PEACE.

2009 days ago


this whole family is a bunch of ex-convicts, coke whoring trailer park trash fake badge wearing hypocrits

2009 days ago


some of you have alot of nerve silicone valley don't be a hater you would never last a day dealing with the things that woman deals with she is not a transexual and this coming from from someone who calls themselves silicone valley itake people talking about them personally if there were not people out there doing what they do who would protect people like you no they are not perfect but neither am i and neither are you judge not lest you be judged

2009 days ago


to all of you who love to make fun of others you all need to grow up! The whole Chapman family are marvelous! Id love to see if the people saying rude stuff about them had a family member shot and then dog captured the person who shot at their fam then it would be ok im sure!

2009 days ago


To contact A&E and let your voice be heard, you can just put "contact A&E" into Google or go directly to their page and select "corporate programming" so that your email will go directly to the people that make decisions at the top. Thank you.

2009 days ago


oh and to all the people who point fingers about peoples past people do change!!!!alot of you out there making retarded comments wouldnt even think about changing and you are pathetic!

2009 days ago
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