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Beyonce's Dad Was Right

Hoax, Hoax, Hoax!!!

4/22/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

has officially been cleared of all bad singing charges -- the atrocious supposed "board mix" of her performance on "The Today Show" last year was altered after all.

Just as Mathew Knowles told us, the audio clip that many people believed was leaked from "Today" was indeed a fake.

In fact, TMZ found the person behind the prank who was surprised it went as far as it did, saying, "It's a little bit crazy. No one in their right mind would sound like that, and no one would cheer for someone singing like that."

Apparently, the dude never went to an Ashlee Simpson concert...


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Diva Dee    

F*** all you Bey haters. Ya'll mad cause that young girl making more money than you haters can dream of. That Sista is not only rich, but she can sing her ass off, dance her ass off, and dress her ass off. She is classy always. Now if Britney Spears can show her snatch to the whole damn world, be an unfit , crackhead mother, and you haterz got her stupid ass back at the top of charts knowing full this bitch can not sing worth a flying rat's ass with practiced mechanical dance steps, then I know ya'll can leave that girl(BEY) alone. Last, but definately not least, I truly hate to make this a race issue,but it seems to me that haters try extra hard to tear black women down,but white women can F*** a tree in the middle of Beverly Hills and nothing would be said but "Oh she's been through a lot". That's okay though because WE shine regardless. You can't deny the talent and that's what the hell you haters are mad at. Hate on Haters.God bless you.

1970 days ago


loves turkey boyonce very successful dance songs and has are a fan of him myself, I would dance and dance dance schools have dance training courses I offer are usually selected boyonce music in the life of me I wish you continued success, thank you from my turkey in istanbul

1969 days ago


She still sucks....

1988 days ago


The media whore still sucks

1988 days ago

Michael Madsen    

This story is a hoax.

1988 days ago

Keifer not ok    

She still sounds shrill and shrieky even in the studio perfect version of the song.
And with the way music is blasted over the coms one couldn't hear screaming or a gunshot, much less a mediocre singer
singing "live" - the inauguration is a bad example to cite to try and prove her vocal abilities. Studio wizardry and the
fame of too many talentless or mediocre beauties is why this story took off the way it did.

1988 days ago


Once again Howard Stern tries to ruin someone's career with a hoax audio tape. All in the name of ratings.

1988 days ago


I thought it was fake because Beyonce backup singers sing most of her songs or she just dancing and doesn't even pretend to sing but she does lip sync remember the Oscar's and the VMAs...Beyonce a fake song writer to and won a award for it how much input could she have when she working with that many co-writers.

1988 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Look... people... what, if anyhting, have we learned from all of this today...
Well... some singers are fake... ssome audiotapes are fake...some dads are fake... some radio talk show hosts are funny...I mean fake and some celebrity news sites are fake... some hair is fake (HL) and some poster's names are fake...
other than that...
I don't think we learned Jack today... so... keep the BS commin'!

1988 days ago


She needs to go on Howard Stern and proved she can sing that song and sing Single Ladies without dancing I don't think she can do it.

1988 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

you still suck bouncey.....

1988 days ago


it was not a hoax... people.. when you don't have a monitor to hear yourself sing... you will be off key.. it heppens to the best of the best...We all know Beyonce can sing... but, again.. no hear...then everything goes wrong from there... if she was to be lip syncing.. then why the hell was she even singing to begin with.- move your lips.. I feel bad for the girl but, it's her fault something like this got leaked..she should know better.. don't trust no one.. I don't believe it was a hoax... it was real.. and this cover up of saying it is a hoax... IS THE REAL HOAX... .. ..Remember I told ya so.. As Always T

1988 days ago


Speaking of (((HOAXES)))............. how about her *insane* claim she's "26"??? HA! Try 33, or 36! Lying bi|tch needs to own up.

1988 days ago


ummmm hello this is a true singer were not talking about britney spears lets see that whore try 2 sing a note she is a mother and her fat nasty ass needs to be locked up somewhere ha he ha ho

1988 days ago

Hermaphrodites In Hollywood    

Beyonce lip-synch during Obama’s inauguration ball and during the concert on the mall. When Star Jones interviewed her on the set of the Larry King Live, she admitted that there's always two people in the studio with her (the engineer and herself). It's on youtube!

How can someone talk like a man but their singing voice is totally different? Is she taking hormone pills so that her voice can sound more "feminine"?

1988 days ago
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