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Jacko Hit-n-Run Case -- The Wreckage

4/23/2009 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained photos of the ambulance Michael Jackson's chauffeur allegedly smashed into yesterday -- and it looks more like a scrape-and-run than a hit-and-run.

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As you can see in the photos, there's obvious damage on the left side of the ambulance, including the driver's side mirror which is hanging on by a thread. The EMT told us the sudden impact caused injuries to him and his partner -- who were sitting in the ambulance at the time.


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This guy's story entirely contradicts the paparazzi videos.

2007 days ago


Makes me sick how many people jump on the sueing

2007 days ago

Parents learn to entertain your own kids.    

Sounds like someone trying to dig in Jack-O's pockets.

2007 days ago


Michael The molster

2007 days ago


injuries my butt! there is no way they were hurt while sitting in this ambulance! i just don't understand people! that is the prob with this world..people like them!

2007 days ago


EMT'S faking injuries!!!! What the h e l l is this world coming to? Michael rules, btw

2007 days ago


Something is definitely wrong with this guy's story. Also, with all of the paparazzi around waiting for Jackson to come out, how come none of them got any footage of this supposed accident. You mean to tell me with that many people just standing around, nobody heard or saw anything. I don't buy it!

This guy appears to be looking for an easy payday, but might end up being charged with filing a false report.

2007 days ago


In one of the videos from that day, the ambulance is parked behind Michael Jackson's vehicle for several minutes as he gets in and leaves. You can see that both side mirrors are still 100% fixed in their original place and not damaged nor "hanging by a thread." Hmm.

2007 days ago


What is it with this thing and Cedars Sinai?

2007 days ago



MJ Good Luck

2007 days ago

mellon bruse N    

about got him DOA.we`ll stay at it

2007 days ago

um, no thanks    

So let me get this straight. An extremely heavy ambulance got scraped by a side mirror and two fit men wearing their seat belts suffered injury.
That's pathetic.

Imagine a trial like this in Europe.
As you can clearly see by the way the side mirror is hanging off in photo number 128 the violent collision caused my client to be severely injured, A side mirror hitting a five thousand pound van can be compared to a tank hitting a pinto.
My client has severe non stop head aches and back pain and the doctor said he may be on disability the rest of his life.
He has not been able to return to work after the collision and because of the post traumatic stress he can't sleep or function.
We are not only trying to put a price on the physical damage this has caused but the psychological damage as well. It's sad, very sad and we are asking for compensation for this man's ruined life and all associated legal cost.

2007 days ago


To know th TRUTH and to see what REALLY happened everyone should watch this video shot by one of the paparazzis:

You can see that Michael's car and the paparazzi are both in position for ages before that ambulance appears. You can't see any ambulances anywhere near Michael's car until ages later. Check out clearly see the EMT guy taking pictures of Michael (didn't have such a stiff neck then apparently?), and at 1:48 you clearly see the ambulance with BOTH of its mirrors in tact. This EMT guy should be titled the saddest idiot and biggest gold digger on the planet. And in my opinion he should get suspended/fired from his job. Taking pictures of celebrities while on duty? Making false claims? I thought people working in the medical field were honest, good people. This guy makes all the EMT's look bad, which is a shame. I guess some people will do anything for money. Did that guy really think he can get away with such a ridicilous story while there are paparazzis FILMING the whole thing? That guy deserves to be called "the dumbest liar" of the year! I hope he will get sued!

2007 days ago


Chris Brown Knocked Rihanna Back To The 80s (Michael Jackson)

2007 days ago

Lindsay W.    

Haha!! I went to high school with the EMT that made a statement. Too funny!! I smell a lawsuit.

2007 days ago
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