Kate Walsh -- Let a Judge Decide

4/27/2009 3:29 PM PDT

Kate Walsh -- Let a Judge Decide

Kate Walsh is drawing a line in the sand with estranged hubby Alex Young. We've just obtained legal papers in which Walsh's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, has requested a trial date in their divorce -- always a bad sign.

As we reported this AM, Young is gunning for info about the house they bought together, just before they tied the knot. The marriage lasted only 14 months, but it's gotten ugly.

By getting a trial date, the clock is ticking for Kate and Alex to either come to terms or go before a judge. We know Walsh feels as if Young is harassing her people for financial information she says he already has.

Young's lawyer says the case "is no where near ready for trial" but thinks it's gonna settle.