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Man Buys Unitard,

Declares Himself

a Superhero

4/28/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428_shadowhare_myspace_2-1This is either really, really noble -- or really, really stupid. Or both. 

Some gangly dude in a spandex outfit who calls himself the "Shadow Hare" is roaming the streets of Cincinnati -- dedicated to ridding the city of evil-doers. Seriously.

Here's the catch -- he's 21-years-old, he's built like a math tutor, and he has no known super powers.

But Shadow Hare -- who refuses to reveal his true identity -- still bravely/stupidly patrols the streets, carrying legal items like handcuffs, tasers and pepper spray.

The guy even busted his shoulder trying to stop a guy from beating up a woman. And he hands out food to the homeless.

But he's not alone -- Shadow claims he's part of the "Allegiance of Heroes" which includes Aclyptico in Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper in Colorado and Master Legend in Florida.

Shadow Hare recently told WLWT that he's even teamed up with Mr. Extreme in California to "track down a rapist."

So the big question -- is he noble for standing up for good and trying to protect his community ... or is he just some delusional moron who's gonna hurt himself?


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jen jen    

Jeez, some of you are so serious and mean (mostly serious, waaay to serious). C’mon he’s not hurting anyone. He is fulfilling a dream. It may appear a bit silly but it sounds like he is quite a "do gooder". When is the last time any of YOU helped someone? Or went after a childhood dream or passion?

2010 days ago


He's probably gonna get hurt... probably a good beating from some bad guy or a bad gang of guys (or girls). His intent is noble, but his approach is stupid. He should focus his energy on getting more people involved in organized crime reduction practices rather than take on the vigilante approach to things. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy get shot or stabbed by some guy he's trying to nab or stop. In addition, he's probably not a trained enforcement person nor knowledgable of the local laws, (state/city). As such, he might even mistaken a situation for something bad and commit a crime himself, like assault. He may even obstruct real law enforcement from doing their duties or even hinder them in their investigations... all in all... this is real life, not a comic... comic characters come back from the dead and heal themselves instantly... real people (or real people dressed as superheroes) don't.

2010 days ago


He needs a bullet proof,stab proof vest. It's a good idea but I think the samurai in the UK[which is where I live] was cooler.

2009 days ago


I think we need some young bodybuilders to dress up as Kabuto,Kiva and Decade but with bullet proof and stab proof vests. Send out some Zectroopers too.

2009 days ago


10 bucks says he lives in his parents basement...

2008 days ago
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