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Prosecutor to Ron White: You're Goin' Down!

5/7/2009 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron WhiteSometimes a cigar isn't just a cigar --because officials in North Dakota are planning on going after Ron White for illegally firing up a stogie during his stand-up act.

Sources tell TMZ the Bismarck City Attorney's office will pursue the complaint, filed by the police department, when a plain-clothed officer witnessed White breaking a city ordinance against smoking in a public place.

According to the cop, and anyone else who's ever seen or heard of Ron White, the comedian lit and smoked his cigar at least three different times during the show.

We're told since it was White's first infraction, he'll only have to pay a $100 fine.

Ron's camp refused to comment about the incident.


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Well good job North Dakota!!! He won't be coming back there anytime soon!!! And I'm sure North Dakota doesn't see much entertain very often. Believe me, I'm from South Dakota!!!

1963 days ago


This should be a case for the FBI.................what a waste of time! Another cop showing his arrogance.

1963 days ago


And #4, It's North Dakota that needs to get a hobby, not South Dakota.

1963 days ago


Ha! I'd refuse to comment too .. you're telling me there is nothing else these cops can be doing that going after someone who smoked a cigar ..... OMG

1963 days ago

Trey's pop    

I wonder how that plain clothes cop functions with his head so far up his own ass ? Talk about anal.

1963 days ago


"Ron White's camp refused to comment about the incident".... because they couldn't stop laughing.

Nice to know that there's absolutely no crime of any kind in Bismark, North Dakota. Not even a jaywalker.

They must be so proud.

Hmmm. This is the kind of crime story that's bound to be on Bismark's Wikipedia page.

1963 days ago


welcome to nazi america. this use to be a free country until people stop driving cars don't worry about cigar smoke.

1963 days ago

deborah vanhuysen    

there are many states in our union that make a habit of going after anyone for anything to make a buck AS long as the people are NOT locals! i lived in wyoming in a small town that you had to go thru to get to yellowstone and or jackson hole n those douchebags made a point of nailing anyone for anything to get revenue for the town!apparently bismark is the same. RON just blow them off! come to the big island of hawaii where you can smoke n relax with no hassel! screw bismark!and YES I KNOW PEOPLE THAT DIED OF SECONDHAND SMOKE! i also know of some nonsmokers that died from shoving their holier than thou opinions on the smokers!

1963 days ago

TK from Biz    

This was one stupid individual that wrote into the BPD that is 55 yrs old - name Gary Semmel - don't pick on the entire state because of one mans stupidity!!!! And just because our PD decided to go undercover for this "BIG INCIDENT" we are not all to be included in this - it is truly an embarrassment!!!!!!

1963 days ago


That hundred bucks will make him a million! Ron White rules!!!!!

1963 days ago

Misplaced Texan    

OMG! They got the Tater!!!!

1963 days ago

TK from Biz    

Ron does rock, but I bet we will never see him in Biz again!!! What a bunch a losers - totally ticks me off!!!

1963 days ago



1963 days ago

Dr. Lingkos    

All I can say is I am ashamed to say that I live in Bismarck and in the state of North Dakota. What a frigging joke, this really makes us look godd doeen't it?

1963 days ago


This is beyond rediculous. What kind of town welcomes a comedian well known for his cigar on stage and then files charges for what he normally does for a living? The cigar is as much a part of his act as the comedy itself. He may have to pay $100, but it will cost Bismark and the entire state much more in bad publicity alone.

1963 days ago
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