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Carmelo Anthony's Fiance Explodes in Stands

5/12/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blood-feud between the Dallas Mavericks and the Denver Nuggets is so nasty, Carmelo Anthony's fiance had to be escorted out of the stands in last night's game after an argument with opposing fans got way out of control.

While Melo unsuccessfully tried to lead his Nuggets to a victory in Dallas, his fiance, LaLa Vazquez, who is ironically a judge on VH1's "Charm School," got into it with some people sitting near her. In the video, shot by KDFW in Dallas, a visibly upset LaLa can be seen trying to throw something and then cussing at security as they tried to get her to leave.

If you haven't been following the NBA, both teams pretty much hate each other. A few nights ago, Mavs owner Mark Cuban made some kind of a comment to the mother of a Denver Nuggets star. He since admitted he was wrong and apologized, but you know how fans get ...

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1988 days ago


They've been engaged for almost 5 years. She must be pissed cuz melo hasn't
closed the deal.

1988 days ago


Unsubstantiated sense of self worth and entitlement.

1988 days ago


This is the same chick who is running Charm School with Rikki Lake? HAHAHAHAHA!! How embarassing. She is just as trashy as those Rock of love girls and and Flavor of Love!!!! Carmello is not gonna married her there is no reason too.

1988 days ago

artie help    

she's hung like a show pony.

1988 days ago


Well, the Knuckle draggers will obvioulsy "blame" her considering the footage, but if grown men are hurling insults at an NBA wife to the point that it is causing her distress, only the civilized would side with the women. But this is America and this is a gossip site so grown as Americans will make a value judgement on what happened based on 5 seconds of video. Typical.

1988 days ago


look--- i was at the game. and i can tell you that, without a doubt, these officials were completely missing the actual action... the calls were awful and almost cost dallas another playoff game (actually they've given away this series).. what do you expect of loyal mav fans? we were whipped into a frenzy while the officials handed this game over on a platter to the opposing team.

1988 days ago


Just another low class ho.

1988 days ago


She's a lowlife and so is Mello...they're two peas in the same pod. While fans can be annoying so can lowlife girl friends who have a sense of entitlement. Send her to the gallows. Maybe Mello can do a "Ron Artest" and go save his fair maiden in the stands...just another NBA thug proving what the NBA calls "star player" we can call "lowlife thug"...that's most of the NBA. Kobe is a rapist who paid $15 Million to get out of his thug problem...oh the list can go on and on....nada mas...late

1988 days ago

illestchamp (Champ-ion)    

Isn't this from a Dean of the new series of Charm School? She is assisting in "teaching" former Rock of or for the Love of... shows on VH1! Yet, she is acting like a fool, (yes, loaded fool) out there on the bench. Bitch, SIT DOWN. Or holla at me both you and Carmelo. I want to part-ay with you two.... Love not fight! BITCHES!! hehehehehe

On the real, nobody want to see her wide ass. Let's get a show on Foxy Brown, Eva Pigford, Vince Carter and Daddy Bigg$.

1988 days ago

Just my opinion    


did I spell it right?

1988 days ago


What an Animal and a Skanky one at that ..

1988 days ago


I LOVE how judgemental people are!! No one that has commented knows what went on to make her act out so why sit here & judge the woman? She could've been defending herself like any human being. I feel so disgusted by these comments & it's nice to know that you all are so perfect.

1988 days ago

Carrys F.    

Probably just a well-placed PR stunt. Now we know who she is and what show she's plugging.

1988 days ago


I love Mavs. I also like Carmelo. Carmelo needs to drop her and fast she is z- list what a low life. She is always begging for acting and hosting jobs. Very trashy, will cost C later rather then sooner. Carmelo will marry on a cold day in H. Not going to happen.

1988 days ago
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