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LaLa -- Racist Mavericks Fans Attacked Me First

5/12/2009 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LalaCarmelo Anthony's fiance LaLa Vazquez has released a statement claiming racial taunts and violent threats from Dallas Mavericks fans incited her at last night's NBA playoff game:

"Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physical attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable. The fans were totally out of control.

What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn't show the abuse that was taking place."

Footage shot at last night's game showed LaLa cursing and getting hostile as security tried to escort her out of the stands.

The Mavs and the Nugs are set to face off again tomorrow night.

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get a life    

This is why people call you LATINOS DUMB

because clearly some of you are !!!!

Latino is not a race,you are mixed white,black ,native indian etc

so you can all these races or all three,and anyone can see that LALA is black or mixed with black,so stop trying o convince yourselfs shes not,because you only make yourselfs look more stupid

1960 days ago


Lala is LYING!!!! The woman that this involved was on several radio stations in Dallas, and she has more than one witness. Lala and her bodyguard started this. They were being completely and totally obnoxious, telling this woman she needs a facelift. Well one of the people w/ the Mavs fan reached for something under her chair and touched this Lala woman and Lala went off on her, calling her names and telling her not to FN touch me. Lala then therew red soda of some sort on these Mavs fans and the security came and escorted her out of the building. People may have called her names after that, but no one said anything to her or her son while sitting in the stands. Lala started all of this and is loving the attention b/c she is back in the news and tmz. She is a has-been from vh1 or something, no one in TX knows or cares who she is. GO MAVS!

1960 days ago



1960 days ago


I guess you people have never heard of an Afro-Latino. She's a latina woman of African descent. Latino is not a race, it's an ethnicity.

1960 days ago


It's really funny how many people get on here and bash her for "pulling the race card" but then turn right around and make a racist comment LOL The problem is some people (white, black, whatever) make comments and then get scared when confronted. She could careless about being booted from the game because guess what she going to be watching it from her HUGE mansion on her GIGANTIC television after a shopping spree with her MTV money and his NBA money so STFU please....thank you

1960 days ago


Sorry black folks, but you've cried wolf WAAAAAAAAAAY too many times now for anyone to care to to listen to your BS "racist' claims. First off, the NBA is "racist" since it's 90% black. Secondly and more importantly, anyone with a brain and that has been alive for longer than 5 minutes realizes blacks are the most hateful, angry, RACIST people in this country. So nice try TMZ, but as usual, your BS comes up short.

1960 days ago


LINDA S.- By definition, her child IS a bastard.

1960 days ago


Go NUGGETS>>>>>Go NUGGETS. Beat the Mavs butts!!!!!!!
The coach for the Nuggets has far more class than the owner of the Mavs. Mark Cuban is a moronic idiot. Insider trading BOOB!
Talking about thugs? Maybe the Mavericks, the coaching staff, and the owner ought to take a long look at themselves.
There was a lot of trash talking on both sides.
Mark Cuban had no right (him looking like a absolute fool) to walk over and insult a person wearing the opposing teams jersey when a call did not go their way. If someone had gotten in my face, like that, he would have been wearing my hand print on his cheek.
One more game and the Mavs will be history. Dallas, the Mavericks, and the organization need to get over themselves. It is just a game and a game series they will lose.

1960 days ago


Her last name is Vazquez...she's not black. *rolls eyes* As soon as people hear something about racism they jump to black and white.

1960 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

Most of the racist comment come from you racists puerto ricans because you are angry that Lala Vasquez started this whole mess! She is the one who should be apologizing because she started it all. She should have kept her big fat mouth shut and behaved like a lady. If she didn't want to hear people mock her boyfriend she shouldn't come to his games.

1960 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

I have proof that Lala vasquez is Dominican, she is from Washington Heights and that place is filled with Dominicans. She should be at a baseball game not basketball since most of them love baseball.

1960 days ago


I was at this game and all of this business with Lala went down about 10 rows in front of where I was sitting. Here is my take on what happened. During the game Kenyon Martin was repeatedly yelling and harrassing fans behind the Nuggets bench. Now, this was not a one way exchange, but it is not in the players best interest to go after the fans on their home court. KMarts family and Lala were also seated behind the Nuggs bench where all of this was going on. All of a sudden she explodes, throws her drink, and yells at a fan that "I will come up there and whip your a$$." At that point the security guard stepped in and escorted her out. As for the racial slurs, I don't know but I did not hear any. However, I find it doubtful considering the number of African American fans in the stands and in her surrounding area. I do not believe the crowd would have tolerated that kind of talk from anyone. Also, the security guard who took her away was African American and she was far from polite to him even cussing him out. I also find it interesting that she is saying that people were making racial slurs towards her son because he was not in attendance with her. Bottom line, the game and crowd did get pretty heated but when you come into the other teams house it is best to be respectful, cheer for your team but don't go after the fans because if you do you should expect a little abuse. I mean, talk to any OU fan who has gone to a TX game or vice-versa. If you start running your mouth then you should expect some heckling. I have been to many Mavs-Spurs games where Eva Longoria is in attendance and she is the perfect example of how you should act as an opposing fan. Very respectful. I am not excusing the fans here but the behavior of some of the Nuggs players and their families should be taken into account.

1960 days ago


Everyone needs to shut up about her "lying" because you weren't there. It's quite possible that someone said something racist. No need to be stupid about this.

1960 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

One thing for sure she's not American so she should be deported. I saw her criminal photo in the post office yesterday and recognized her as a serial killer. She had that crazed, raving look in her wonky eyes that I see in her picture above.

1960 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

I was at the game and no one said a word to her. She suddenly became enraged and started cursing out the Mav fans in Spanish and throwing her cell phone. Then she stood up and kicked an eighty-year old woman next to her in the shins that's why the guards grabbed this raging bull. Luckily a Mexican man understood her threats to burn down the stadium and he told all the Mav fans to exit the building! We were terrified of Lala the raging bull she was wild and panting like a panther, I don't think I will ever get over this. I see Lala's flaring nostrils and spittle flying out of her mouth in my nightmares!! She is one crazy maid with pretensions. Lala frightened me so badly I was afraid to let our old housekeeper in this morning even though Camilia has worked for us for decades. This morning Camilia reminded me of Lala.

1960 days ago
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