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LaLa -- Racist Mavericks Fans Attacked Me First

5/12/2009 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LalaCarmelo Anthony's fiance LaLa Vazquez has released a statement claiming racial taunts and violent threats from Dallas Mavericks fans incited her at last night's NBA playoff game:

"Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physical attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable. The fans were totally out of control.

What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn't show the abuse that was taking place."

Footage shot at last night's game showed LaLa cursing and getting hostile as security tried to escort her out of the stands.

The Mavs and the Nugs are set to face off again tomorrow night.

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skanky skanks    

she shoulda just started chowing down on an empanada or something.....be raising her fists like that shhhHHH.....she probably dont even speak english.........and probably had like 3 babies in the last hour......she needs to go on jerry springer and pray obama gave her some bailout money to go to school or something,,,,you know he's trying to get these hoes off the corner.....

1968 days ago


this is total bs....

1968 days ago


Mark Cuban is at the center of this. Talk about a d-bag! This guy needs to deflect attention from his own legal problems so is just fine with his white trash fans going after this victim. Where is Al Sharpton in denouncing Cuban and his thuggish, Klan-like tactics?

1968 days ago


Typical black victim. Next up:reparations from the Dalls Mavericks. Check your local NAACP (National Association Against Caucasian Peoples) listings.

1968 days ago

nuggets fan    

hmm she lokoks kinda hot. I wonder if there is any naked pics or sex vids of her around. She looks like a go'er

1968 days ago

Rap sucks    

I remember when sports like football and baseball wasn't overrun by blacks but basketball on the other hand well that's another story. Today sports are all about blacks but yet madden is the name of the games cuz they still own yo! Wheres the originals boys in the hood though? i hate those klan members.

1968 days ago


8. this is why there's nothing but fried chicken in the ghetto....bitches don't know how to act.

Posted at 5:30PM on May 12th 2009 by stupid hoe


Given Carmelo's multi-millions from the NBA and LaLa's salary from MTV, the low-rent hovel in which YOU reside is far more "ghettoish" than the MANY mansions that LaLa calls home, Criticize her behavior if you like, but don't try to pretend she is your financial inferior. You can live TEN lifetimes and not even begin to approach her net worth, you pi$$ poor, jealous, minimum wage, low-life vermine.

1968 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

Well now a Dominican comes to our country and gets treated nicely then yell racism when good Americans try to stop her from scratching their eyes out. Go back to the Dominican republic you ungrateful maid.

1968 days ago


LALA get over yourself!! Your a has been, actually you aren't even that because you NEVER were anything! The only reason people know your name is because of your fiance. I've seen you at nuggets games and you act the same. Get a job and get over yourself!

1968 days ago


Many of you posters are getting confused. Not all people with brown or dark skin are thugs. Not all people who dress, or put on a persona as, a thug are; hence all these fake ass white rapper thugs in the music industry. Can we say Vanilla Ice-Ice Baby?

1968 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

I thought it was HOT in Phoenix until I saw her Sports Illustrated photos. She's got a boyfriend in the NHL or NBA - its all the same? Thanks TMZ for revealling someone so smokin'. Never heard of her before.

1968 days ago


F- off "ken", Cuban had nothing to do with this. But of course you blame him because of your own racist bias.

1968 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

maybe LaRaza will come to her defense and sue all the white people she's defaming. She is nothing but a Spanish cussing maid with money! Plus she's ugly with wonky eyes.

1968 days ago


I said I had insider information, plus you weren't there Solomon, you don't know what went down. She's playing the RACE card, and she ain't Black she's a Latina. Shows you who she really is. Under pressure to look good, she'll say she's Black Whatever!!!! LMAO

1968 days ago


she is not Dominican or Black she is Puerto Rican...DAng can someone please get it right.

1968 days ago
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