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Paris Hilton Doesn't Come or Go Cheap

5/16/2009 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Paris Hilton's neighbors hates her so much, he's willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars a month ... to get her out of his hood.

We've learned the neighbor (who we have been asked not to ID) has written a letter to the landlord of the place Paris and her BF Doug Reinhardt are living in -- offering to pay the landlord $5,000 a month more than he's getting now ... if he gives Paris and Doug the boot.

The neighbor says Hiltie is ruining his life. She's lived there a grand total of 5 days ... already cops have been called twice because of loud parties, screaming and yelling, and vandalism.

The house in the Hollywood Hills had been listed at $22,000 a month. So the neighbor is willing to give the landlord $27,000 a month if Paris goes away.

And get this ... we're told the neighbor complained to Doug yesterday about all the ruckus since Paris moved in. Doug said, "This is what you have to expect because Paris and I are public figures."

The cost of a Paris-free zone -- priceless.


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barry Gordy is genius    

I saw her at World Sports Cafe in Fresno's River Park district. All the stars go there. It's a secret get-away where you can walk right up to them and ask them for autographs. It's really cool. She ordered a "Watermelon JollyRancher" from the bar. She posed for my camera phone too. How cool is that ?

1989 days ago

The Fresh Man    

I'm surprised nobody has kicked Paris HIlton's ass because I sure would have beat ol' Doug up when he said they were "public figures" More like Public Idiots!

1989 days ago

arte help    

I would orally pleasure Doug, just so HE could be my neighbor. He's got the hottest body.

1989 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Wow , I can only over 20000.00 per month and listen to all her ruckus,sounds like a show for Ellen

1989 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Wow, A Watermelon Jolly Rancher,Is that some kind of sucker? A secret getaway?Who knew,and you got her pic?Hey Fresh Man can I have your autograph?You seam like a important man knowing all there hideouts,maybe you can wait for Lindsay Slowhan to come there and get her digits

1989 days ago

simple man    

im just a simpleton, i pay 650 a month and i have a washer and dryer, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, shower, 2nd bedroom and a parking spot. what do they have that im missing?

1989 days ago


Uhhhhh Doug, you leave out the best part which is that Paris is paying your rent. You are not a public figure, you are a leech who has been discarded by several women who got sick of the fact that you have the IQ of a 5 year old (which makes you and Paris perfect for one another). You are washed up and talentless and your meal ticket er girlfriend is one of the most useless human beings on planet earth. You've come a long way from that studio apartment you had so I hope you earn every penny of the allowance Paris pays you. If you had any dignity or class you wouldn't have a woman support your lazy a** are the equivalent of Spencer Pratt and you should truly tune in to the fact that you are being laughed at..but i guess as a 'public figure' you would expect that right? LOL!! You are Paris's B!tch so go polish her shoes now mmmmmmmmkay?

1989 days ago


Public figure? Sorry, but who is Doug Reinhardt?! LOL @ this story. I think Paris is doing it for attention in the media.

1989 days ago


Money truly DOES NOT buy happiness ...

1989 days ago

who dat    

People like this are easy to deal with. Anyone who could afford 27k for rent can make them disappear. Doug is a nobody chicken-shi* douche. It would be a shame if the police found weisel dust in the car paris was driving. Hrllo...jail.

1989 days ago

Linda Mott    

They should let TMZ move in and let them video all the action, call the police every night and maybe they will be annoyed and move or .... buy a cheap pair of ear plugs.

1989 days ago


They can live wherever they want. It's a free country.

1989 days ago


Where do Hervey and his gaye buttttboys live?????

1989 days ago


This site is really running out of stories.
So you guys are resorting to manufacturing crap out of nothing.

1989 days ago


LOL you rent a house to a single guy that's what happens. Of course he will have his poker buddies over and throw a few parties. Where is the surprise.

1989 days ago
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