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'Real Housewife' -- Real Small Paycheck

5/21/2009 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura WaringReal Housewife of Orange County Lauri Waring is demanding more cash from her ex husband -- and it's probably because she claims to only make 400 bucks a month.

In legal papers filed in Orange County Superior Court, Waring claims she has over $12,000 in expenses per month, and the money she's already getting from Phillip Waring just ain't cuttin' it.

Lauri claims she's tryin' to help out, stating in the docs that she's working two jobs -- insurance agent and actress. Yeah, actress. Right.

BTW -- Lauri estimates Phil pulls in around $360,000 a year.

UPDATE: We just talked to Lauri, who gave us a completely different side to this story. Lauri says her ex is the one trying to modify how much money she's getting -- not her -- meaning he doesn't wanna pay her at all any more. She says because of this, she had to turn in an expense report -- which is the document that said she only makes 400 bones a month.


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what a stupid person she is. "real" ??? no way. they are all idiots...

1979 days ago



1979 days ago


Why is she getting alimony anyway? She's remarried to milliomaire George now isn't she? George just kicked his ex-wife and Dennis Rodman out of their old home and sold it so Lauri should be well taken care of.

1979 days ago


laurie is a one cares about these idiots. i saw jeana at the airport and she was put off because i didn't fall all over her...

1979 days ago


people seriously need to just not get into other ppls biz and not care about what other people do but I agree, I doubt she only makes 400 bucks a month their is absolutely nooo way that woman is rich I just dont believe it, isnt that show about people that have money? Not that I care but I just dont believe her.

1979 days ago


these idiots need to melt away... botox, fake boobs, fake lips, fake whatever...

1979 days ago


400 bucks? my mom makes 1600 a month and we barely get by theirs no way in hell shes telling the truth no one gets only 400 a month, no one! Maybe if your a teenager who doesnt work very many hrs but mostly no. And if her husband has money then he pays for stuff, thats not good enough?

1979 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Another story of a an ex-wife taking a husband to court for more money. This makes want to run out and get married another strong and independent American women. American women are divorcy.

Is this the line to lose my children, 18 years of income, most of my sh1t, and get an order of protection against me. Great. The line is moving.

1979 days ago


If he really only makes $360K per year, they are living way over their heads for the area they live in.

1979 days ago


Get a job bitch!

1979 days ago


Lauri Waring is a lying Ho!! She left the insurance agency the minute she snagged George the millionaire. She says she isn't a gold digger yet when you see her talking to George its all buy me this buy me that. Hell when they disscussed the honeymoon he said Dubai but she said no she wants a deserted island where they get waited on hand & foot but that they could stop in Dubai to SHOP! What a surprise eh? She expects him to get ahold of millionaire Bronson to get his island for them and take her shopping to boot. Its not bad enough that he has taken on her kids & is expected to spoil them rotten but she also expects him to buy her everything under the sun. Guess George must have grown a set of balls & started to say no if she has to start hitting up her ex for money. Besides how much money could she possibly need for 1 small kid when she has NO bills, Josh and Ashley are adults & should be able to support themselves. Its not her ex's fault they are spoiled & LAZY like there mom.

1979 days ago


I doubt she makes any money without the HW of OC gig. She is lucky her husband has an income of 30, 000.00 a month .. that is unreal. If he does then what is her problem.. or is it he isn't sharing.. how weird.. this is the WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THE FORMER HOUSE-WIFE OF ORANGE COUNTY.

1979 days ago

who dat    

Guys, this is a perfect example why you should NEVER MARRY WITHOUT AN IRON CLAD PRE-NUP. Better yet never give her what she wants...marriage. most women will wait around years. By that time you should be tired of putting up with them. Every woman has the potential to attempt to bleed you dry, just like this one. Learn from others mistakes. Women are lazy by nature and would rather sue you to collect extra money, than get a job.

1979 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Looks like Laura Waring's sucker plan isn't going to be working out for her now it's in the!


1979 days ago


He must not have had a good divorce attorney. Laurie has been married for at least a year now to George. Plus both of her kids are over 18. Yes, she has one son who who has substance abuse problem.

She choose not to work anymore so that she could spend time with her family.

1979 days ago
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