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Drew Peterson

Cracks Killer Jokes

from Jail

5/27/2009 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_drew_peterson_audio_launch-1How's this for disturbing: Accused wife murderer Drew Peterson called into Mancow's radio show this morning to -- get this -- try out a few of his new prison jokes. 

Drew tried out his hysterically unfunny material by calling collect from the Will County jail in Illinois, where he's being held on a $20 million bond.

It kind of all makes sense if you think about it... comedians, like jailbirds, are used to a couple of rim shots every now and then.


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Anyone with any sense at all can see that this guy fits the classic definition of a sociopath. He will always think he's better than everyone else, that he's smarter than everyone else, and he will never, ever admit any guilt because he thinks he's done nothing wrong. He has no regrets for the vile acts he committed because in his mind he did not value the human lives he took. The death sentence is too good for this man. He should be placed in a cell with "Bubba" and then let loose into the general population. Maybe that would take that perpetual smirk off his ugly, evil face.

1945 days ago


This guy is a serial killer. He's not in jail just for no reason!
How he keeps getting girlfriends is the strange puzzel. Why would any woman (or younger girls he sleeps with) want to be with a guy whose wife is missing (remember the blue plastic barrel), they are still looking for it! And the third wife was killed in her own tub, which why he is in jail.
Drew thinks this stuff is a joke. Total serial killer mind!!! Too bad he always gets so much's exactly what his serial killer mind wants. Big ass ego!

1945 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

What a sociopath and egotist. I hope they throw the book at him.

1945 days ago


Mancow the moron who had himself waterboarded as didn't believe it was interviewing a creepy psychopath on his show. Are all right wing pundits this much of a disaster? YES!

1945 days ago


Why did this radio station even have him on the show? His is a narcissistic, self-centered murderer who feels no remorse for anything he did to those women.

1945 days ago


This guy needs to rot in hell after being beaten to death in jail they don't like cops in jail

1945 days ago


I want to see how many jokes he cracks when he's found guilty or when they ID the remains in the blue barrel as Stacey's. And for the love of God, who let this guy use the phone to call a radio station? Hopefully he'll go by way of Jeffrey Dahmer. That's the only way that big mouth will ever shut up and I bet the world experiences a temporary drop in atmospheric pressure when his ego departs.

1945 days ago


Someone told Joel Brodsky that having Drew call up with jokes would be a GOOD idea? Drew and Brodsky really need a different public relations team. This one's not working well.

Here's what I'm hoping happens:

The body is Stacey. It would give her family closure. They know she's dead, as horrible as that is.
Sociopath is charged with her murder, too.
Socio visits the nice courtroom with his bling, and exits after being found guilty of two murders.
And then he's free to make calls to Scott Peterson (instead of Mankow), where the two has-beens can discuss murders of wives and how sociopaths get to be confined men that no one cares about anymore.

1945 days ago


I agree that this idiot should not be given media attention. He is laughing and joking now, but give him a few days. Wait 'til reality sits and he get put in with the general population (hopefully he does) and he continues in jail. He won't be laughing or joking any more. I assure you. I hope we see this soon.

1945 days ago

Kid Dyn-O-Mite    

This loser will be laughing all the way to the lethal injection needle. I think the police have been collecting evidence against this guy for years and it finally caught up with him.

1944 days ago

pattie in cali    

this guy is a crap bag, nothing more, nothing less, he will get his. he makes me sick.

1944 days ago

BJ Rocks    

This guy is a huge loser.. Hope he stays in jail....

1944 days ago

Leann Gosselin    

what a total evil f*&ktard!!!! can't wait till that a#$hole rots in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!! :[

1944 days ago


I would like for his jailers to go postal on him and beat him severely with their nightsticks.....cops beating a retired cop. That would do a number on his cop ego. Certainly he deserves it. Break his bones. Beat him to a bloody unrecognizable pulp, and then blame it on other inmates.

After he is found guilty, he should be hung, and his body thrown to hungry swine.

1944 days ago


I didn't listen to the audio because I absolutely loathe that man and I don't want to hear what he has to say. I hope he gets exactly what he deserves in prison.

1944 days ago
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