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TLC: Who Needs J.Lo? We Got Jon & Kate!

5/27/2009 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at TLC tell us the J.Lo reality show they wanted so badly a year ago is dead as a doornail, thanks in large part to the success of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Jon and Kate

It was just a year ago that TMZ broke the story that J.Lo and TLC were trying to come to terms on a reality show but J.Lo was adamant that she would not put her kids on TV -- she wanted to focus on ... yawn ... behind the scenes on creating a new J.Lo fragrance. TLC, we're told, wanted to show the kiddies.

Fast forward to Monday night -- Jon & Kate scored an astonishing 9.8 million viewers. TLC sources tell us it's pretty clear the J.Lo ain't gonna sell tickets anymore, so they have shelved the show. As one TLC source put it, "It was on life support for awhile, and now we've just lost interest."

The moral -- even big stars have their 15 minutes, so they should make the most of it while they can.


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Tyra Banks    

i'd much rather see j.lo than the two BIGGEST douches of the year, jon and kate

1978 days ago

Linda Mott    

Why would anyone want to expose their lives to public scrutiny and put their children through that? It backfired on Jon and Kate and I think J -lo did the right thing in turning it down.

1978 days ago


no 4`, Janice

Who else is going to be an advocate, for them???? not tlc, that is for sure. While I don't agree with their venue, of coice, at least they are trying to change some laws, so that other kids don't have to go through this. jmo

1978 days ago


31 just a mom

"Come on people - Jon and Kate didn't ask for this. Who can afford to raise 8 kids in this economy?"

Can't you see the bigger picture?

1978 days ago

jessica vandenberg    

Now here's a scenario. Jon leaves Kate, thinking all this will continue, 75.000 dollars per episode and he will get alimony, BUT Kate tells him the show is done, no more reality without him. No alimony for Jon, but guess what he's on the hook for child support for 8. AND NO JOB. Ha Ha. Good ratings will be had for a while.

1978 days ago


Kuddos to J.Lo. You're a good mother. I love that you said no way to exploiting your children! Kate and Jon exploit their children and don't protect them.

Kate, those were embryos on the ultrasound screen, not lotto numbers!

1978 days ago


A response about why any should have a problem with Jon and Kate exploit their eight.

By Raina Kelley

You're totally missing the entire point of why many people DO care.

The children.

The children.


The children....remember them?

8 little, voiceless, innocent - seriously, horribly exploited children.

Children with NO privacy whatsoever.

Kate and Jon say the pap cameras are bad.

Have they taken a look at their own film crew?

They have no less than 6-8 Cameras, Lights, Producers, Sound Men, Camera Men, Boom Mikes and now bodyguards?

Do you really think the kids are noticing paparrazi????

They're lucky they can even see each other having to wade through all those grown men with cameras shoved up in their faces 24/7.....even when going to the bathroom!!

Yes, Kate, we all saw the potty-training, pooping and peeing on national tv - thank you very much.

The whole point is - Kate lets a revolving door of Strange Men come in and film her children in their most intimate and private moments -- then airs it on TV for money - LOTS of money.

Then, because that is not enough, she then plasters their pictures all over books and flys around the country selling them.

Then - because THAT is STILL not enough, she has photographs of her children that she makes other people pay for - and yes -- plenty of strange, stepford wife - child-stalking, no-life of their own, faux celebrity-seeking women actually line up to PAY for pictures of these little children.

Staaaaaraaaange...isn't it?

But THAT'S why NORMAL people care -- because they care about the children's welfare.

What next? Graduate to Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian Grown-up tapes????

What is left for them?

Certainly the TLC network doesn't mind.

They are perhaps recieve a kickback from MTV and the "E" network who have turned the sex-tape scandals of Paris and Kim into reality shows.

Is this what we really want for those little children?

That's certainly where they are headed.

If mommy is going to put their lives on TV, then we are going to judge and comment and try to save them from themselves.

I wish the parents well - but they need to work it out on their own.

We can't govern what they do.

But there are such things as Children's Services and laws that are supposed to protect children - and I don't see anyone stepping up to protect these children.

So in answer to your question...that's why we care.

There are children involved and by you making fun of the parent's situation and suggesting you would rather watch them if they were divorced is pretty sick, too.

Are you really so callous and sick to watch a show exploiting children whose parents are divorced?

Do you have NO regard for the children involved at all?

Funny you make fun of US Magazine, but it's because of bloggers and magazines like this that actually go out and DO RESEARCH on a story that magazines like Newsweek are becoming dinosaurs and not worth reading.

You obviously, from your comments, have done NO research on this story - something bloggers have been warning people about for months, even YEARS now. (go back the look at the gosselin's hometown newspaper articles and all the comments made as far back as 2005).

It's not just about free cribs -- that woman because of her ungrateful selfishness -- has alienated her entire family - Jon's, too -- that's about 10 Family members right there -- ALL of them.

that's NOT normal.

The story has implications for Taxpayers in the state.

She had scads of Trained Volunteers -- just like Nadya Suleman -- but Kate wanted TAXPAYERS to pay for a $25,000 a year personal nurse - and protested to the state when they wouldn't extend it for a second year.

She turned AWAY all the trained volunteers -- FREE volunteers -- even people from her own father's church.

There is so much to this story you did NOT research -- so you have NO CLUE what you are writing about.

The implications run deep -- but right now - today -- it is about INNOCENT CHILDREN who are being EXPLOITED for the parents personal gain.

In her own book -- which another woman - Beth Carson - wrote -- Kate admits that her husband had NO JOB when she got pregnant - BY CHOICE with the sextuplets.

Hello? Nadya Suleman anyone?

What better way to pay for your children than to pimp them out?

Every nasty thing people are writing and filming and putting on The Soup and YouTube is there for all eternity and their children will be reminded of the horrors of what is happening their entire lives. And no one is stopping it (except those of us who care about innocent children).

THAT is why we care....okay?

Next time, please do your research....thanks!

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1978 days ago


These 8 children are supporting their parents. Does that make sense to you? That these parents sold the personal and private moments of their childrens young lives so that Daddy and Mommy could have hair transplants and tooth veneers and every thing they want in life?

Would you let your children participate in fake Christmas and fake birthday parties just so the filming could continue? How confusing would that be?

Would it matter to your children if they were suddenly isolated from every extended family member they had ever known?

We don't care about the damn marriage. We care about these children. Why don't you

1978 days ago


To say I'm only away when I have to work while sitting next to your husband? Why not just cut off his ----, how emaxculting! John doesn't want to work at home, and Kate doesn't have to do book tours and be gone 19 days of the month. I feel sorry for him; it's all about what she wants. I think the big question is who gets the kids or do they get split up, because he is certainly their primary care giver (in addition to the nanny)

1978 days ago


So what you're saying is J-Lo has both "class" and "ass"? That Kate skank could use a bit of both.

1978 days ago


I'm surprised so many people want to have it out w/ Kate. I know she's bossy often treats Jon like a 4yr old, but I've been watching this show since it started and Jon acts likes a 4 yr old. He's always just standing around looking confused waiting for someone to tell him what to do. Also whether or not Jon cheated, I think, is totally besides the point, what 35 yr old dad goes out clubbing til 2am and without his wife? If Kate was caught out like that there would be all kinds of un-fit mother stuff all over the papers. I was really surprised when the producer asked "whats in your future?" and Kate says "im here- i can't speak for anyone else " and looks at him like she wants to work things out and Jon totally burns her and says "i'm here for my kids"... i don't understand why he's so's not like he was forced to do this show and I can understand how the cameras would get annoying (ps, it's not like they follow them 24/7- just a couple days out of the week and for special occaisions) but come on... your wife has never looked better, your kids are happy and healthy and now you can afford college for them, you have an amazing home and get opportunities to do things and meet people you never could before and you don't have to go into work... most people dream of the day they can retire and spend time w/ their families.. he actually gets to do that and he hates it... It sounds to me like he's jealous that Kate has something personal to do and he doesn't, he needs a hobby. You know Kate never complained that she had to quit her job to raise all these kids while he was at work all day, why can't he take care of them while she does her thing now? seems very selfish and very sad. I really like that family and I hope they work things out... It seems like Jon doesn't know what he wants and Kate wants to fix things but you can't solve a problem when you don't know what it is. get it together Jon! you're a grown up w/ 8 kids- he acts like this all happened over night and he had nothing to do with it! poor kids!

1978 days ago

Nichole H.    

You know what i feel horrible for the kids, those kids go through so much and now this. John messed up, Kate needs to forgive ((i never would forgive my hubby but we only have two kids not 8)) work through it without camera's.

1978 days ago

Lee Hester    

Remeber Kate got the plastic surgery for free!! Boob job and tummy tuck. All Jon got ws "hair plugs". Why does everyone think their problems are because of a large family? There are a lot of happy families, much larger than theirs. She is older than Jon and she is an abusive bitch. Even her own family have nothing to do with her. I notice she was shopping around town in a mini dress this week. Others say she has been seen "holding hands" on the street with the so-called body guard. Why does she need a body guard? The kids might, not her!!!

1978 days ago


The first episode of the 5th season may have had hugh ratings and that may continue for a while. I have previously watched the show and was anxious to see how these two would behave amist all their troubles. However, Kate is boring and the kids are starting to look like dress up dolls. Both Kate and the kids are dressed to the nines and it's just not natural. After some time of watching Kate plus 8 the show is going to fizzle.

1978 days ago


TLC, it is very sad the way those 8 children are being exploited by you and their parents. Shame on all of you! I hope the show gets canceled and the Gosselin's find their way back to each other or at least to their children without the whole country looking in.

1978 days ago
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