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Gokey Voters Sided With Kris Allen

5/28/2009 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol Kris Allen Adam LambertSources at "American Idol" tell us the margin between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert "wasn't even close" -- and the biggest factor in Allen's win was Danny Gokey.

Here's what we know. The "lion's share" of Gokey's votes went to Kris Allen. The extent of the lopsidedness surprised a lot of the big wigs at "A.I." We were not told the exact votes but our sources say the AT&T scandal had no impact on the outcome -- the spread was that wide.

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Even though AT&T cheated and Adam was not given the same opportunity, the real proof will be in CD sales. Chris will be like the other fallen AI (and we know who they are). AT&T just wasted their time. Adam is the real star and if he just made a CD of all the songs he sung during the show, it would blow off the shelves. Chris knows he he's not going to make it out there, but Adam will.

1972 days ago


Lambert fans should really just STFU about it. I would imagine if people keep pushing them, AI will be forced to show the results showing that Lambert got POUNDED just to show 20 phones made NO difference. AI always tells the world when it's close. They didn't say a word.

It was already leaked that Kris' version of that ridiculous "No Boundries" song has sold over 100K more downloads than Adam's. A pretty good inicator of how much more popular Kris is. People don't actually buy songs of people the voted for just because they didn't like the other guy. They buy it because it's better.

1972 days ago


Allen's victory song, "No Boundaries," landed at No. 11 after selling 134,000 downloads -- ... As for Adam Lambert, he made it to No. 19 this week with 115,000 downloads of "Mad World," plus three other charting singles, - Billboard

1972 days ago


Aww, c'mon! You know he lost 'cause he's gay! Good thing he wasn't black 'cause that would cause him to lose too! /sarcasm. What a bunch of card playing bitches!

1972 days ago


I am discusted with the voting because Adam was in a whole nother league when it came to season 8. He was by far the best singer on the show. Kris was an average singer. He seemed to be able to put music together well but Kris's voice was just average and his stage presence was not that good. I am not sure what went wrong, maybe people just don't know true talent or they just went for the underdog but anyone who know's music will know Adam was the king of that stage. But at the end Adam is better off because he is free to do what he wants and maybe be picked up by some great band. I just hope Adam makes good music choices because I can't wait to buy his CD's and see him on stage. He is the total package.

1972 days ago


Adam hands down was the BEST singer American Idiol ever had. Adam is what made season 8 so exciting to watch. If it was not for the Adam controversy going on still now, more then a week later, we all would not be talking here about this. All this is doing is giving American Idiol publicity. Even if it's bad publicity like they say " bad publicity is better then no publicity". I am sure American Idiol is loving all this attention. We always knew who mainly votes during American Idiol and it's been obvious very young girls, older ladies and alot of people purposely going for the underdog. So it's no surprise Adam did not win even if he is the best. Young girls are not going to vote too much for Adam because possibly he is gay and too pretty, older women mostly won't vote for because they can't appreciate someone like Adam who hits those incredible high notes, and alot of people hate Adam because he is so good so will purposely vote against him. Then you have alot of people who loved Adam but did not get off their butts and vote like me although I loved Adam and knew he was the best because we are lazy. But I agree with others that Kris will shine for a moment then disappear but Adam is a true star and will make it big. Adam truely does not need to be tied down to American Idiol. It's kind of corny anyway I think it's cooler that Adam made his mark and now is free to do what the hell he wants.

1972 days ago


you want to know why kris won? because his fans accually voted

1972 days ago

dianne a    

at&t did more then give chris a few phone lines ,they also gave a lot of votes not for chis the"" BUSY SIGNAL""----YOU could have voted for chris ten times with no busy signal , but we got only through to adams once there were four of us on four cellphones --SO AT & T WATS UP WITH THAT""!!!!

1972 days ago


I don't buy that excuse for a minute. And who cares really? Adam is going to make it much bigger than Danny or Kris.

1972 days ago


Oh, for pete's sake, would you give it up already Adam losers! He lost! Get over it! Adam is not the best singer to ever grace the stage of AI. C'mon now, you people are delusional! I grew up at the time of Glam Rock in the 70's and there's a reason why it didn't last long. It's old, it's dead! He is no way near as good as Freddie Mercury who seperated his personal life from his stage life. Something Adam couldn't seem to grasp. You want to shove things down people's throats, you have to live with the conseqences. If anyone's to blame it's the judges for licking his a$$ every week. That and he couldn't seem to keep his tongue in his mouth when he was screaming.

1972 days ago


Thank you TMZ for putting this info out. Now maybe all the Adam nut cases will finally just SHUT UP! Kris won it. Many, many, many more people voted for Kris. Get over it!

1972 days ago


This just shows you how popular Adam really is! Took Gokey fans and Allen fans together to make sure Adam did'nt win other wise Adam would of won hands down!!!!

1972 days ago

reamworks SKG    

Adam Lambert lost because he's JEWISH. He's never made a statement about his sexuality, but he's proud of his religion. (Search YouTube for "Adam Lambert Hebrew" to see him singing at Jewish events.)

The Chr-stian community wanted to Crucify this Jew, and they sided with someone that they have under their mind-control. Churches around the country organized mass dial-ins to insure that Lambert loses.

1972 days ago


I just don't understand how the finale of AI this year was the *least* watched ever.. but had the highest number of votes in the history of the show.
thats a sign that the people who were voting did not even care who won, just who *didn't* win.
I don't think Kris and Adam deserve this 'culture clash' and 'corruption in the system' stuff.. its not really about them personally, well.. it is a bit (adam losing b/c of the rallying of christians)... but its about the question: what is the point in voting if it is rigged? I mean we all know once the word spreads to the religious community that 'jesus wouldn't approve', no one gets the votes out like they do.

1972 days ago


of course Kris got Gokey's votes....sadly most conservative Christians will not vote for a gay on the View Kara was asked by Barbara Walters if she thought the fact of Adam's sexuality played in the voting....her response"I would hope not" this country that has not been the case and due to ignorance and intolerance, I do not see it happening...btw, I am a 60 year old white grandmother and I voted for Adam and I am also proud to say my children were raised in a home that did not tolerate "Intolerance"....

1971 days ago
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