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Jon Gosselin to Barney: I Love You ...

5/30/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin was apparently trying to put out a fire in his pants yesterday -- a fire that was clearly burning a hole in his pocket, because he was spending like a mutha.

Now we find out he dropped more than $2,000 Friday at the Barneys CO-OP in the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey. It's the same mall where one of the two women he was with dropped $595 at Tumi -- on a purse.

And spies at the mall tell us Jon and the two girls dropped in on Louis Vuitton, Cole Haan and Godiva. As one dude put it, Jon was decked out in cheesy Ed Hardy duds.

And now we're told the two women who accompanied Jon were the two chicks with whom he spent Memorial Day. We got this pic of the trio at Front Street Bar and Grill in Newburgh, NY.

From the looks of it, Jon was spending on Jon but not Kate Plus 8.


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OMG stop saying that you know these pics were photoshoped, cause TMZ wasn't trying to hide it. It's part of the joke you dorky investigators. Also, those are not shopping bags added in, they are supposed to be tags.

1969 days ago


PHOTOSHOPPED...those bags weren't in the pic yesterday. BTW..WHO THE F*** cares what this lowlife is doing????? Seriously...

1969 days ago


Stay home JOhn!!!

1969 days ago



1969 days ago


i think that you all need to get a life and stop starting problems for them, so he went shopping big deal, they are going through enough problems without you starting more. get a life!!!!!

1969 days ago


I swear. Obviously there are some very STUPID people that come on to
this site.

TMZ isn't trying to pull a 'fast one' with that photo! For God's
sake. They are MAKING FUN OF HIM and showing the stores that he was
blowing money at.

And another thing- Go back to yesterday or the day before on here.
TMZ posted the real pic themselves.

I'm still in disbelief that there are so many freakin' IGNORANT
people on here. Gawd...How do you get from point A to point B alone??

1969 days ago


For the idiots who are too stupid to tell the difference- TMZ is MOCKING Jon. The pics are photoshopped- it's the same photo they posted the other day. It wasn't meant to look 'real'...

You people are stupid.

1969 days ago


Um.. it's SUPPOSED TO look fake and photoshopped because the picture wasn't meant to fool you...those aren't even shopping bags but are shopping tags. They made it look cheesy and fake ON PURPOSE. If you thought TMZ put this up with the intention of fooling you into thinking it was real then you're a total DUMBASS.

1969 days ago


Jon, save some face....act like a grown up....Who's tucking your kids at night while your out partying? Here's the deal grown up dads 1) Have jobs. 2) take care of their families 3) Don't give up when they suddenly decide that life just isn't what they thought it would be. And just for good measure....Do these "ladies" have any idea how stupid they look. I know adultery may be an old fashioned word, but somehow the guys usually end up looking ok, but the gals don't turn out so great. I'm sure the kids will love these pictures one day. And so help me...if I hear "he's just blowing off steam" one more time. Grow up!!!

1969 days ago


First of all, one of the women bought herself the Tumi bag, Jon did not buy it for her. As for dropping $2000 at Barney's, it is a high end store, there is no clearance rack. As for the Ed Hardy, there is no excuse for that. #8 right, only douchebags wear Ed Hardy. I would say if she can afford a $600 bag, she obviously has money, ambition and taste, so there is no way this chick is banging Jon Gosselin. I think this guy deserves a bonus from TLC for putting up with Kate and her martyr act.

1969 days ago


There are people out there who want to blame Kate for Jon's sudden social needs. I blame only Jon. He got married at 20 or 21. That is way too early for a man, or even a woman, but definitely a man to get married. He has yet to get the partying out of his system. This need to party can only be bottled up for so long before it explodes.

It's a shame and a bit selfish on Jon's part to decide to go through this now, but he's also in denial. He believes he's done nothing wrong. It must be nice to believe your the victim of something you caused on yourself.

A good age for a man to be married is 35 years old.

1969 days ago


You morons who are going on and on about TMZ trying to fool you with this picture should just go shoot yourselves now because there is no hope for you.... see my previous comments #8 and #83 I believe and the many other people who have been trying to tell you how stupid you are! So scary that there are people as dumb as you, and sooo many of you! Yikes!

1969 days ago


I guess those two girls like kimchee?

1969 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Those store tags sure are big. I think they are Photoshopped in.

1969 days ago


I love Jon! People would be calling it abusive if Jon would be treating Kateman the way she treated him. The double standard needs to stop. No one in thier old hometown has liked Kate for years. Maybe she should start paying back all the money that was given to her to help raise all those kids by people struggling to raise thier own families. People need to do thier research on why she won't talk to her pastor father, his church or her of Jons family any friends or old helpers and old hospital staff. Sge fights with everyone.There is alot that people don't know. I would love thier hometown to beat her to the punches and write thier own book of why she wanted them to by her a mone and everything else she wanted. Her organic cooking when she would buy poptarts, chips, cookies, soda and so on and so on.... What about Kates affair?

1969 days ago
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