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Dr. Drew

Plucks Sizemore for

Rehab Show

6/1/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom SizemoreMuch like fruit picked straight off the tree, the best "Celebrity Rehab" patients are the ones straight from jail.

TMZ has learned Tom Sizemore, who was arrested early Thursday morning on an outstanding warrant, checked into Dr. Drew's house on Friday to begin taping the third season of the show.

Making the addition of Sizemore particularly interesting is that one of his fellow castmates is Heidi Fleiss -- Sizemore's ex-girlfriend whom he was convicted of assaulting back in 2003. Awk-ward!

We're told Fleiss didn't take too kindly to Sizemore appearing on the show, and she didn't come out of her room for sometime after he showed up.

Bad for Heidi, good for ratings.


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1968 days ago


well this show will prove to be an interesting one- from the hills of hollywood to the steel bars of prison...weve got it all...yikes

1968 days ago


I know he is a talented guy, but all i can think of when i see him is that reality show a while back where he was smoking meth on camera. I pray he is free from that DEVIL DRUG. Famous or not, that sh*t ruins lives. God Bless and best wishes to all who are struggling w/ it or any other addiction.

1968 days ago


Dr. Drew is the one who needs to be in jail. This man has zero desire to see his patients recover. Think about it for a millisecond. His shows break the cardinal rule of anonymity listed in several tenants of successful rehab programs - for the fact that in order for someone to recover, they have to remove ego and focus on their problems. Cameras alter environments, especially when performers are around, and they know that if they act out it will only bring them more attention. Think of the has-beens who all of a sudden have a stab at fame again because they are addicted. Do you think they are going to have any incentive to stop when it's bringing them all that attention? I think not. Dr. Drew knows this better than anyone, as someone who has studied addiction and celebrity and ego so extensively. Guess he just wants his own moment in the spotlight, no wonder his former patients have all relapsed. So sick and so sad. That said, I am shocked that people are even watching it, same with Jon and Kate. It's high time society starts taking responsibility for the crap they watch on TV and contributing to supply and demand instead of actually demanding TV that is worth sitting down for and isn't going to directly cause harm to anyone. This is the direction society is moving in, and it terrifies me. And I'm about as liberal as it gets, so imagine.

1968 days ago


He beat Hedi. HE went to Jail for it. I have lost all respect for Dr Drew.

1968 days ago


well, before you say bull about Dr. Drew, I'd like to tell you that he saved MY life and that's the unvarnished truth. I guarantee I would not be here if it hadn't been for his treatment, care, and patience. I am ultimately responsible for my sobriety but if I hadn't had him as a guide, I never would have made it......sober 2 yrs. 4 months now and darn proud of it!

1968 days ago

who dat    

Rehab is a scam. Its a way to bill the insurance companies for some of the money they ( insurance) has screwed the public out of.

Re: Drew, I used to think he was on the up & up, but not anymore. This is about ratings, fame & money. Not about recovery.

1968 days ago


Oh goodie, more celebrity rehab drama. I think VH1/MTV just love to cash in on other peoples pain and stupidity.

1968 days ago


This just does not sound ethical - what about Dr. Drew's oath to "do no harm?' It's incredibly cruel to Heidi to do this (not that I have ever been a fan), not to mention that it would hinder her recovery, and set her up for failure. He probably thinks he'll get Sizemore to make amends to her. Pfft.

1968 days ago


Only have two things to say about this: 1) Tom is a fantastic actor and I really hope he finally becomes clean and sober soon. He has far too much still to offer his fans AND himself to let another day go by or be wasted (pun intended). And 2) if Dr. Drew knows about the problems between Tom and Heidi and is forcing them to interact this way anyway...then he is HOPING there will be peoblems for a ratings boost and I hope he rots in hell for it.

As far as the guy who said Dr. Drew actually helped him...guess what, a guy who wears a sheet and worships a head of lettuce could help you just as all depends on you and how much you want to believe...what it comes down to is that all the help you really need and really get comes from within...finding the right person to bring that out of you is the key. It does not mean tho that someone should be called a "doctor" or should actually be helping least not in this format.

C'mon Tom, we are all pulling for you!

1968 days ago


Tom is CRAP actor. Other than Saving Private Ryan,a movie that was so big budget it didn't matter if you're good or not you were swept away by a brilliant film, what else has he done that was good? He's a hack that's had too many chances. Why is it when they're a celeb we say " aw poor guy " if this was the local meth head down the road you'd be begging the cops to get him off your street, but since he was on film....let's give him yet another chance. Are we so star struck we lost our common sense?

1968 days ago


Mr. Sizemore has in the past, and maybe in the future could be as talented as ever, he needs to get 'sober' first, Maybe a long dryout spell could do it. Dr. Drew has helped people 'on' tv and 'off tv' that's why he's a counselor.No one has a count on how many people he's helped out i tv viewing land, but if anyone has a better plan, step up to the plate

1968 days ago

Just wondering????    

sounfs like a bit of a conflict of interest???? If Dr. Drew wouldn't let Vickie lizzie check in to treatment w/ Jeff Conway why would he bring in Tom whos ex Heidi is already on her way thru treatment...... these two are either a recipe for disaster or a godsend for ratings.... Hey its TV folks!!

1968 days ago


Does anyone know how i would apply for an RN job on Celeb Rehab?

1931 days ago

Hollywood Hills    

Sizemore moved into our quiet neighbourhood in the hills just this year and it has been hell. Hope he stays in rehab for a while. We're enjoying the peace and quiet.

1954 days ago

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