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Kate Gosselin -- Plus Two

6/1/2009 9:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's favorite reverse mullet dirty blonde mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, took time off from bossing around her hubby to frolic in the ocean with two of her kids this weekend..

We can finally see why Jon fell in love with her in the first place.


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15. OMG I know Kate Gosselin is very beautiful but she looks a trillion times better in a swimsuit than all the other famous people you've been showing on here in one. Hollywood is losing it MORE KATE GOSSELIN! AND NO WATCHING JON & KATE PLUS 8 DOESN'T MAKE YOU A LOSER WITH NO LIFE THAT SHOW IS ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING SHOWS THEY HAVE ON TV ESPECIALLY FOR REALITY TV THAT SHOW IS WORTH WATCHING. Swtmelissa

Posted at 9:21AM on Jun 1st 2009 by aquababy


"BabyMama" (TheAnti-GosselinsWithoutPIty blog) = PSYCHOBIT|CH STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a life, you crazy lady and stop helping the exploitation of the G8! "Free the Gosselin 8!"

1936 days ago


This is just ridiculous how everyone is ragging on her about how her belly button is up too high, hips being too wide, thighs are huge, blah blah blah.... can we say JEALOUS!! Yes, she had a tummy tuck, it was OFFERED to her by a viewers whose husband happened to be a plastic surgeon, she didn't ask for it, the show didn't pay for it, the doctor did it for free! And, I am sure most women who were offered free plastic surgery would jump at the chance! If anyone watched the show on E Friday night, they would have seen what Kate looked like when she and Jon first started dating; she was blonde, thin, tan and had a manicure! Now, after birthing 8 children, she has decided it is time to start taking care of herself again, like she used to, and people want to run their mouths and call her a diva. I want to see the rule book where it says that after women have children they are supposed to let themselves go! And no, she doesn't need to throw up meals and lose any weight, tummy tuck and all, I think she looks great! There is no age limit on bikinis, if you got the body for one, I say wear it! Jon's 23 year old home-wrecking girlfriend had no problem laying out in his backyard, in front of his and Kate's kids, in a skimpy bikini, so what's wrong with Kate wearing one?

1936 days ago


Kate is WAY hotter than that 23 yr old. This pic is proof that Jon didn't cheat, who would leave her when she looks like that?!

1936 days ago



1936 days ago


That is the highest I've ever seen a belly button on a body. What's with that?

1936 days ago


ATTENTION: Viewers, speak for the 8 little children who cannot speak for themselves, TURN OFF YOUR TV FOR
Jon & Kate Plus 8 tonight, Monday.

Kate & Jon have marshmellows for brains, they can't see straight for the pile of money they are always counting.

TLC delights in the destruction of these 8 little children so they can grow their fortunes. TLC only values MONEY.
We have to speak their language and hurt them in their deep money pockets.

TURN OFF TLC'S Jon & Kate tonight, MONDAY! The 8 little children will thank you when they realized they were exploited and used by their own parents known as Jon & Kate and that dirtbag network, TLC (will hopefully will self-destruct, as well) Yes, TLC is abusing other families as well, when they wake up and see the destruction around's the curse, you know.

1936 days ago


Jon has help? Yep, he has enough help that he can leave the kids home with them so he can go out and just be a male whore, which is far worse than being a media whore if you ask me!!!

1936 days ago

Rob Ellis    

I have to say, I can't stand this woman, I think she is a ball-busting, emasculating shrew - but she's fairly decent looking - I will give her credit for that.

Of course, she had a tummy tuck, sure, but whatever. Lots of models and celebrities have had work done. The woman looks good. Hate the hair though.

They have shown a couple of pictures of her from a few years back before all the puppies I mean kids were born, and she was pretty god there too.

Maybe her looks will help her land another guy when Jon comes to his senses and leaves her.

1936 days ago


She looks great!

1936 days ago


They're BOTH dysfunctional idiots.

1936 days ago

calling it like i see it    

I can not believe the comments on here. Seriously, she looks good. Eight kids or not, she has a good looking body. As far as not giving her credit?? Are you kidding me?? She still has to watch what she eats, regardless if she has had a tummy tuck or not. There are a million people walking around after gastric by pass surgery who have put back on all their weight. Why is the world filled field with such haters??? Get a life. Anything to complain and bring other people down, just makes some people happy. I don't get it. As far as pimping out her kids? I don't consider it like that. It's a cute show. I couldn't even tell you any of the children's names.

1936 days ago

cat martinez    

That Tummy Tuck is absolutely a work of art.

1936 days ago


Any picture that I have ever seen of her she has on her 'Don't look at me!!' face.
She's done this allllllllll by herself.

1936 days ago


She is pretty, but that is overshadowed by her overbearing personality.

1936 days ago


she's actually pretty hot!!!

1936 days ago
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