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Heidi and Spencer -- Quitters

6/2/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer have followed through on their threat -- they have quit the NBC reality show "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"

A source close to production tells TMZ the "Hills" duo walked off the set for good after the live portion of last night's show. It is unclear how the show will handle their leaving on tonight's episode.

Guess they weren't faking ... for a change.

UPDATE -- We're told the Red Cross, the charity Spencer was playing for on the show, now wants nothing to do with the program. It's unclear whether they would have received anything anyway -- but regardless, the Spencer experience left a bad taste in their mouth.


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Mrs Joe Jackson    

These two pigs need to cross over.

1935 days ago


First I could not beleive how ugly Heidi is without makeup. And it was only one day out there. I have to laugh at the whole christian thing. When Spencer asked her to marry him, she said with this ring yes. She is a money grubbing w*ore.

I have to laugh when Brody Jenner talks about Spencer calling the paps. When he talks about begging for attention you know its bad.

1935 days ago


Ah, but you can be sure that TMZ and the like will continue to give these bottom dwellers lots of air and print time. He is rich off of the attention of fools. One can only wish he gets at least one serious whoopin' in the very near future.

1935 days ago


"elephant in the camp"??? - showing his complete ignorance. I ALMOST felt sorry for Patty Blagojevich!

1935 days ago


Yuck!...Spencer is like gum on the bottom of a shoe, Rich white trash wi th nothing better to do. I thought i hated the couple, but i don`t It`s spencer he has heidi brain washed.Shes to good 4 him, I wish she would wake up.

1935 days ago

god forbid you end up in an accident or in the hospital!    

Thank god! the tv gods heard the collective cringe of everyone watching that show when heidi and spencer were on last night.

I actually enjoyed the show MORE when those 2 weren't on. Spencer saying he's a bigger celebrity and all the other cast?! please! And don't get me started on Heidi saying that Spencer is a new Christian and is really trying or whatever bs she said. It's people like him who claim to be christians that make me run far far away from that religion!

1935 days ago


Heidi and Spencer may be the two most intelligent people working in Hollywood right now. I'm being 100% serious. Their act is awe-inspiring.

1935 days ago


plantalittlesunshine OMG I said the EXACT same thing to my husband.
Did ya notice they freaked out the SECOND they woke up? For what reason? I wouldn't doubt for a second they needed their drugs. Or whatever but whatever it was they came back " calm" and even talked like they were hopped up.
I can not believe Spencer said hes" King of America" might as well be king of Costa Rica. WOW what kind ppl keep these morons popular? 10-15 yr olds? Has to be.
Plus Heidi I think my personal opinion is just clearly brain dead. This chick is just too stupid to find a good guy,she honestly deserves this ass. Sure I watched it cuz of them ONLY cuz I read they kept wanting to quit so I was excited to see them bring out their true spoiled brat colors and sure enough they did. If they were at 14 mins before this show their 15 mins HAVE to be up after this .... America HAS to STOP feeeding in to this and make it so NOBODY wants to see them anymore and they lose their money. Then again............... u idiots keep NEW YORK on the air... W-T-F?????????

1935 days ago


it's because they ran out of dry shampoo, duh.

1935 days ago


when they get a little bit older the immaturity will go away and then they will realize how really blessed they are and maybe they wont come off as being rude to everyone, but their still young. It does sort of suck though that they werent able to stick it out for their charity but I think anyone wouldnt like to be there, unless you really like the outdoors, it doesnt matter if your pampered or not, thats a hard place to be, nothings like your own bed, but what can ya do they were allowed to leave its not like they didnt have a choice.

1935 days ago


I think its utterly disgraceful that these two quit on a show that was raising money for charity, I dont want to see their stupid mugs anymore than anyone else, it just goes to show how truly selfish and idiotic these two really are, spencer is so up himself he cant see straight and heidi, well she has lost any credibility she ever had by marrying that idiot.

Tmz and every other news outlet should stop giving these two press and deluding themselves into thinking they are some sort of celebrity.

1935 days ago


Oh Darn, I'm gonna really miss the "flesh colored beard". Sighhh.. Hope NBC can get some replacements - what about Tyra being one of them. Would make for great theater ....

1935 days ago

Prop 8 Gay Guy    

Speaking as a gay guy, Spencer is not even fit to be a street tramp. He's so full of himself he'd date himself. You know you have to be WAY low when the gay guys wont even date you.

Good riddance. Nobody believes his fake Christian stuff anyway.

1935 days ago


I thought I'd give the show a chance. Turned it off in disgust after forty minutes. I couldn't stomach those two LOSERS. I cana't believe atheir egos and stupidity. I won't be watching the show even if they are really gone. They ruined it for me.

1935 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Two big babies,two babies that cant do nothing but look pretty,pretty dam dumb,we will see how his carrer pans out,they talk like they are people of god but really are fake,those two will never make it

1935 days ago
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