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Heidi and Spencer -- Quitters

6/2/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer have followed through on their threat -- they have quit the NBC reality show "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"

A source close to production tells TMZ the "Hills" duo walked off the set for good after the live portion of last night's show. It is unclear how the show will handle their leaving on tonight's episode.

Guess they weren't faking ... for a change.

UPDATE -- We're told the Red Cross, the charity Spencer was playing for on the show, now wants nothing to do with the program. It's unclear whether they would have received anything anyway -- but regardless, the Spencer experience left a bad taste in their mouth.


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dj mtz    

Heidi and Spencer are such loosers it makes me want to sit down with Coach from Survivor. Too bad Salley didn't paste Spencer one...maybe the female wrestler would have been more fun to watch smacking Spencer. Heidi's rant about her shampoo reminded me of the Seinfeld episode about the "Understudy to Bette Midler" show. Good thing Heidi and Spencer are maybe I can enjoy the show

1947 days ago


The Pratts Are Posiers Big Time And Quiters Too, Most Of All Losers Too ! ! ! !
She can't sing nor act and He a leach nor He can act too ! ! ! !
Now Mr, Mrs. Pratt should pay back the money that was spent on Them to get Them to Costa Rica .

1947 days ago


Those two idiots were like a train wreck that I couldn't look away from. I should think that anyone could stand a few days in that place - especially knowing they'd be going home to their pampered life of non-dry shampoo. I personally wanted to see Spencer attacked by a large, poisonous snake and am disappointed that I won't get to see it. As for her - oh dear. She really is the poster child for a dumb blonde, but as someone posted earlier - she's probably going to be a battered wife in the future once the novelty of her wears off for Spence. He's clearly an abusive and insane individual - I'd say a sociopath - like Patti's husband. I was cheering for Patti because she seemed so normal...then I checked and saw her charity is in Tampa, Florida. What an outrage. She couldn't find something worthy in the state of Illinois? Shame on you, Patti. Loved the comedians, the wrestler, Sanjaya...even Janice was better than those three twits listed above (though boy is she getting old and ugly! Poor dear - way too much sun, I think). I can't wait for tonight!

1947 days ago


This is horrible, I was hoping to see Spency get his azz whooped by Sanjiya.

1947 days ago


they are idiots anyway. let them go.

1947 days ago


It just goes to prove what a waste of skin both Heidi and Spencer are.....they made it difficult for themselves with their behavor. They are whiny spoiled babies who have nothing to offer the world...they should get the same treatment as those spoiled teens from my super sweet 16. If I ever see them face to face they can expect me to spit or throw something.

1947 days ago


Heidi and Spencer are such idiots. They deserve one another, so maybe their marriage will last another month or so...

Please, TMZ, no more about these two. They are both truly repulsive inviduals.

1947 days ago


These two "people" are the biggest dou**bags that have ever been on television. I can hardly believe people like that actually exist in real life. Were they manfactured in some insane Hollywood factory? Thank God they quit the show or else I would've stopped watching it. See ya!!

1947 days ago


I suffered through the grueling 2 hours of watching Spencer spout off and prove his ignorance, and Heidi spray her hair. What a pair of self-absorbed spoiled brats! Their mothers must be so proud! And, really, Heidi? Spencer is a "New Christian"? I am no holy roller, but even I know that good Christians don't put people down and call them "Slaves" and say that they are beneath you. The only person degrading Spencer's celebrity status, is Spencer!

If they have truly left the show, I will watch again, if not, count me out! I can't stand to see someone being so rude as to spray "dry shampoo" in her hair constantly and in a group setting. Yuck those two are worse than the food they had to eat last night!

1947 days ago


I hope this is the end of heidi and spencers 15 minutes of fame! their both a joke!

1947 days ago


"You tore the label off of the bottle!!! I made that label myself!!! It took me all day!!!"

Poor Spencer. I guess the next label he makes will the the one that says "Black & Decker" for his forehead.

1947 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Clearly, "reality" was interfering with their carefully crafted images. Sure sucks when people get to see the real you, ain't it d*ckwads?

1947 days ago


tHEY'RE such brats..
I hope they leave back wherver they came from
Well I'm guessing the hills..Because Spencer is full of himself calling everyone else on the show
slaves or some kind of crap like that..I'll be glad if their gone..No more whining

1947 days ago


I don't understand why everyone hates Spencer, I think he's hilarious and it's obvious that 99% of what he says is tongue-in-cheek. Anyways I'm pissed that Speidi quit the show and I'm not going to watch it anymore - without the drama, it's not worth watching.

1947 days ago


I thought it was funny when he made the comment he had to google the other contestants because I had to google Spencer and Heidi Pratt to know who they were. I'm glad they are gone because I could not enjoy the show with them starving and crying for attention. I much prefer a celebrity survivor show over another pointless MTV drama-fest.

1947 days ago
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