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I Won't Screw Over My Family

6/2/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Huge news....Michael Jackson told us he is indeed doing that special, one night concert with the Jackson 5 and sister Janet in Texas -- as well as his London concert series. Problem is ...he could still get sued.

Michael Jackson: Click to watch
The Jackson family is in chaos over Jacko's decision to perform in London, because his rep signed a deal that he'd do a concert with his family and not perform anywhere else for 18 months. The group organizing the family concert has threatened to sue if the London concert goes on.

Jacko stands to make $3 million off the family concert -- and a lot more from the London gigs. Jackson's bros would split $500,000 for their troubles. The question -- is this enough jack to avert a suit?

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omg, i LOVE his jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the beautiful CURLS!!
he's back guys!! =D =D =D
Go Mike!

1947 days ago


#34.. RORO

This is the funny part with the haters. Lmao! You are telling about a testimony during the trial that at least two young boys could accurately describe unique features of his genitalia.. HAHAHA. Excuse me? Can you please provide me with that information? Because I who FOLLOWED the trial knows that such things did NOT happen.

MJ did go through a stripsearch in 93 because e young but MJ's genitals did NOT match with the kid's description and the kid refused to testify. Then again, in 2005... the accuser did NOT give any information about MJ's genitals. As a matter of fact, he changed his story at least three times. But I would loooooooooooove for you to give me that information you are talking about ;)

1947 days ago


#34.. RORO'

and another thing.. NO testimony about MJ's genitals was even brought up so it would be fab if you could please tell me what the F you are talking about ;)

1947 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

He's the best performer ever to grace the stage. We should be honored.

1947 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

I'll never take my family to Old Navy again.

1947 days ago


Is the reason MJ wears a mask for medical reasons or just to hide and protect his delicate nose...which my fall off in public?

1947 days ago


wooooooooooooow. I gotta say he looks awesome. Just like in the 90s! The hair, the jacket, silky mask.
Kinda cool I would say :)

1947 days ago

Illinois person    

At best it's doubtful any of these concerts (Texas or his London gigs) ever take place. He is way too undependable. Why on earth is Janet agreeing to do this? Hooking up with her brothers is by no means a wise business move. Her career does not need their drama especially Michael's. One thing is for certain is she'll get hauled into court especially since she's the only one with any actual cash. Finally, I wonder if MJ is at last happy he's completely white? How sad for him.

1947 days ago


The last time the Jackson 5 got together - it was a heck of show. I don't know about now - but they still had it then. Michaels just needs to get his STUFF together. Either he wants to continue his career in music or continue his career in Freaktown. He has to make up his mind, because if he decided music - I'm sure he could still make money off his talents - if he still got them.

1947 days ago


I thought that was rihanna before i read the title lmao

1947 days ago


i love his music. but godddddd he's so creepy! and his hands are frickin disgusting!! he looks as if he's been sleeping in a coffin his entire life. vomitttttttttt.

1947 days ago


no he will just bend over pops and his bros

1947 days ago

Sue Wong    

MJ Rocks. One of the most talented Americans ever!!

1947 days ago


With the exception of Janet, all of the other Jacksons need the money. I don't know who this group that is thinking about filing suit is, but the bottom line is who the hell are you to tell the King when and when he can't perform. Let the familty do their gig, and then let Michael do his thing,. They need the money. If you persist on being a-holes there's always a way to get out of a contract. Pay a minimal fee, and move on. That way you get less than you would have gotten if the family did perform.

1947 days ago


what are you crazy piece of ****, how do you think the hands of a 50 year look like? just look at any 50 year old's hands, they will have the same amount of wrinkles if the made a hand pose like that, if not even more.

man some guys here are really creepy how much attention they pay to little details. MJ is the king of pop, he's the best. his 50 shows (1 million tickets) sold out within hours, setting new world records before the shows even start. why all the hate? love MJ and always will. the 1 million people who'r gonna see his concerts will have fun - and all the haters can continue to hate. i, for my part, am gonna enjoy a wonderful show. and if he does the J5 gig, i'm gonna have fun there too.

gonna let the funny tmz comments haters continue to post weird sh*t here in meanwhile. haha.

1947 days ago
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