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Dwyane Wade Sues Bogus Baron for $100 Mil

6/3/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwayne WadeThere's only one thing NBA superstar Dwyane Wade hates more than losing -- people who lie about being German royalty.

Wade has fired off a lawsuit against a guy who goes by the name Baron Richard von Houtman -- a guy who allegedly told Wade's basketball coach that Wade had used cocaine and steroids. Now he's suing Baron for slander and libel.

But Wade says it should be obvious that the guy is full of it -- because "The Baron" is not really a Baron. Here's an actual line from the Dwyane's lawsuit:

"Despite the abolition of the monarchies at the beginning of the 20th century, and notwithstanding that the defendant did not begin using the alias "von Houtman" until sometime around 1995, the makeover of the defendants identity was not complete until 1998."

"Given the lack of any historical record ... it is the defendants own grandiose vision of himself that motivated the use of the title or, perhaps, an intention to falsely communicate to others a sense of prestige."

Wade definitely considers this whole thing personal -- he and von Houtman are former business partners who are involved in a lawsuit over a failed restaurant venture.

And here's the best part -- Dwyane is suing The Baron for a cool $100,000,000.

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where you FIRST ......sucking on d.i.c.k

1907 days ago


Ugh he is such a douchebag!!!!

1907 days ago


who is slow now ......sucking on d.i.c.k takes time for you (i guess)

1907 days ago


"Dwyane is suing The Baron for a cool $100,00,000"

ummm, how much TMZ?? it's not Dewey decimal, comma-chameleon.

1907 days ago

First whores!    

"by you" seems so sad and lonely.

1st bitches

1907 days ago


Umm, How much exactly is he suing The Baron Von'Douche for was that (100,00,000 ) I read.. what number exactly is that??

Hells with all this financial crisis in America its good to see young folks at work in TMZ who cant even transcribe 100,000,000$ correctly Oh; I hear jay Walking is looking for more of you ReTarDs

1907 days ago


"Dwyane is suing The Baron for a cool $100,000,000."

Well, you corrected the number, now try Hooked on Phonics to spell Dwayne. Or at least do it one way consistently in your story!!

1907 days ago


Yes, indeed.
As a member of distinctive personal upbringing and breeding,
I demand that all numeralities be percisely writ into exactitude!
This is an affront to my non-existant accountants, who, if they were to have been existant, would still see no part of any of these fundages. Thus, this matter is of great import to my imaginary accounts, as they too will likely see nothing come of this matter other than an influencial hoity-toitering!
For the sake of argument: YES!
foigartia blamarcious! Made up words and grand gestures are necessary in the dispute of $100,00,000! I darest defiance!

1907 days ago


Having refreshed your esteemed column after my newly placed remarks, I have found you have "corrected" the so-called imaginary amount of $100,00,000 with $100,000,000.
Now who is talking imaginary numbers?!?!?!
You will be hearing nothing from my imaginary lawyers, nor from any existant ones, as I have a case pending and am not allowed to comment.
Tell no one of this.
Oh, internet scam about my alleged dead relative; if only there was a payoff.

1907 days ago


Yes, monarchy may be abolished in Germany, but we still have a few 'von' like the Dutch have their 'van'. You don't have to be a real aristocrat to have the 'von'. Some artists choose it as their pseudonym because it sounds posh ;)

The lawsuit is rediculous.

1906 days ago

l buckner    

Who ever heard of an English Jew being a German Baron !!!!! American Express will emboss your name anyway you like on your card. Especially if that card was given to you for use by an established American Express card holder. They probable took it to be his given name. I know a dog named Baron, does that make him nobility ???

1470 days ago

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