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NBC Universal

The Tape Will Set

Bruno Free

6/5/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The suits over at NBC Universal are calling BS on the lady who claims she suffered "life-altering" injuries during a Bruno stunt at a bingo hall in 2007 -- and the company says there's video evidence to prove it.

A rep for NBC Universal just released this statement:

"Filmed footage of the full encounter, which took place more than two years ago, clearly shows that Ms. Olson was never touched or in any way assaulted by Sacha Baron Cohen or any member of the production and suffered no injury.

If the Olsons elect to proceed with their frivolous action, we expect each of the defendants to be fully vindicated


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lol 1st

1969 days ago


The full tape?, with zero cuts?. Will it literally show Bruno walking in and walking out to another destination?. The tape can only tell you so much in this situation.

1969 days ago


silly...(tricks are for kids)

1969 days ago

Bingo Boy    

I was there that night. He didn't touch her.

1969 days ago


YES! I KNEW it! S.B.C is the BEST!

Go Bruno! ;)

1969 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

breathe in deeply young fella. enjoy your time in the murderers den.

1969 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

she didnt realize they were filming ths bingo game.....golddigging bitch!!! go cohen go bruno go sasha

1969 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

squirt squirt!!

1969 days ago

blue pen    

What a nasty skank this woman is - people will do absolutely anything for money and attention.

1969 days ago

Da Truth    

I knew it!

1969 days ago


Even if the tape doesn't show him walking in and walking out uncut, there are only a few spots that need to be examined. They need to see the footage of her grabbing the mic away from SBC and him pushing her, and the part that the crew "attacked her" and her leaving to go to the room in which she fell in. Either way, NBC would not be voluntarily showing the tapes if they were not certain that SBC did nothing wrong.

1968 days ago

Carrys F.    

I thought her ridiculous claim was that she was so upset after the incident that she fell and bled all over????? That's a stupid claim too. Probably she's a drinker or drug addict. TMZ had a picture of her the other day. I seriously thought it was a CORPSE she was so frighteninng and dead in the eyes.

1968 days ago


When TMZ initially posted this story, the woman's statement was that she was so humiliated and upset by what happened in the bingo game that she went into another room and, while crying hysterically (or something along those lines), passed out, fell down, and hit her head on the floor--causing her injuries. She wasn't hurt by SBC and his crew, she was injured by her own reaction after the fact. At least, that's what you guys reported at first. Since then, you've only reported that SBC & his crew attacked the woman. What is she actually claiming?

It seems highly unlikely that he's going to physically attack someone while his crew is filming it. More likely, he would resist giving up the mic when she tried to take it back.

If she fell down after the fact, I doubt she'll be able to convince a judge or jury that that's SBC's fault.

1968 days ago


Obviously something went down if there's a lawsuit. Lawyers are expensive.

The studio probably isn't telling the whole story, and may be trying to infect public opinion early on. It has a lot of money at stake if SBC is found at fault, not just for this suit but closing the door on future projects due to liability.

If this woman was hurt, they need to do the right thing by her and not try to bully her. It will backfire.

1968 days ago

Keifer not ok    

I thought it was funny how the SBC haters rushed to defend this woman even though the allegations and supposed injuries were outright comical and implausible. If anything this was a better than average example of a bogus lawsuit.

1968 days ago
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