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Sacha's Alleged Victim -- Injuries 'Life-Altering'

6/5/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The attorney for the woman who claims Sacha Baron Cohen assaulted her during the filming of "Bruno" says Cohen has radically changed her life -- for the worse.

Sacha Baron Cohen

Kyle Madison of the Madison Law Group calls the injuries Richelle Olson suffered "life-altering." Olson says in her lawsuit Cohen showed up at her charity bingo match for the elderly back in 2007 in his Bruno character, and began calling numbers in a vulgar, offensive way. The suit claims ... when Olson tried grabbing the mic away ... Cohen physically assaulted her. Olson says she suffered brain bleeds and sometimes requires assistance walking.

Madison tells TMZ, "The actions of Mr. Cohen and those acting in concert with him have resulted in life-altering injuries to my client. My focus is her well-being and to secure a fair, just and equitable remedy for her claims."

Madison says Olson's suit is different from the people who sued Cohen over the "Borat" movie. Those people suffered humiliation -- Olson's injuries are physical and severe. "This claim is distinguishable from Mr. Cohen's previous lawsuits as a defendant," Madison says.

To read Madison's full statement to TMZ, click here.


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First yesss

1965 days ago


careface if it was really life altering why didnt u sue a year ago which was when it was filmed not after u saw the trailer or commercial nice try with the get rich quick scheme and thats probably the same laywers that lost to them for Borat haha

1965 days ago


Is she full of crap? Yes, probably. But you know what? I don't care. I'm sick and tired of this idiot, and idiots like him, getting cheap laughs at other peoples' expense. They sadistically torment people with their exceptionally immature behavior, and morons gobble it up. Americans' sense of humor gets stupider every year. Borat was idiotic, and Bruno makes it look like positively brilliant by comparison. What's really disturbing is that there are idiots out there who try to copy this behavior, so they can post it on YouTube or whatever. There is a fad, for instance, in which people throw their drinks in the faces of drive-thru employees, while videotaping it. This garbage isn't funny; it's sadistic and immature. We are a nation of idiots.

1964 days ago


I''m a big fan of cohen but i think he may have f'd up this time and will probably have to pay for it

1964 days ago


Sacha Baron Cohen is far from an idiot. He actually attended Cambridge University, one of the most prestigious and difficult academic institutions in the world. He studied history. Cohen obviously views America as crass and his satirical parodies are very funny. The is exactly what America, a place that takes itself far too seriously, with a social history of greed, gun crime, lawsuits, slavery and theft really needs. It is a very dangerous job. Yes, the USA is a nation of idiots and Cohen is showing that by dramatizing stunts that parody the endemic neuroses in that society : fear of homosexuals, fear of Jews, sexual stereotypes, ignorance, cowboy pretension etc.....To me this is performance art as much as candid camera comedy.

1964 days ago


Well it was obviously all captured on film. I guess we'll see if Sacha really did inflict this woman with life altering injuries or if she's just a stupid bitch.

1964 days ago


Sacha Baron Cohen lives in an alternative universe where he gets what he wants and nobody else matters. Have you seen clips from his latest "movie"? In this disaster he holds a drugged black baby on his lap on a talk show, pulls a drugged black baby out of a box, and rides off on a motorcycle with a drugged black baby. I'm sorry; whether that child is drugged or not -- look at his FACE. Is it the face of a happy, loved child? No, it is not. What mother thought it would be "cool" to let her child be used as a prop by this freak?

Why does everyone think he's funny? Yes, he is good at doing parodies, but when he involves real people and insults them and makes fun of them and uses them as pawns, it is cruel and sick.

I hope Richelle Olson financially ruins him and the "production company" that puts out his garbage. If this is what "entertainment" has become in 2009, we are all in for a sick, sad future (or sicker and sadder than it already is).

1964 days ago

cowboy fan    

i hope this bitch's got a good lawyer. f'n lying trick.....

1964 days ago


She made the first move by grabbing the mic. Dismissed. I seriously doubt ANY of her injuries were caused by this encounter. Look for medical reasons, she is lying about the cause of her injuries.

1964 days ago

Ohio reader    

Apparently this nut case is not only offensive but also dangerous.
If he enters your workplace, Don't try to remove him yourself; just call the police.

1964 days ago


Quote from akpakpx: "He actually attended Cambridge University, one of the most prestigious and difficult academic institutions in the world. He studied history."

Hmmmm, so I guess what your saying is he didn't have what it takes to actually earn a degree... IMPRESSIVE.

1964 days ago


I have no idea whether Cohen did anything wrong, but I also don't care. Cohen has commited what is perhaps the only unpardonable sin of comedy: he is boring. So, I hope this lady wins her lawsuit. Maybe that will at least spare us from having to see this one-trick pony over and over and over again.

1964 days ago


Chronic pain and other nervous system-related syndromes can develop from seemingly trivial causes. That being said, that may or may not be the case here - but it IS possible,

Hopefully, things were captured on video... It's not really fair of him to use non-celebs in his stunts. Normies didn't sign up for it, unlike the pam andersons of this world.

1964 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

we heard you the first time.

1964 days ago


>>>>>>14. Chronic pain and other nervous system-related syndromes can develop from seemingly trivial causes. That being said, that may or may not be the case here - but it IS possible,

1964 days ago
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