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'NY Housewife' Gets Real Community Service

6/8/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New York's" Kelly Bensimon has been ordered to two days of community service for laying the smack down on her ex in an apartment attack.

Kelly Bensimon: Click to watch
Bensimon was arrested in March after allegedly giving boytoy BF Nicholas Stefanov a black eye and sliced cheek in an argument at her Manhattan pad.

Outside court today, Bensimon claimed she was only protecting her family and "justice was served" -- but inside, the judge ruled that while Kelly can contact her ex, she can't harm or threaten him in any way.

Kelly's misdemeanor assault charges will be wiped clean if she completes her service and keeps out of trouble for a year.


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Kelly can kick ass. NS probably wanted more money for his services.

1964 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

"I am up here, and you're down here." Insert hand motions as beyotch Kelly waves away the other skank, who, Brittany? Something like that. But honestly, that comment was beyond unbelievable. If I were Brittany, I would have thrown my drink in Kelly's face and left. Kelly invites her to a bar to tell Brittany how much better Kelly is than her? Honestly, this woman is completely deranged. She made me so thankful my for good life and real existence. This woman is NUTS. I hae only ever seen the NYC version and it's a completey car accident you cannot turn away from. Shameful, I know. Kelly, two days of community service can't fix what's broken with you.

1964 days ago


Ouch!! You people are nasty!!!
Deep beneath all this crap are a bunch of us who are unemployed and just looking for a way to vent our anger!!
Geeze, if I don't get a job soon......
I have spent way tooooo much time I here!!!
Thanks HARVEY!!!
ps.... it's fun!!!!

1964 days ago

First whores!    

Save Heidi!

1964 days ago


This means Kelly totally LIED during the Housewives reuntion show when confronted about this.
She claimed the boyfriend made up the whole thing and that she never layed a hand on him. She said he went to police and made the whole thing up. Then took it to the NY Post and they ran a false story.

Hey, Kelly remember your lies or your get caught in them.

1964 days ago


I take it the ex-boyfriend ruffled a feather by asking why she stopped using moisturizer on that leathery visage of hers. That would make me punch a so-called "stalker" in the face too. LOL!

1964 days ago


P.S. Death to Heidi!!!

1964 days ago


She's not even a freaking housewife she's single most of them on all those show's are so why is it even called housewives of anything. I hope that stuck up slag has to clean poor peoples houses.

1964 days ago


Kelly who?? Are we supposed to know who this person is?

1964 days ago


At least she has 2 whole days to complete. People in LA serve like 16 minutes in jail and they're done.

1964 days ago


I don't have a comment. I just wanted to give a shout out to my girls from the RHONJ message board.

1964 days ago


Funny, first she totally denied it and now says she was defending her household. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!!!

1964 days ago

Misplaced Texan    

The only reason that RHONY would keep Kelly would be that she is a catalyst for most of the drama. To ask Bethany to meet her in a bar, then show up 30 minutes late and then say to Bethany, "I'm up here and you're down there" has come back to haunt her. I hope Kelly has to clean street gutters then Bethany would be "up here" and Kelly would be "down there". If the Powers That Be at RHONY get rid of Kelly, then I see Ramona becoming more of a lightening rod for trouble.

1964 days ago


BTW, any real "housewife" in New York wouldn't be caught DEAD on this show, married or not.

Just sayin'..........

1964 days ago


Whack job!

1964 days ago
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