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Alba Apologizes

for Defacing

Oklahoma City

6/9/2009 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba is seriously apologizing for tagging Oklahoma City -- and a United Way billboard -- with posters of great white sharks ... but she's also tossing blame at the shark lovers she got involved with.

Jessica Alba
Here's the statement Jessica just released: 

"I got involved in something I should have had no part of. I realize that I should have used better judgment and I regret not thinking things through before I made a spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign. I sincerely apologize to the citizens of Oklahoma City and to the United Way for my involvement in this incident."


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HAHA wat a dumb fool!!!

1924 days ago


i think she took some IDIOT pills.....another celebrity dat thinks they have the right to do watever it is they want jst because they have money....any other person would have been arrested.....

1924 days ago


Umm, is there a new jaws movie coming out or something? I dont get it....totally random

1924 days ago


Yet again, a "movie star" that thinks they are above it all. period.

1924 days ago

Carl Brutananadilewski    

#67- Aqua Teen Hunger Force. My points please...I SAID GIMMIE MY FREAKIN' POINTS!

1924 days ago


Hey, Jessica....
Your'e a POOR excuse for a woman.
How absolutely self-centered, mis-lead, and un-informed a human being you are.
Do you realize that you just may have sank your "career", if that's what you want to call it?
The United Way has helped thousands and thousands of people get back on their feet. They also helped so many people deal with the emotional crisis that April 19, 1995 placed on our city.
What an AIR-HEAD you are!
Your "apolpgy" is based ONLY on P.R. damage control. The public is well aware of it.
You are not a very good role-model at all, and if this is the way you are going, I pity your poor daughter.
She'd be better off with someone else.
I pity you.

1924 days ago


it would be ironic if she was attacked by a shark

1924 days ago


Isn't she close to thirty years old??

She knew exactly what she was doing and TOOK PICTURES.

Oklahoma should arrest her and go to jail...full sentence served, not 30 minutes or so, unlike Hollywood, to send a message from middle America that we are sick of these Hollywood types getting away with everything.

What a retard.

1924 days ago

Aussie Aussie Aussie!    

People are allowed to have their opinions politcal or not and it seems shes admitting she has no original thoughts of her own!

To be completely honest, if she hadn't had a baby, no one outside of America would even hear about Jessica Alba! People here in Australia wouldnt have even heard about it unless they checked (thats how famous she is!).

However you're right, nothing will happen to her besides the fact it will get her back in the lime light for 5 mins.

1924 days ago


dumb chick are hot

1924 days ago


People, people! There are three (3) basic Races. "In many cases there is little doubt that an individual belonged to the Negro, Caucasian, or Mongoloid racial stock. "Thus the forensic anthropologist uses the term race in the very broad sense to differentiate what are commonly known as white, black and yellow racial stocks."

Can anyone explain why mexican, central American, and south Americans call themselves the Mexican Race? El Salvadorian Race? Brazilian Race? etc. etc. They belong to the Caucazoid-Mongolian Race. Or, they belong to the Negroid-Mongolian Race. They are a mixture of white and yellow. Or, they are a mixture of black and yellow. A Mexican is not a Race. Do yourselves a favor and learn the difference between "race" and "ethnicity".

This idiot has a mixed ethnicity. Her ethnicity is no excuse for her act of vandalism. She needs to be punished with an appropriate Fine and community service.

1924 days ago


she obviously had no malicious intent. didnt know the posters would be so tough to remove. just a dumb prank. there's a difference between this stunt vs. kids spray painting graffiti and smashing in windows with bricks

1924 days ago


So she put up some posters.. big deal ... go catch some pedophiles or other dangerous criminals.. sheesh

1924 days ago

Tara Holinme    

Oh, sure. When defacing a charitable organization, THAT'S when she wants to smile.

1924 days ago


Dude. Do a little research, a little planning, a little brain exercise before you start protesting. Of course celebrities feel as if they are above the law, but the biggest crime to me is that people don't actually READ. Since I research whales and sharks for a living, I feel personally violated. Ms. Alba, please just make movies. We the scientists don't need your kind polluting our public campaigns with pictures of you in designer clothes defacing public property. Please. Get over yourself, and if you still feel like you have something to say, study first. Go get a PhD.

1924 days ago
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