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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Recapture the Magic

6/12/2009 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna and Chris Brown went face-to-face at last night's Lakers/Magic game in Orlando -- fortunately there was a length of the court in between them!

Lakers Magic
With Brown on one end of the court and RiRi on the other, they both watched intensely as the Lake Show came back from behind to upset the Magic in OT.

Side note: Rihanna made the celebrity highlight reel during the TV telecast. Brown -- not so much.

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Wow, does Chris Brown actually have a tattoo of a starfish on his forearm in the photo? Wow... kind of like Patrick the starfish from Sponge Bob Square Pants? Impressive tattoo Chris... You are definitely one tough dude!

1928 days ago


its sad that you people get on here to trash chris brown like thats going to hurt his feelings or something that dude got millions of dollars and still making music ,, GET A LIFE LOSERS!!!

1928 days ago


Hey, look...it's still OKAY to beat women according to Chris Brown. I hope he falls into a pool of A IDS..

1928 days ago


How ironic? Now all of a sudden Rihanna is into bastketball games??? Yea right! She went because SHE knew that he would be there and for the ignorant f*ck that said he/she (whatever you are) hopes CB falls into a pool of AIDS, grow up. It amazes me how ignorant people can be in this world. I think that's a bit extreme for you to wish something like that on a person. God does not like ugly, remember that!

1928 days ago


LOL!!! He just has that "I be crazy as hell" look about him. Glad his career has taken a huge hit, hopefully he'll find himself banging out license plates along side Michael Vick. What a complete waste of skin this homie turned out to be.

1928 days ago


He was in Orlando for over a month, she was just in NY who's the crazy one????
She hungers for publicity (Drake), she wears the latest fashion only to keep you all talking.
ABC not showing Chris was a bunch of BS as well.

1928 days ago

loving RiRi    

First of all, RiRi is a fan of the Lakers and is friends with Andrew Bynum-so she is no stranger to attending Laker games. She would have still went even if Chris wasn't there....I still believe these two still have a lot of for each other...THEY ARE YOUNG AND WILL LEARN FROM THIS...LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LET THEM HANDLE THEIR SITUATION!!!!

1928 days ago


PEOPLE WAKE UP!! If Rhianna was so "scared" of this "monster" why would she fly down to be where he is! Chris Brown has been in FL for at least a month- She knew he would be there- It's just plain ignorance to think she is a totally innocent party. SHE'S FAKE AND I DONT LIKE HER. I DONT GIVE A DAMN WHAT KIND OF CLOTHES OR SHOES SHE WEARS. THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN SUPERFICIAL B.S- LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD JUNE 22-

1928 days ago



He's been in Florida for the past month getting tips from OJ on "how to do it without getting caught." This nut needs to be locked up before he hurts someone else.

1928 days ago


I HATE BOTH OF THEM SO SCREW THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U 2 SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1928 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

You judgmental A*holes are so stupid! He has EVERY right just as the rest of us to go out and enjoy a game! Tell me when you do something wrong you just sit around and dwell on it! You are such LIARS!! Chris Brown has every right in this world to enjoy a game or a movie or a party just like her! And you morons have NO Idea if he feels remorse or not. What his hiding out for 3 months wasnt good enough for you! You alll should go drink some battery acid and shut up permonately! It's good to see they BOTH can do what ever they want. Your all just pissed you cant get floor seats to ANYTHING!!! Sit down and shut up!! The 22nd is almonst here and then all the beans will spill out. I'm pretty sure she has some things to answer for as well!! And BTW she doesnt even look like she gets whats going on... she has that I'm board stiff look on her Whisky and Apple juice face!!! Maybe she is plastered AGAIN!!!!

1928 days ago


People keep asking why no blacks have come to Rihanna's defense and why everyone is giving Chris a pass. Hello people!!! Rihanna isn't black!! Now had Chris done this to a black woman they'd all be singing a different tune, but since she's not, they think of it as though he did it to a white girl. Black hate and racism knows no bounds.

1928 days ago


Like the poster said above, she actually has a relationship with Bynum who plays for the Lakers. She was there to support him. What relationship does the chicksh*t woman beater have with any of them? Nothing! I bet if he walked into either locker room they'd beat his gutless ass down like he deserves. Chris Brown is stalking this poor woman and it's sick. I hope he gets locked up and then prisoned raped.

1928 days ago



1928 days ago

Not so famous.....    

What happend with Rihanna and Chris? I thought they were dating or something?

1928 days ago
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