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Michael Jackson

Mystery Dr. Visits

6/18/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So for the last few months we've been catching Michael Jackson leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills. Now we know who Jackson has been seeing.

Mystery Dr. Visits
Jackson has been going to the office of Dr. Arnie Klein -- dermatologist to the stars -- and he's been going there several times a week lately. Klein and M.J. have a long history together. Klein has treated Jackson's vitiligo -- a pigmentation disorder.

In 1993, when Jackson was under criminal investigation the first time for alleged child molestation, cops searched Klein's office and seized medical records after news reports suggested Klein may have bleached Jackson's genitals so Jacko's accuser wouldn't be able to ID the singer's private parts. The claim was never proven.

By the way, in the 90's Klein had a nurse by the name of Debbie Rowe. She married Jacko and had two of his kids via artificial insemination. They later divorced.


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First off,

U people can be so freaking mean, everyone blames Micheal for his child like behavior, why dont u people put the blame where it belongs, JOE JACKSON.

Micheal was beating if he got 1 word in the song wrong, His mom even said Michael didn't have the same childhood the other brothers did because once they branched Michael off to a solo career, the other kids would be out playing and Michael was in the studio.

I honestly do not think he ever touched any child and as for the first boy, God will deal with him and his lying parents, If someone touched my child I am out for there blood not there money and Michaels lawyers told him to settle and this would go away, well it back fired because of hipocrites like u.

This second child, he went to court and was found NOT GUILTY, why because the boy lied so his family could get some free money.

Look at the tape with the boy and Michael, if he was touching the boy why was the boy all over Michael talking about how much he loved Micheal.

Give me a break people,

The cops in the first investigation said when they entered michaels room it was like a room of a 13 yr old, u have joe to thank for that.

Everyone says Micheal was a wonderful father to his 3 kids and I believe them, I hope he rest in peace and his kids can move on and get on with there life.

I know if will be hard, but please people stop condeming this wonderful man.

I love u Michael

1939 days ago


MICHAEL JACKSON,REST IN PEACE,i have never believed in those child abuse cases .I am a mother of three and I will never take money from somebody for abusing my children but would do everything possible to send him to jail, what kind of parents are those people or are they lying on the poor michael inorder to get some money?Concerning his skin and surgeries that is his right,that's his body,his skin so let him be!I am sure any of us has something to hide so leave him alone,LET GOD JUDGE NOT YOU !

1939 days ago


I knew from the beginning that those were not Micheals biological kids. Even though children who are born to a black person and a white person can look more like the white parent. To solve it all have the kids to take a DNA test. Have Debbie samples and Micheals samples tested also. Then we will see if they belong to them, which is probably a huge NO!!!!!

1939 days ago

wacko jacko IV    

now it has come out that the famous Dr. Klein is the FATHER of his two kids? And this pedophile said on DATELINE that it was HIS SPERM!!!!!!!! My GOD, can MJ EVER TELL THE TRUTH? He was so guilty of the molestation charges......that is why he paid off those families.

My opinion of this drugged out has=been has diminished even further.......if THAT COULD EVER OCCUR!~

What a loser this "FREAK OF NATURE" was. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1939 days ago

Cynthia Smith    

I do not believe that MJ had vitiligo; he just hated who he was and wanted to change his looks. My sister-in-law had this disfiguring disease and I saw the spots on her skin before the doctors gave her the bleaching cream to even the skin out. She had to get counseling before the bleaching process and is now whiter than most white people. She uses makeup to even out the spots.

1939 days ago



1939 days ago


Michael Jackson's Dermatologist... now there's something I wouldn't want to have on MY resume.

1937 days ago


What the matter in change color skin?In 'Cancun' all people change color skin by stayng at the sun.What the matter if someone is steril and adopt childrens?What the matter iff he dress diferent closes ou use hats,gloves??Mj probably was depressive by the envy and jelous let him to this situation..
let him rest in peace..
ps The boy 13 years lied he told in interwiw

1935 days ago

Heather Silva    

i want to leave mj's family alone beacuse of Debbie cannot taking kids she will loser... we notice she is terrible no since mother , micheal Jackson 's mother going to kept three kids we love micheal jackson i see that prove it his kids birth certifeid name on their belong to neverland of kids period... god blessed it take care love you from Jean

1933 days ago

Karen in Texas    

Michael has passed, which is very sad in itself. To hear all these people on this site discussing things they know absolutely nothing about and probably never will is disgusting. He was acquitted of all charges and what he did or didn't do to his own body was his own business. How would you like it if the media lorded over you 24/7 after you had a boob job or a tummy tuck or a nose job and ran around telling everyone. The man had no peace for most of his adult life. Everything he did was monitored outside of his own home. Please have some respect and let him rest in the peace he finally has earned with the ultimate sacrafice. Give him some respect. He was vilified most of his life. People would have found something wrong with the way he did things no matter how they had been done. All I can say is even after death people still are after pieces of him in some way or another and I can't understand what this world is coming to. Get a life people and stop worring about other people's business.

1931 days ago


I hope Michael didn't visit this disgusting site while he was alive. You people are sick. I hope you all remember your own comments when you are accused of something you didn't do. Its a terrible place to be when you are innocent and the consequences are so dire. You people probably killed this man.

1931 days ago


why cant people just leave mj alone now he as gone, R.I.P M J
its bad enough his children have to live with the loss of there dad,
without listening to what people say about him

1931 days ago


Michael surrounded himself with Vultures picking at his bones and of course his money, he made bad choices. These doctors have to be prosocuted if they are guilty of wrong doing. I also heard that it was hard to say NO to Michael, he called the shots. AH

1931 days ago


his hands look like that cause the way the picture is taken ...its ( narrowed ) DUH ,,,,

1931 days ago


The pity is that this Dr. Arnold Klein and that cow Debbi Rowe ended up running the Jacko's life. As mutilating his %$@3ing face wasn't enough until he was left with no nose, the Jacko ended up raising two Jewish kids for Klein and Rowe. That is the most humiliating thing that the Jackson family could endure. No wonder the 79 years' old Joe Jackson is pissed off. Not only did the leeches sucked him dry while alive, they schemed that the Jacko's money wouldn't be left with the Jackson family. They
left the Jacko to be left hanging dry -- both while alive and after he is dead. Jacko -- when you get out of your herd, you got nobody to protect you. You are on your own to ward off the leeches.

1930 days ago
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