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T-Shirt Icon's Granddaughter Goes Shirtless

6/19/2009 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Che Guevara's hot granddaughter is starting a revolution of her very own ... for vegetarians.

Che Guevara

Lydia Guevara
is the sexy kin of ruthless Argentine terrorist revolutionary Che Guevara, and she's trading in that trendy communist t-shirt you wore in college for a bandolier of carrots for a certain animal rights group campaign.

No word if she's using her lovely weapons of mass destruction to conspire with Fidel Castro and overthrow a government.


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frogs and gravel    

She is Not remotely hot. I'd kick her out of bed, although I would keep the carrots.

1916 days ago

stop the madness    

well said post 71,Che Guevara= terrorist Jefferson=founding father big defrance.Screw off left wing nut jobs.Your love for a killer astonishes me.Isnt this the nut job who big buba castro has his hands in a glass jar?

1916 days ago


What a disgrace. And vegetarians get on my f^&kin nerves. Let us eat whatever the f%^k we wanna eat and stop bein so damn pushy. And TMZ get ur damn facts straight. Che helped free many of the "terrorists" in Cuba. Come to Cuba and you'll learn your history, you sound so unintelligent.

1916 days ago


Che jailed homosexuals and established labor camps to "rehabilitate" them from their "immorality".

P.E.T.A. are eco-terrorists and Che was just a plain old terrorist. SO this sounds like a match made in terrorist heaven.

1916 days ago


It seems that the reich-wing trolls are out. An anti-Che blog must've linked to here. IQ dropping fast.

1916 days ago


“Che was not only a heroic fighter, but a revolutionary thinker, with a political and moral project and a system of ideas and values for which he fought and gave his life. The philosophy which gave his political and ideological choices their coherence, color, and taste was a deep revolutionary humanism. For Che, the true Communist, the true revolutionary was one who felt that the great problems of all humanity were his or her personal problems, one who was capable of feeling anguish whenever someone was assassinated, no matter where it was in the world, and of feeling exultation whenever a new banner of liberty was raised somewhere else.” --- Michael Löwy

1916 days ago


Che has proven to be right on so many things, far before the majority.
- Che called out South Africa’s Apartheid in 1964 !!! 30 years before the West.
- Che defended Paul Robeson from the FBI goons, and predicted the civil rights movement ... while America looked the other way.
- Che spoke of the dangers of the IMF, 3 decades before most of the developing world realized they had been scammed into debt slavery.
- Che denounced the alienation that arises from unbridled capitalism and the degeneration of a society where the law of value rules all - an idea which is now fact to anyone paying attention.

1916 days ago


It would be nice that some of you would grab a book about latin american history and realize that Che Guevara fought for peoples rigths. He was NOT a terrorist, he was a fighter. It is easy to speak about things we dont know anything about, appereantly almost all US citizens are convinced that their way of living is the best one of all and they havent realised yet that there is a whole world out there that is completely different from there own and is far better.

1915 days ago

big girls dont cry...we eat!!!    


1915 days ago


'Che is a worldwide hero

His graddaughter is hot

Cuban exiles are pathetic

Living in reality they do not'

1915 days ago

Christian Fuckin Rivero    

Funny How They Call Him A Terrorist------But They Refuse To Talk About The Biggest Terrorist GEORGE W. BUSH!!!!!!!!! Talk About A Terrorist That Starts Fake Wars In The Name Of Freedom And Hides Behind The Curtain Of Democracy......
Ernesto, A Terrorist......Please

1915 days ago
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