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Jon Minus Kate Plus Wedding Ring

6/19/2009 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from looking at apartments at Trump Place in NYC, Jon Gosselin was spotted outside his Pennsylvania home on Friday ... wearing his wedding ring.


Think he'll still have it on after that big announcement on Monday's "Jon & Kate plus 8"?!


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Hey! I have a great idea! How bouts TLC pay to have these losers spayed and neutered?!? God forbid either one of them multiply again!!! The 8 kids they already have are already suffering. Has anyone else noticed how the older twins act snotty/bratty/stuck up just like mommy?? NO MORE KATE CLONES!

1951 days ago

Mindy Green    

It's not popular to like Kate, I know, but I do. In the beginning I admired the Gosselins because the jabs they gave back and forth mirrored my own 22 year marriage style. So I didn't see the snips and snaps as a problem. But as time goes on my opinion of JON has changed. I feel he's immature and whiny. Sure, Kate is tough....she would have to be to go through that amazing pregnancy! She's a bit OCD about germs, but I don't think she;s the awful person she's made out to be. I think she is funny and probably scared to death! Raising 8 kids (I raised 5 myself) is a HARROWING are constantly afraid and hoping you are doing everything right and knowing you probably aren't! And WORRYING. And money doesn't necessarily make any of that easier! Jon needs to grow up and Kate needs to lighten up. I am just saddened that this lovely Christian family is suffering. My thoughts and prayers go out to them all.

1950 days ago


WOW!!!! he is sooo HOT!!! I will treat him so much better :)

1948 days ago


Hope they separate and get counseling. Pretty evident on the last show last season how Kate wants to continue the show and Jon comes right out and says he wants to be a regular person, and she DISSES him, as always!

1959 days ago


First I think.....The announcement is probably going to be that they are having another much do you want to bet?? John and Kate + 9 maybe even 10 or 12

1959 days ago

San Diego    

Who cares

1959 days ago


Work it out Gosslins!

1959 days ago

some guy    

He dresses like a 13 yr old loser - grow up!

1959 days ago


She dresses like a teenager. Short skirts and high heels are for people a whole lot younger than her. She may have great body for having 8 kids, but most of it was bought and paid for.

1959 days ago


Jon the new hairline look

1959 days ago


How can he afford to look at apts in the Trump Towers, she makes the money.

1959 days ago


I wish Jon the best as well as the kids. Kate on the other hand, well, I don't really have much good to say about her so I will keep my thoughts to myself.

1959 days ago


*yawns* BORING! You call this news TMZ???

1959 days ago


O M G!!!!!!! THESE PIGS BACK IN THE NEWS........ I am sooooo over this family!!! Kate still wants to sell her kids for a quick buck and Jon wants to play the field, Go ahead Jon and get with someone who is NOT such a BIOTCH!!!! I use to be a loyal watcher of their show, but I don't watch anymore!!! TLC has even said the ratings have gone down, GOOD!!! I can't stand the site of either of these fools! Kate needs to get a dam part time job, send those kids to kindergarden and let it be.....but she is toooooo dam busy selling those poor innocent kids! She makes me wanna slap her!

1959 days ago


I'm with san diego....who really does care

1959 days ago
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