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LeBron James Ego Tour Rolls On

6/21/2009 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James is good and he has no problem reminding people about it.


A few days after slyly pointing out to people he won the Most Valuable Player award, King James was spotted in St. Tropez yesterday directing people to his bank account for further affirmation of his supremacy.

Humility is overrated.

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Pathetic and WEAK is about all you can say. After seeing his CLASSLESS act at the end of the the Orlando series, it's pretty apraent he's never grown up and never will. WHAT A COMPLETE AND UTTER DOUCHE...

1917 days ago

frank farrell    

When Kobe was asked about Lebrons shirts Kobe couldn't respond due to the rings pluging his ears

1917 days ago


LeBron James is sooooooooooo jealous of Kobe it is not even funny. LBJ is making a total idiot of himself! He needs to win a ring first and then open his big fat mouth. I have no respect for him. He must be a disaster to live with and play ball with, I feel sorry for everyone involved with this idiot.

1917 days ago


this is why blacks dont know how to handle money....theyre so used to spending it on hoes and drugs.......

1917 days ago


thumbs up to those people who point out TMZ's own ignorance.

There are alot of idiots who don't know basketball and who are also easily swayed by what they read and are swayed to feel.

Gangster Rap Culture? Look at the stereotyping going on here. Lebron James is worshiping money and is greedy....For wearing a t-shirt that said "MVP' and "Check the Stats"?! You have to be racist to be reaching that far. Seriously, you must be racist.... Eager to talk down to African Americans at the first instance you feel you can hurl the term "gangster culture". Sick people you are...

Back to TMZ.... You guys look stupid. At the very parade you refer to, Kobe wore a t-shirt-- in promotion of the Nike muppet campaign. It was muppet hand wearing 4 NBA championship rings!

"For the record -- you won't see Kobe Bryant wearing a shirt with his individual accomplishments plastered on the front of it during his championship parade today -- he's gonna let the trophy do the talking."

And even if Kobe had not worn that shirt, can it be said it is because he is not egotistical?

TMZ is garbage.

1917 days ago


the reason why kobe cant comment is coz he doesnt speak english. HE ONLY MUMBLES AND DRAWLS ON LIKE A STUPID LOSER WHO CHEATS ON HIS WIFE. the fbi needs to crack down on this LOSER GANGSTER, THATS ALL HE IS.

1917 days ago


the lakers are only a bunch of wannabe gangsters. they're sitting round talking ISH with their tattoos and their babies and babies mamas and their other babies mammaz like they the ish, but they just a bunch of cheap losers. no one on the team speaks english, they just talk like a bunch of uneducated losers who beat their wives.

1917 days ago


This is disgusting!!! Wants to be respected but got not enough respect for other sportsmen to shake their hand acknowledging their win. Jesus......
Next time if I were Orlando I would refuse to shake HIS hand based on the above pictures.....

1916 days ago


Im from Cleveland.....Get over yourself..hes the greatest role model in the history of this sport and he doesnt shake a hand..hes a freaking TO of basketball ....hes no saint but he is no sinner..hes a kid...hes the best player in the NBA and the only reason everyone picks on him so much is because everyones watching every move he makes...Because hes the best player in the NBA nobodys watching Kobe say his team sucks i wanna be traded..or Yelling at teamates talking about how they suck and arent good enough. pshh..you can have Kobe i got hoes on the side bryant. Ill keep my Lebron

1916 days ago


Even tho he didnt make it to the championship, he has accomplished alot for being his age&background. Regardless of the negative press. He will always be King James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1916 days ago
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