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6/22/2009 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosseiln celebrated Father's Day like a devoted dad should -- by signing autographs and shamelessly pimping out the TV show documenting his family's demise.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon, minus Kate, gabbed away outside his Pennsylvania home yesterday -- giving no insight to what tonight's "big announcement" will be, though still wearing his wedding ring.

Most telling: When asked where Kate was, Jon said "I have no idea."


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I hope the big announcement is they are quitting the show, leaving the spot light, undergoing therapy and will live happily ever after as a family.

Why not just wish them well and move on. Maybe they will ride off into the sunset never to be seen again.

1916 days ago

Womb for one    

Big revelation: A paternity test reveals Jon's NOT the Father!! lmao.

1916 days ago

What the Hell?    

I hope instead of throwing away money-these two are setting up trust funds for the kids and their futures!
P.S. $75,000 an episode at 40 episodes a season-do the math- I hope ther'es some left over for the kids after the cameras go away!

1916 days ago


I'm so sick about this!!!!! This show started out so wonderful. I never missed a show, and watched re-runs all the time. I always felt bad for Jon , the way Kate talked to him. At times I even had to change the channel! Who in the hell could be married to that woman!!!!!! I feel extremely bad for those children. I hope that Jon would get custody, because Kate's just a fame whore. She's hardly ever home with them. She's to busy flying all over the country to be a good mom. I will not continue to watch this show if it's Kate that will be on it!!!!! I think TLC should pull it off the air. Money is not the important thing here.

1916 days ago


The announcement is that Aunt Jodi has volunteered to be a human pinata in order to get back on the show.
They are going to fill her with Korean BBQ.
Jon, Kate, the kids, and the dogs are gonna hit her with sticks until all the Korean BBQ comes out.
Then it's picnic time!!!
Get the kim chi!!!

1916 days ago

Laurie From Livermore Ca    

Well, dishearting indeed! Divorce? Where is your friend Dr. Phil when you need him???
I believe Jon & Kate need to take a break from the show and remember where it all began.
TLC shame on you!

1916 days ago



Thanks to I won't have to watch this show. Oh. That's right, I never did because I'm sick of hearing about Jon and Kate. From what I've seen and heard from other outlets, Kate seems so stressed out and no wonder. Jon is a jerk.

1916 days ago


I love Jon If I were jon i cheat too kate is a real B*tch
So funny and smart a** like my husband Jon said he changed but i think he 's the same
It pisses me off in interveiws kate says MYMYMYMY it;s our kids everythings OUR get it through your

1916 days ago


Kate needs to go back to the doctor to have her head down sized. It has gotten way too big even for her. what a control diva she is. I don't know how anyone can stand her. She is the one that ruined everything. If you have watched closely, you'd have noticed how she is always standing away with her coffee cup in had just like a baby on a bottle. She commented, on the haircut show, how the little girl must have her hair kept away and out of her face. Well Kate, take a look in the mirror. She said the show is her job. I think her job is being a mother, not a director and author. Too bad Kate, it is all coming to an end because of you.

1916 days ago


So they filed for divorce, doesn't meet they'll go through with it. Now the show can turn to counciling sessions with Dr. Phil, then a marriage saving retreat, then them reconciling. Keep watching....while a "unknown source close to the couple" leaks new information every few weeks to keep the ratings up.

1916 days ago


SHE deserves better. HIS less than adequate salary as a father of eight when they first started the show is why he had a 5.00 a day allowance. HER deciding to continue the show and writing books is why HE now can wear Ed Hardy sweatshirts, drive a new sports car to carry HIS hooch around, look for a new home(and not any home....he's spending his children's money on an expensive N.Y apartment), and let's not forget the hair plugs. He's a guy looking to find HIS youth(not through raising his kids) but by going through a mid life crisis and spending the money THEY deserve on his own search for an identity. If He wasn't such a puss....SHE would have never had to take the wheel and drive the ship in the first place.)))))))And as far as I'm concerened...the very show he complains about is the only reason a balding man of eight can now act like a completely irresponsible putz.
As for her brother and his annoying wife.....if they cared so much about the kids and their privacy...they would have never allowed TLC into their home in the first place; and kept it as a source of refuge for their neices and nephews. Her brother is a putz and puss as well.

1916 days ago

Marie-Josee Vigneault    

Even after John let his wife know he was uncomfortable with this "camera" life, she did not hear him, she kept saying they would be back on the show next season... He tried, he expressed his opinion, his emotions, she went for fame and money... Should she have put her relationship before fame, this may have worked out... Too bad she enjoys the spotlight so much... The kids and John will end up paying the price for this Star-wannabe

1916 days ago


Jon looks evil-his eyes are different-I guess thats what happens after yrs of being constantly corrected by his wife-if he wasent such a wimp that he is-this would not have happened to him, he's playing the victem he kinda deserves it-he acts like he's challenged then acts shocked when she says something to him, but I agree it did not bring a change in his behavior, just killed his self esteem-but since they are adults with so many children I expected him to be a man not a wimp-a kid himself. She's smart enough to have children-he don't deserve her-or the kids-he is a wimp-not a man,but a boy filled with resentment and anger. I expected more from him-I hope the show is cancelled-He needs his privacy-poor boy.

1916 days ago


Jon minus nine!!!!

1916 days ago


Both these parents are disgusting. It's always been about them and all the freebies they could get by using those kids. If you've ever watched the show, it seems the kids are always nervous and look so unhappy.Wish TLC would pull the show and see how Kate and John minus show has to go to work!!!!!!! Both Kate and Jon always look so smug when they're out in the public and get caught by the photogs. In their own minds they actually think they're royalty.

1916 days ago
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