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6/22/2009 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosseiln celebrated Father's Day like a devoted dad should -- by signing autographs and shamelessly pimping out the TV show documenting his family's demise.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon, minus Kate, gabbed away outside his Pennsylvania home yesterday -- giving no insight to what tonight's "big announcement" will be, though still wearing his wedding ring.

Most telling: When asked where Kate was, Jon said "I have no idea."


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I'm sad they are divorcing, but Kate's a bitch. I'm so happy Jon finally stood up for himself. I agree with Jon 100%. He's a good man and they all have enough money for the kids. They make 40k a show. It's kinda like would I rather have them get divorced or watch Jon get pushed around some more...I choose the first one

1946 days ago


Jon is just a little turd in the toilet bowl, Kate on the otherhand is a big TURD in the toilet bowl! FLUSH THE TOILET, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1946 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

I remember when you needed talent to become famous.
Now all you need is sperm, eggs and two Douche Bags…

You have to be retarded or stupid to watch this crap!!!

1946 days ago

Kristin Hutchins    

I won't ever watch the show again or my littles who loved watching it because they are multiples. Jon is the reason why, and shows a horrible example as a father, not saying they have/had their problems, the parents, but he is just not worth spit. The episode tonight really did it in my thoughts of him. He has chosen to take the cowards way out.

1946 days ago


TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1946 days ago


The show was a joke and I can’t believe that we are making such a mockery of their marriage by continuing the show. I thought marriage was supposed to be so sacred in this Country? Oh please! If I heard one more time that “everything they did was for the kids”, I was going to throw up. Jon could have saved his marriage if he wanted to. He could have sat down with the mother of his 8 children and told her how he feels about the way she treats him. He allowed her to manipulate him and treat him like a puppet/child. He is a coward. Kate will be fine. She is a strong person and a woman! It is obvious that Jon has found someone new. Jon will eventually disappear from the kids’ lives which will not be a surprise. I’m sorry, but his personality is “passive”. He is not going to change. NOW he decides to be a “man” and take control of the marriage? And the first choice of a manly decision is where to put those stupid crooked houses so far away from the house that the children could not be watched properly? What a moron. He needs to grow up. And shame on TLC for promoting all of this.

1946 days ago


Jon seems so relieved and Kate is now acting like a martyr. If Kate would have been a little kinder to Jon all these years, maybe he wouldn't be so eager to leave her. I'm on TEAM JON....because Kate is such a phony and a Bi*&%ch. I hope she has learned her lesson...and I hope Jon raises the kids to be easy going like himself!!

1946 days ago


Kate said She doesn't want to be alone! hint hint,,,
There is the opening to bring in Her BODYguard!
What a Bi*ch!

1946 days ago


TMZ: What is the problem that you can't put ALL the information on the same subject in the same article?

1945 days ago


i think this is all a scam to make the show more popular. and if it's not, i think this whole thing is Jon's fault. he wants the separation, not Kate. Just so he can be with the little 3rd grade teacher he cheated on Kate with. and because he doesn't want Kate to " boss him around anymore." he needs to learn Kate is an independent woman. yes, she is very bossy and controlling sometimes, but aren't we all. marriage is about excepting the others flaws. if he can't do that, he should not have married her and had 8 kids.

and I agree with Jane. victorpark, you shouldn't be blaming the kids, they are innocent. just because you find them annoying or whatever, doesn't give you a right to call them names, okay. and if you're a dude, I hope you grow some balls one day.

1944 days ago
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