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Jon Gosselin -- I'll Ride This Thing Out

6/23/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the same day his wife filed for divorce, Jon Gosselin was so emotional about the major shift in his life -- he could barely concentrate on hitting a jump on his ATV.


To his credit, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star did spend some quality time with some of his kids at their PA home, but his wife was nowhere to be seen.

After a breakup, some people buy new clothes or completely change their hairstyle. Hopefully Kate is one of those people.


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LOL - Jon is so emotionally distraught that he couldn't jump his ATV?!!
This is not the behavior of a person who feels distraught about an impending divorce or has remorse for getting caught red handed cheating. This is the behavior of a guy who has checked out, refused marriage counselling and can't wait to move away from the kids and his responsibility as a parent and live life in Manhattan. In a word, this is selfish. What a time to have a mid-life crisis.... sad.
Kate is uptight but this is probably because she's taking on the bulk of the responsibility of child rearing as well as being the main bread winner. She's stretched too thin, which is causing her massive stress and she needs to strike a better balance.
In Kate's support though, when says she's putting her kids first, she's telling the TRUTH. The same can't be said of Jon.

1944 days ago


TLC's new show JON WITHOUT KATE AND THERAPY FOR 8 hopefully all the money they made wasn't spent on that hair, nails, spas and bikinis (to embarass your kids.) All those innocent kids are gonna need real emotional help for years. Both parents need to get into therapy themselves '

1939 days ago


leave them alone.

1949 days ago

Suzanne G    

This is sad. I hope that they can work this out.God Bless!!!!

1949 days ago


Both of these money grubbing grifters are disgusting and have no regard for the feeling of their 8 children. What happened to handling this privately or with any semblance of dignity? But oh no, not fame w#%$@ Kate...just run to People mag for interivews and use this divorce to boost the sagging ratings of thier worthless "reality" show. Garbage!

1949 days ago

the end of the day    

I know why he's leaving..he watched the show..saw how stupid they all looked not to mention how bad she treated him..I say cancel the show, raise the kids..

1949 days ago


I was really hoping and praying that the announcement last night would have been that they were stopping the show, get counseling and work on their marriage. Yes, they have their problems, as we all do. But I think that if they would stop the show and focus more on thier lives that things would get better. I am glad that Job has finally stood up for himself. I am sorry that they are having to go through this. I am also sorry that it is on TV for the children to see for the rest of their lives of what their parents had to say about each other and how each acted. Maybe when the children get older, they will see the real truth as to what happened in their parents marriage. Maybe then the children will get Jon and Jate to realize "Hey mom and dad, if you would have never gotten on TV to start with, you still would have been married".

1949 days ago

Chris is fug    

Kate was probably shopping for another book deal. Cute pic of Jon

1949 days ago

dont know    

I still think those boys look like they have downs sydrome.

1949 days ago


A couple of morons who choose to have 8 kids in this day and age should be dirt poor. They have this dream house on a nice piece of land and too many toys to count between all 10 of them and it was all amassed not by hard work, not by earning it but by exploiting themselves and selling their souls. No wonder they are getting a divorce. They are both miserable people in their own way. With eight kids, they are also exhausted. It's their own fault. Enough of these two. Get them off the air and let them scrape by like the rest of us.

1949 days ago


Jon is a loser. He is a little boy in a man's fat body. Jon did 2 interviews with Radar online this weekend and went outside his gate to sign autographs for young women. Jon said Monday he was ALONE for 4 days with his children. Did he live them at the house by themselves when he was 1. photographed alone running errands Sat morning. 2. when he took ONE child to ER Sat. afternoon.3. when he went outside the gate of his property with his body guard to flirt.4. when he had his 3rd interview with Radar Online at the grocery store with the bodyguard, NO KIDS with him. 5. Where was Jon when the photograph was taken with one of the LITTLE girls on Jon's toy the ATV with the KEYS IN IT! The child jumped off and the dog was lying under her. The photo showed her in the air. Did she and the dog get hurt when she hit the dog and ground??? JON DID NOT SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH HIS CHILDREN. HE PLAYED WITH HIS TOYS, FLIRTED WITH GIRLS, AND LOVED THE ATTENTION FROM RADAR ONLINE. KATE AND THE CHILDREN WOULD BE BETTER OFF IF HE JUST STAYS IN NYC.

1949 days ago


I have to say it. I hope HOPE Jon keeps the kids. The freaking bitch is never with the kids unless the cameras are on her and everything is about her. Of course she filed, she'd drag the kids kicking and screaming if it meant ratings or another book deal.

1949 days ago


I esp loved how he spun bar hopping w/ college age girls as "standing up for myself"... everyone bashes her~ but if she got that out of control, he at any point could have stopped signing the contracts w/ TLC. Trump Tower? And she's the money grubber?

Caught some rerun clips recently, and it's comical (and sad) to watch over the last 1-2 seasons how he has changed. Never noticed it in all the brouhaha over her behavior. He has regressed. He's gone from a preppy gol-playing Dad to an ATV-joyriding, bar hopping snowborad dude~ complete with dual earrings and skater wardrobe. She needs to chill. He needs to face facts that he's a grown up.

She won't be "anywhere to be seen" for the most part if he's there or vice versa since they just said they will shuttle to & fro instead of 8 kids back & forth.

1949 days ago


I watched last night..It will be my last . Who wants to see these two depressed mongers moping around all season. You can only watch so much of the little kids, and this show has become so self endulged in gift giving to this family, no one can relate. I also want to make a comment in regards to jon. yes, the man is being a douche right now. But he has valid hate in his heart for Kate. He wanted to quit the show two years ago, and she put the $$ and the show before her own family. This is why he's done. I realize he's gotten used to the $$, but I think two years ago, he would've gladly left it at the door..If I was married to that bitch....I'd divorce her ass too.

1949 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

"After a breakup, some people buy new clothes or completely change their hairstyle. Hopefully Kate is one of those people." Seriously. And from what I've seen on "The Soup", she could also use a personality change. But seriously, it's so sad. I mean, these people have touched so many lives, they are so important to the fabric of America. HA HA HA HA HA. Good riddance, couple of stains....

1949 days ago
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