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Kate Gosselin Rings in Her Divorce

6/23/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A day after filing for divorce, a wedding ring-clad Kate Gosselin was all smiles as she filled up her tank in PA on Tuesday.


Perhaps Kate was just happy because she covered up her chunk-striped, bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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Jon is lazy, dumb, and will enjoy the money KATE EARNED. She is better off without him.

1950 days ago


what kind of car is kate driving??!!?!?!? does anyone know?!

1950 days ago

who gives a shit    

Enough of her already, she thrives on the attention. If no one paid attention to them they would go away! I wish.....

1950 days ago


First I would lke to thank Jill #109 and Juliana Jackson #111 for their postings although I couldn't say for sure that Jon has been sleeping around. I do believe though that he did make some poor choices as to whom he was speding his time with while Kate was out of town. If Kate and Jon have been going through some marital problems for quite a while, as Kate stated, and even possibly during the time they renewed their vows in Hawaii, they did so privately. It wasn't until Jon was spotted hanging around with his female friend that had the paps all over them. You know like "white on rice, bees on honey, flies on s&#*t." This I feel, was a turning point in their relationship and it was then that they then became public spectacles. With that I mean that their contract was originally made with TLC, not the paps. If they had been having some difficulties in their personal life well then the paps only aggrivated theitr situation, not made it better.

Also, I find it quite interesting that sweet Aunt Jodi and Uncle whatever his name is never seemed to have a problem with Jon and Kate's decision to have their family on TLC while they were also benifiting from the show. Didn't Jodi recently make some sort of a statement in an interview (possibly paid) to the effect that the show hasn't been reality for a very long time and that it is all about the money. Well, it sure never stopped the sweet aunt and uncle ? from appearing on the show until they had some sort of an arguement with Kate , Jon, or both. I feel that if there hadn't been an arguement with the Gosslins, then the aunt and uncle would have most likely continued on with their part in the show and reaped the benifits for their time on camera.

I have always liked watching Jon and Kate plus 8 and will continue to do so. I was also saddened by their decision to divorce. Personally I hope they do get back together. I also believe that many people on this site would jump at the chance to make the kind of money that the Gosslins make from the show. Additionally lets not bash the show when there are so many other family reality shows on tv. For example "Little People Big World, 18 kids and whatever, along with the new shows like Table for Twelve" or whatever it is called. I apologize for not knowing the correct names for these shows. I have seen some of them advertised on TLC, just never paid too close of attention to them.

1950 days ago


TLC needs to get those two freeloaders off the air. This is really disgraceful

1950 days ago


Bravo 108 Jill
Kate is a good mother and hard worker. Jon , Aunt Jodie,and Uncle Kevin are losers. They are all making money on KATE'S HARD WORK. Kate deserves a better spouse and relatives.

1950 days ago

who gives a shit    

you must be sleeping with her....................

1950 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Kate is happy because Madonna is taking over her litter.

1950 days ago

Truth in your eye    

After leg surgery I watched a ton of their epsodes recupping & to you leave Kate alone commenters...YOU'RE NUTS!!!!
The woman is a two faced, screaming, dominating selfish excuse for a mother & wife. I watched her scream at her husband every episode, humilaiting him & just overall treat him like he was a child. Literally yelling at the top of her lungs in Walmart hey, you get over here. I was stunned!!! I saw her tell her crying 3 year old that since he got gum on his bear, she was throwing it out & this poor little boy crying, begging for her not to & her just saying tough. It made my mom so ill she left the room upset and has never seen another episode since.
Jon's acting like a child. I think his earring are ridiculous & he just needs to grow up but in the end this guy was the one doing all the work, getting the girls ready for school & yes he was till working fulltime back then, etc. When they did a series of episodes where each child got a field trip alone it was Jon who took the boys, Kate never went alone with anyone anywhere. After the seoond season she hired a personal chef and an assistant. She also has a nanny., not a babysitter but a nanny & latley she's been gone so much the kids called her the nany's name..what does that tell you.
She loves the spotlight, she says it herself, all this knowing what its doing to her family.
There are thousands upon thousand of large families in America with 8 kids total, mostly the one at a time way & they don't pimp out their kids for money.( Did you know an autographed pic of the kids costs $25.00??? Thats pimping!!!) You know w how they do it?? They work their regular jobs, live in smaller homes, cut corners & make do. This was an option not a neccessity, so STOP making her some wonderful woman without any other options.
There are hours of back episodes to prove you wrong.

1950 days ago


This woman (and I use the term loosley) is pure trash. Child eploiting, cheating, lying, grifting, husband stealing trash.

1950 days ago


Like the New $64,000 car her kids bought her! Did she use a coupon???

1949 days ago


I am glad to see her happy. She has a lot to take on 8 kids, school, activities and working on her book tours. What the hell does he have? oh yeah spending time with the chick he cheated on her with. What a loser!!

1949 days ago


For some odd reason. I'm really attracted to her.

1949 days ago


Yea she had 8 babies- so what. You don't think she knew she might possibly have a litter of humans. This has been going on for years and years. What makes people think there is something wrong with them if they can't get pregnant? There is a reason for that. It's not meant to be. Having babies is not the only thing humans are good for! I am so sick of paying more in taxes to help pieces of **** like them.

1949 days ago


Enough of the kate bashing-geez people-she looks like she is happy right now- she is a strong woman,too bad she settled for wimpy john-maybe she had to be "tough on him cause hes such a wimpy a$$ and its all about poor john-im only 32-what a wuss !! Women in this kind of relationship have to be stronger -cause they end up doing most everything for the family-she is not a bitc* she is a strong woman who loves her kids-she is smart-educated,funny and loving with her kids-i think alot of people are jealous of her-she is a great mom leave her alone

1948 days ago
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