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Laila Ali:

Keep My Daddy

Out of Your Divorce!

6/24/2009 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laila Ali is fighting her husband's ex-wife, who now wants to drag Muhammad Ali into her child support battle.

Laila Ali, Muhammad, Ali
Laila's hubby, former NFL star Curtis Conway, has been embroiled in a financial battle with his ex, Leoria Sanamu Conway. Leoria wants more child support and she's apparently trying to prove Conway is now rolling in cash courtesy of his wife. 

Leoria is trying to subpoena Laila's financial info, including "her inheritance or potential inheritance." Laila and her hubby have asked the judge to block the request, arguing it's a blatant invasion of privacy and "clearly designed to harass and burden Ms. Ali."

They've been battling it out in court all week. So far, no ruling.

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While I completely agree she is obviously a gold digger. I sort of have to understand. I mean why should he get to live in the lap of luxury while his kids have less? If anything he should be insisting on more visitation rights so the children can have the same lifestyle as he. I would hope he would do the right thing and make sure his kids are afforded the same lifestyle he is, regardless of what the courts say. But that doesn't mean the mom has to be in charge of that money.

1949 days ago


If that was me and I was required to pay for someone elses kid, I'd demand visitation rights. If I was denied I'd refuse to pay the support. If I'm close enough to have to pay for support, I'm a parent, and I have rights too.

1949 days ago


Not only is his wife not responsible to pay for her kids, but her potential inheritance is even further off in space. Thie chick is nuts and why does the court even allow this case to go forward. It is seriously friviolous. If you cant afford kids, keep your legs closed

1949 days ago

i love the 80    


1949 days ago


Well unfortunately it is true that the ex-wife can get money from laila. when you get married and the one that is paying child support when his/her income changes so does the amount of child support. if the ex-wife wants to try and get more. my cousin just went through the same thing. because she married and her husbands income increased because of their combined income, she had so help pay his child support. this is not fair but it is the law. when you marry you have to remember you take on each others issues, credit and problems. Its funny i do know laila ali's step kids. they get their hair cut at the same barber i take my son too. the mother i have to say is ghetto fabulous! with that said!

1949 days ago


Here's a thought Leoria - GET A JOB GIRLFRIEND!!!!

1949 days ago

Jus D truth    

I compelely agree w/the majority of these posts that the ex-wife is a gold-digging tramp. But I know from personal experience that the current wife can be held responsible for child-support of her husbands' children. I know this because, thats exactly what the district attorney/child support division did to my daughter. Rivesride county withheld her income tax returns, garnished her paycheck & put a hold on her california drivers license. It was acomplete mess. The court/judge in Riverside, CA said that when she 'married' this guy, she took on his financial responsibility along w/him. Needless to say, she filed for divorce the very next day. But for that year she had to PAY! I know Laila will get a good attorney, because she & her great dad DONOT DESERVE any of this. Laila,you are one lady who has class beyond reproch. How dare this money-grubbing-tramp to try to get her nasty ass hands your daddy's money! I'd clock the bitch, if Ihad your skills!!

1949 days ago


My mom when through this with her husband. She said she would divorce him before his ex got any of her money.....the ex gave up ..... and in-directly the ex's kids did benefit from my mom's money.....she was not mean to the kids and treated them well. I am sure Laila is the same way.

1949 days ago


Unfortunetly , they courts do now count the Step parents income when figuring or re figuring child support. I live in the state of California and was ordered by a judge to disclose my income when my husbands EX asked for a raise in child support. According to the court we (step parents) have no rights but our income is relevant. SO WRONG!

1949 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

This sort of stuff happens in millions of lives each day in the USA because of divorce court. It's not like a woman at work or a party is going to tell you she's taken the ex-husband's new wife to court for bum in her 18 year tax-free income stream. It's like abortion. She's had one or to but she's not putting it on her resume or facebook.

We know about this Family Court stupidity because it happened to a celeb and TMZ reported it.

1949 days ago


that is freakn ridiculous....if all else fails, i think laila should divorce her hubby "on paper" but of course stay together.....that way his gold digging ex absolutely positively cant get a CENT from laila's inheritance (which she should not have to use for children that are not hers)!

1949 days ago


Leave Muhammad Ali alone. How low can you go? Props to Laila Ali for standing up for her dad. That Poor woman is loosing her meal ticket. hahahahahaha. The funny thing is that she is probably denying the fact that she is low and a gold digger. Maybe she should find herself a nice job that pays the bills, its a crazy concept but it just may work. Its funny how that bitch would rather take money from someone like Muhammad Ali. He's getting old. He's definitely someone who was a controversial figure of his time as well as an icon, and he was a bad dude inside the ring. Let the guy retire in peace and enjoy his life, stop being a greedy slut.

1949 days ago


she should put her in a ring and knock her out so she forgets about her dad

1949 days ago

who gives a shit    

She has no right to Laila's money. What a golddigger! Maybe that's why he left her in the first place!

1949 days ago


# 34 You are so WRONG. When my husband did Not have a job & had a child support order, they did NOT come after me. The same as when he was working & his ex wanted $800/mo because she said we had a nice home & cars & she stayed in an apartment/IN court they NEVER asked about my income. She asked him to ask me for $ & he told her NO! BTW ,I'm not wealthy at all I work 40+ hours a week just like the average JOE!

1949 days ago
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