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Perez Hilton -- You Owe Me a Black Eye Fee

6/24/2009 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez Hilton is striking back at the man who allegedly punched him in the face -- by filing a civil lawsuit against him.

Hilton is suing Polo Molina -- the road manager for the Black Eyed Peas -- for battery and an intentional infliction of emotional distress. Hilton's suit claims Molina attacked him outside of a Toronto club on Sunday night because the blogger wouldn't stop writing about the Black Eyed Peas on his website. The suit wants payback in excess of $25,000.

Molina turned himself in to Toronto cops on Monday and was charged with assault -- he is due back in court on August 5.

Hilton's attorney, Bryan Freedman, just released the following statement:

"Perez Hilton files this lawsuit to protect his freedom of speech and seeks legal redress against those who have physically assaulted him because they do not like his review of their album. Whether you love Perez or hate him, he is entitled to his freedom of speech without fear of physical violence. This lawsuit will make the statement that violence is never the answer."


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Perez is the Queen of Scat Media

1910 days ago


What a suprise here.. Funny, but some comments are true.. He did blast that pagent girl for saying she didnt believe in gay marriage. Also, Iam pretty sure he didnt get slaped/punched over some free speech issue more like him calling will a fa@@ot. Which will get you smacked around almost everytime..

1910 days ago

Maria Embary    

I soooo hope that Will I Am will sue Perez for making the video accusing him of hitting him. This person Perez Hilton is a disgrace to the human race.

1910 days ago


I hope it's not leagal to call people hate names and provoke a fight. I hope the black eyed peas counter sue.

1910 days ago


I wanna give the man a HUGE high 5 and a kiss for smacking his ass.

1910 days ago


So Perez can call Jesse Metcalfe names and say, "We wish we were there to see that" and condoned the fact that Metcalfe got beat up but because its him all of a sudden he is against violence? Hypocrite

1910 days ago

PMS much Clay?    

Actually JUDY, you can't go around making defaming comments either. That's what Perez does. Saying they're ugly, need to eat, etc. That's also THE LAW. Hypocrite.

1910 days ago


Nice that somebody finally Clocked this Mo-Fo...

1910 days ago


Perez Hilton should be knocked back to earth - please. Down with PEREZ

1910 days ago


I hope Carrie Prejan sues Perez for her freedom of speech rights. He can't have it his way all the time. What a tool. Can tmz be like E and let us vote to not have to subject ourselves to this guy anymore. Better yet can we start a campaign to raise 25k so it does not drag out in your headlines. I already throw up in my mouth everytime I read about him. Constructive comments are one thing - hate is another - Perez you should know better - grow up!

1910 days ago


Judy = Porkez Hilton

1910 days ago


Its ironic that Perez Hilton released a photo of him showing his bruises and black eye a day after Chris Brown was sentenced for battery. This is just too ironic. TMZ if you ever put that picture up the title just has to read "THE FACE OF A BATTERED WOMAN"

1910 days ago


It just annoys me to no end how Perez has yet to REALLY apologize and admit he was wrong to use the f word - he's tried to justify it but still has not said he was WRONG to say it. In the past he has gotten all over anyone who has used the word and never given them a pass because they were in a difficult situation.
It's also clear on the video that the BEPs were expressing their freedom of speech and ready to walk away when Perez got even more in their faces, refusing to let it go.
I stopped going to his site a long time ago as it is so easy to see that he's nice to the celebs who kiss his a** and mean, rude, downright despicable to those who don't. I REALLY hope this is the end to his non-deserved 15 minutes.

1910 days ago


Violence only begets more beautiful violence.

1910 days ago


perez what a jackass you are. there aren't enough bad words in the world that i can and want to call you. you took a gamble by running your mouth (to the wrong people it turns out) and you got punished. you can't go around calling people offensive names and then throw yourself on the altar of free speech. yeah you had a right to say what you wanted and the other party has a right to respond (be it physically or verbally). one day, if i decide to go around calling guys f*****s or other girls d***s, i'd expect the worse. if you had called me that, by the time i was through, you'd be lucky to rremember your own name, be it mario or perez. word's are powerful things, how do you think fights get started? if you can't handle the responsibility of using words (without hurting people like and almost everyone else in hollywood for years), then shut the f*** up. you are a disgusting pig, you should be ashamed.

1910 days ago
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