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Jackson Family: No Public Viewing at Neverland

7/1/2009 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson FamilyThe Jackson family has just released a statement via their newly acquired reps, saying there will be no public or private service for Michael Jackson at Neverland.

"Contrary to previous news reports, the Jackson family is officially stating that there will be no public or private viewing at Neverland.

Plans are underway regarding a public memorial for Michael Jackson, and we will announce those plans shortly."


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nikkis mom    

I wonder what happened. The attornies that were on Larry King last night stated there would be a viewing on Friday the 3rd. Larry King kept on emphasizing that it was a 2 lane highway and it was the 4th of July weekend. The attornies were the execuators of the will. I guess the family would have to pay for it with the reading of the will!

1947 days ago


Good Grief, get on with it for petes sake! Next thing we will hear...MIchael Jackson is Alive and doing fine!

1947 days ago


Newly required reps huh. I guess Al and Jesse got kicked to the curb LOL

1947 days ago


R.I.P Michael Love you!!

1947 days ago


As disappointing as that is, it is probably better for the family that has a lot on their hand already. I just do not understand why they are moving him to Nevarland in the first place then?

1947 days ago

Dani G    

Thank God. It's the first intelligent thing I've heard. Hasn't this man been stared at and made a spectacle of enough in life? Let's just leave them alone for Christ sake and let the guy rest in peace.

1947 days ago


Well, that's what you get when you believe everything you read and hear which was so often the case regarding Michael Jackson. Any fans or supporters who got hotels and made all these arrangements without any confirmation from the family shouldn't be surprised at all and have no right to be angry. The media has made a career of printing and reporting falsehoods about MJ which all the fans know too well. As a longtime fan, I'm personally glad that there isn't going to be such an occasion. I hope they don't have a public viewing, either. The man deserved privacy in life and in death, I certainly wouldn't want to see my hero in a coffin. I was lucky enough to visit Neverland at its prime and spend a few hours there and see Michael in person four times, that was far better, and given that reality it would be too sad for me to see him and Neverland any other way. Michael's body should be reserved for his family to make any decisions they chose, and I completely respect it if they want to keep it limited to family and close friends. If he had specific wishes he would have stated them and thus far that isn't the case so it's in his family's hands now. I don't know if the public memorial will be an open viewing, but I respect whatever the family decides and no one should plan anything until then.

1947 days ago

Dr Pepper    


1947 days ago


Well that's good considering Michael Jackson hated that place when he moved out anyway.

1947 days ago


i know it mat be bad to say but bury the guy already u think his face looks bad brfore he passed just think what it must look like now !!!!!!!

1947 days ago


That's very disrespectful. I'm wondering now why Michael was separated from his family...That people sucks!!

1947 days ago


VERY smart decision from the family. I know the memorial will be OUT OF CONTROL. He will be laid in rest and cemented in the ground before the public viewing.

1947 days ago


He's probably not really dead..that's why there's no public viewing all of a sudden. Somethings just not right with this whole thing.

1947 days ago

screamin in dig    

If their is no public viewing then they are hiding something. Maybe he faked his death.To pull off a death stunt they would need a public viewing if not then you know something is up and how come their is only 1 photo of him being brought in the ambulance. if the gates were guarded by security how did someone get a shot the drive way was curved so no one could get a shot of him. also the hospital they really covered him up so you could not see him. And why did the doctors that were working on him not come out and speak about him dying. his brothetr did and he was not that believing at all about mj dying. There is a mystery here . all of a suden some one comes out saying about this drug dipravin now they publish this but before they did not find nothing. well that is what they want us to believe so that would be the cause of death. I do not think he has died in my opinion money can buy anything and people will carry it out for a large some . anyone can be bought. if you were offered 20 million wouldnt you... he is not dead period.

1947 days ago


seems smarter heads are prevailing here. Santa Barbara officials probably pleaded with them not to do it at Neverland. The shear logistics of getting that many people up those small country roads would be impossible...I am betting the viewing will be held somewhere like Staples Center, and, a private ceremony at Neverland.

1947 days ago
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