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Quoting Quincy: MJ 'Didn't Want To Be Black'

7/2/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Quincy Jones reacts to Michael Jackson's DeathHe knew Michael Jackson better than anyone (he says their souls were joined) -- now record producer Quincy Jones is speaking out about the singer's death ... and some of Jackson's "issues."

In an interview with Details mag, Jones says Michael never accepted his race: "It's ridiculous, man! Chemical peels and all of it. And I don't understand it. But he obviously didn't want to be black ... You see his kids?"

Jones also reveals Bubbles the chimp once bit a hole in his daughter's hand ... who knew?


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You know, this is widely known and I didn't really understand why the poverty pimps came out after his death talking about how he was 'one of them' as they stood on the Harlem streets. Guess they needed exposure and a reason to bump and grind on stage like that one guy did.

MJ wanted nothing to do with the black culture. Association with african americans helped his career in the beginning, then so he started saying he had vitiligo or whatever it was.. when he started the chamical peels.

That poor guy couldnt get white enough.

1907 days ago


i can't believe this... it's just false. don't think quincy would backstabb michael like this. and yes michael did have a disease called vitiligo. looked it up and see the truth!

1907 days ago


I'm sorry, but to me, this interview sounded fake.
I don't think QJ would agree with being interviewed by a gossip site insted of a well respected press.
And, most of all, I don't believe that he would say that much about MJ's addictions.
I don't know... just sounded fake.
Didn't buy it.

1907 days ago


If Quincy's statement are true which I believe may be twisted; this would be an odd statement to make. Quincy is a popular man in the music industry and by this created twisted statement alone will ruin his career in the music industry. Think about it, a man that worked with MJ, made millions off of his ablums, has close ties with today's black artists...? Do you believe that he would actually make such a statement. Now, remember, that MJ had Vitiligo and was spreading rapidly especially on his face and neck, then his hands, on and on. It was also stated that MJ's dermatologist suggest that MJ work towards bleaching his skin because the make-up wasn't enough for MJ. If Quincy made this statement in such a negative fashion, it will be his downfall in the music industry and people will not do much business with him. MJ was the King of POP and nobody can take this away from him, not even Quincy. Look at all the black stars that loved MJ; all of them, including white too! Quincy, you said this, you will lose big time and more than likely somebody will get smart and file a lawsuit against you for making such strong allegations against MJ's culture and skin color. Remember, "It doesn't matter, if you are black or white..."!!!!

1907 days ago

Not Amused    

HELLO! Q! Look at YOUR kids!!! You married the whitest girl you could find at the time, and when we hung out in Hollywood with Billy D back in the ONLY looked at and tapped white women.

It's official: Q is freakin' senile. If he wasn't rich, he'd be that Old Mister Wilson type....sitting on his porch and screaming at the kids to get off his lawn.

Q: Don't you wonder what those of us who actually know you are going to say about YOU when you hit that big stage in the sky?

I suggest you shut up, because you sound more jealous and bitter, than saddened by the passing of your so-called friend. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

1907 days ago


I don't believe a man of Quincy Jone's caliber would say such a thing however, I think he is mourning at the loss of his good friend like the rest of the world. RIP MIKE

1907 days ago


Chemical peels do not turn you white DoDo bird

1907 days ago


Quincey Jones, another idiot coming out of the woodworks talking crap. Seems to me that all of the so call people who called themselves friends of Michaels were nothing more than his enemy!

1907 days ago


I dont think for one second...Jackson didnt want to be black....I do think though...Jackson altered his looks becausew of that sorry ass dad of his always making hateful remarks about his looks. Joe Jackson was so jealous of Michael, that he did everything he could to make Michael feel ugly..which by the way...I think Michael was quite handsome at one time. Michael should of told that sorry ass dad to take a hike.....but I guess you could say...Michael did get the last laugh in the end...Joe Jackson doesnt get squat !

1907 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Yeah .... DUH!!!! TMZ - Did you really have to dig up yet ANOTHER UN-story on MJ?? As if you didn't already have ENOUGH on here ... for DAYS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1907 days ago


Have you seen Quincy Jones' own children (his daughter Rashida is on "The Office" and in "I Love You Man"). They don't look black either.

1907 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

43. Chemical peels do not turn you white DoDo bird

Posted at 2:59PM on Jul 2nd 2009 by Seriously

Yeah but BLEACHING agents do ........ DoDo

1907 days ago


The old timer obviously doesn't have a clue about Vitiligo. Most ppl end up bleaching the areas not affected by the disease otherwise you have patchy skin all over your body( and it ain't pretty).trying to treat the affected patches by photo therapy ( to grow back pigment in those areas) DOES NOT work. so i can see why he chose to bleach the unaffected areas. as for his kids, they have a white mom and a surrogate dad

1907 days ago


If MJ really had vitiligo, then he should have done the brave thing and been the celebrity spokesperson for the disease -- it would have helped thousands of kids to feel better about themselves. Like the woman from TLC did with Sickle Cell disease. MJ lied, he didn't have the disease.

1907 days ago


WOW! Now everybody is showing their true colors!!

1907 days ago
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