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Jon & Kate Rekindle the Spark

7/5/2009 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking turn of events, Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited yesterday -- not for a televised special -- but for the sake of the their kids.


The happy family celebrated the Fourth of July in Reading, Pa. yesterday.


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You haters have the intelligence of a worm. It's WAY safer to light sparkers on concrete.. uh a big field of dry grass is better? You people are mentally retarded. She's squinting b/c if the sun and concentrating. And 8 babies outside in the dark getting grumpy past their bedtime.. brilliant. It's verry common for people with children to light before bedtime and sometimes the sun is still out at 8pm. The safelt and health of their kids come first.. not creating forest fires you idiots.

1943 days ago


OMG.. People need to quit complaining.. 9 times out of 10 she is holding sparklers to get them started...the camera only tells you what the photogs want you to see...if they want to do it in their driveway .. they should be able to.. other people should get a life...LEAVE THEM ALONE ALREADY!!! Think of the kids...

1943 days ago


Ok....are all of you stupid???? You can't play with fireworks on grass, we make our children do sparklers on the driveway also. Are people in this country so mixed up that they would villianize a woman who is trying to do right by her children but idolize a man who rapes children? I just don't understand.......

1943 days ago


Wow, you Kate haters are REALLY stretching now for something to get on her about. Get a life.

1943 days ago


How many acres and you ONLY go out your FRONT DOOR for the CAMERAS? That says it all. You WANT the attention. If you didn't you would be in the BACK YARD. You either welcome the cameras and MAKE MONEY or you don't. Make up your minds.

You must know you are running out of time with the public. It took awhile but all things come to an end. Your end is about "one minute" way.

Concentrate on what is left of your family. Learn to live with very little, as have the rest of the country!

1942 days ago


What a STUPID BITCH!! TLC's ratings were down so they condone this !!!

1942 days ago


They are doing what they said they would do which is spend holidays together for the kids. Good for them. They are also doing the responsible thing and using the fireworks on cement instead of in their back yard on grass. Also, they might as well play in the front as you can still see in a lot of the back yard from where the photogs are.

1942 days ago

Mr Bocce    

Safety tips from The National Council on Fireworks Safety:
-- Sparklers should ALWAYS be used under close adult supervision (PASS - Kate and Jon are adults)
-- Always remain standing while using sparklers. (PASS - Kate & Jon are standing)
-- Never hold a child in your arms while using sparklers. (PASS - no kids in arms)
-- Sparklers and bare feet can be a painful combination. Always wear
closed-toe shoes when using sparklers. (FAIL - Kate & Jon wearing flip-flops)
-- Always stand at least six feet from another person while using
sparklers. (FAIL - kids closer than 6 feet)
-- Show children how to hold sparklers away from their body and at
arm's length. (PASS - Kate holding sparklers at arm's length)
-- Teach children not to wave sparklers, especially wooden stick
sparklers, and not to run while holding burning sparklers. (PASS - no running or waving in pic)
-- Never hand a lighted sparkler to another person. (PASS - no handing of sparkler in pic)
-- Never hold, or light more than one sparkler at a time. (FAIL - Kate has two lit sparklers)
-- Sparkler wires and sticks remain hot long after the flame has gone
out. Be sure to drop the spent sparkler directly into a bucket of water. (PASS - looks like buckets of water in pic)

Grade 7 PASS, 3 FAIL. Although, I wonder if the daughter whose butt looks like it is on fire has a sparkler in her left hand?

1942 days ago


An Old Friend Of Jon's (Not Kate's) Speaks Up (Interesting):

1942 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

If they didn't do it for the cameras why are we seeing these pictures! yeahhhh whatever

1942 days ago


I really feel for this whole family. My husband just told me out of the blue on our anniversary june 15 that after 20 years he just doesnt love me anymore. I can so understand the feelings that both Jon and Kate have along with the children. We have a 17 year old that is very upset over this. But seeing Jon and Kate together give me hope my life will get better as well.

1942 days ago


Can't they afford real shoes for anyone in the family????

1942 days ago


Ok, I have to say something here in regard to the RETARDED TMZ staffer about crazy Kate & her childrens bedtime. Honey, one day when you have kids and you can't WAIT til their bedtime rolls around I wanna see what time you put your kids in bed. Children of that age NEED to be in bed by 7:30. Yes, the fireworks for the 4th of July would show up better in the dark but guess what? They are HER kids and if their bedtime is 7:30 then that is that, regardless of what is going on that day. Whatever else the parents may have or may not have done, the fact that her children have a bedtime and she STICKS TO IT, makes her one of the better parents out there. Not one of those parents that let their children run around with no structure or rules. Please, everyone get off her back. No one was faulting her when the kids were little and learning to walk & talk and Jon had a job. She was with the kids all day long, with or without help. What a fickle bunch of fans you all are!

1942 days ago


I love how all of you "Hate" them but you just can't help looking can you. Give them a break.. like anyone of you wouldn't take loads of money to stay home with your kids and have your lives aired on TV. It surely is interesting enough for you to keep checking on them. I'm sure you are all perfect people and never do anything that could easily be spun into a nasty tabloid rumor.

1941 days ago


first off..she isn't holding sparklers.. they are citronella smoking sticks to keep bugs away. notice how much they are SMOKING!!!! some of you are so dumb. secondly.. who cares if they use their driveway.. i notice a lot of the kids have rolling toys and its a hell of a lot easier to roll a little car or something on cement, than it is in grass.. and how do you know they don't ever use the backyard? Of course we only see them out front.. because that is the only spot paparazzi can sneak to get a peak.. so they probably stake out and whenever they decide to be out front, paparazzi got em. and frankly, i'd rather hear about them than MJ over and over and over and over all day every day. the poor man died.. lay him to rest, and let him be in peace. jeez.

1941 days ago
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