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Mr. Jackson Goes to Washington

7/8/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not all congressmen feel like Rep. Peter King -- and yesterday in D.C., a group of Democratic reps showed their support for a House resolution honoring Michael Jackson.

Congressmen Peter King: Click to watch
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
, who spoke at yesterday's memorial, is pushing for a measure which would recognize Jackson as a "global humanitarian and a noted leader."

Jim McDermott
(D-WA), John Lewis (D-GA) and Shelley Berkley (D-NV) are in -- with Lewis making a point to call King's comments "out of line" and "unnecessary."


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for 48 and everyone else...

When an entertainer visits our troops, they actually get PAID to go. Its not out of kindness, its because they get paid and it will help them in terms of PR and shows they "care" when they may not. The soldiers love anyone that come over because its a break.

Congress needs to solve the country's issues, not spend an hour saying "Oh MJ.. we love you and you are the best". PLEASE!!! do some work, and leave the bubbles-lovers at home jacking to their glove replicas..

1878 days ago


MJ does not deserve a resolution. It's the democrats pandering to the black vote again. Michael wanted to be white. He hung out with white people, had white kids, and had so much plastic surgery to get rid of his blackness. He's a freak of nature. And he paid $25 million for a child molest charge to go away. Innocent men do NOT pay $25 million for something they didn't do.

1878 days ago


Are you serious??? He was good, but come on people. This is FLIPPIN' CRAZY!!!!!

1878 days ago


I agree with #4 - Jackson was an entertainer, and I don't believe entertainers should receive governmental honors. The celebrity worship in this country is unbelievable, and now the government wants to get involved? Especially considering the controversy surrounding his life in later years. I guess I also find it odd that these supports are African American.. wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Also, I'm kind of tired of hearing the African American community talk about MJ like he was this wonderful god who brought the races together. Um... for the last how many years, black people have been against MJ because of his obvious desire to become WHITE. Suddenly, he dies and now MJ is the black pride again? I was especially offended at Jamie Foxx' comment at the BET awards about how MJ "belongs to the black community". None of you were singing that tune the last few years and all I ever heard was how he shamed African Americans with his ever lightening skin color.

1878 days ago


That's disgusting he settled his first child molestation no way should he be honored..he wasn't aquitted or found not guilty in the first case to me that the same as saying I am guilty..let's just honor all the catholic priest that die to..It's time to show respect for America's youth and say we don't condone child molestation no matter how much money the defendant has to get himself off....

1878 days ago

Kooky Fan    


1878 days ago


Give me a break, Sheila Jackson Lee, don't you have more important things to do as a tax-payer employee? Just because you are a black, your last name (maiden) is Jackson, do not give you the right to use your authority to propose such ridiculous proposition! MJ is a good entertainer, I do agree, but honoring him in The House? NO, NO, NO! There are many more Americans (like those who gave their lives for this country) deserve your vote to honor them than MJ! So go back to DC and get back to work for America, like you are elected to do so.

1878 days ago


Please all you self-righteous people. Cast the first stone......What have you done for your fellow citizen? Aside from being an entertainer he did much more. Too bad you all love drama and can't see past it. You believe only what the Hollywood drama mill wants you to believe. Forget the real person. His talent funded his generous charities....but lets forget about that. He has done more charitible things in his short life than you all can ever dream of in your entire lives.

1878 days ago


all the bs is just another grasping at something to make blacks think one of theirs is special. if this is all they have to offer that tells you just what low, life they are

1878 days ago

Jimmy Gimbels    

MJ is a "noteable leader'? Of what? I guess he lead the way in abusing prescription medications, buying children, and advantages in plastic surgey. Congresswoman Shiela is just out to get her name in the papers.

1878 days ago


what are the troops doing in other countries: getting killed and raising hell in hell itself, that's the truth!!!! I'm sorry for all the lost lives but they are anonimous to me, and they signed to do that job. What are all the patriots commenting in a site like this? go somewhere else!!!!

1878 days ago


Apparently, it's ok to be a PAEDOPHILE if you're a HYPOCRITE, I mean, DEMOCRAT.

1878 days ago


Jackson Lee does not give a spit about Michael Jackson. She takes every opportunity she can to get in front of the camera so she can remain on the government gravy train!

1878 days ago


These three are nutjobs and deserve to be thrown out of office. Their waste of time on this costs many tax payer dollars. Would any of these three have allow their children or grandchildren to spend a night in Michael Jackson's bed? Congressman King is right on and he's saying what a lot of people are thinking. Thank you Congressman King for having the backbone to fight this nonsense.

1878 days ago


People need to get educated on the behavior of pedophile and then would know he was not...

1878 days ago
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