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Jackson Doc -- I Gave Michael Demerol

7/9/2009 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jackson's longtime friend and dermatologist, admits to giving MJ Demerol -- one of the strong painkillers we're told Jackson sought out.

Dr. Arnie Klein: Click to watch
Klein says it was only "on occasion" to sedate him, and when asked about the drug Diprivan -- the brand name for the drug Propofol, which was found in Jackson's house when he died -- Klein said he was aware Michael was using it but warned him of its dangers.

As for fathering Michael's kids, Klein admits to donating sperm once -- to a sperm bank -- not specifically to Jackson. Klein hedged on whether he was the father of Jackson's kids but at one point said he was not.

Klein also strongly intimated he felt Debbie Rowe should get the kids -- because he felt Katherine was too old and Joe was out of it. Interestingly, Klein didn't go to the memorial and as we reported, the Jackson family gave LAPD a list of doctors they were suspicious of -- and Klein was on the list.


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All these crooked doctors/drug dealers did it for the cold hard cash.

1876 days ago


Man this guy is weird.I thought he was on drugs or something -the way he was talking.Dont believe a word he was sluring.Why as a doctor(can you believe he is doctor) is he talking about a former patient.Not ethical to me.

1876 days ago


"The oldest son looks so much like this guy; the likeness is especially apparent around the eyes.. They have the same eyes.

Posted at 9:09AM on Jul 9th 2009 by A. Word."

Don't be an idiot, a lot of people have those eyes. Doesn't meant they are related. And they don't really look a like at all.

1876 days ago


First, the oldest son LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS GUY. He is hesitant to say he isn't the father because I think he knows he is. Secondly, the patient confidentiality dies when the patient dies, but if this is an ongoing investigation he shouldn't be talking. Third, why is everyone blaming the doctors for "killing" MJ? Yeah, they prescribed the drugs and yes it can be found to be criminal, but why isn't MJ responsible for his own actions? Everyone is so quick to blame the doctors. MJ knew what he was doing and no one could stop him. If he died from and OD he did it to himself. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to take drugs. There is no sense of personal responsibility in our society. Everyone is always looking to blame someone else for their own problems. It's sickening to me. That's why this society is so out of control. Stand up and take responsibility for yourself and your kids - your own problems are no one's fault but your own.

1876 days ago

Lenn K.    

This reminds me of the continued day after day story of Anna Nicole Smith. Beating this dead horse might get alot of posts like Anna's did, but it's tired and played out. What's next, what he had for breakfast the day he died. Life does go on you know.

1876 days ago


the truth is out there
but it's close

1876 days ago


I thought Dr. Klein was an intelligent, BUT, no wonder Jackson likes him. He appeals to Jackson's vanity. He's working on his nose. He's not making Jacko give up what he wants, which is hard core narcotics. In that case, Jacko is getting rid of everyone who tells him he needs to get off drugs, and replacing them with yes men. Jacko's priorities were not to stop the drugs that were killing him first, no, it was to get more "reconstructive" work on his nose. Well, I hope his nose looks nice in his coffin, because no one else will see it, and it was warped and vain priorities that killed him. He's a grown man, and he's working on his nose when his drugs are destroying his heart and body.

1876 days ago


One of Michael many "yes men". And for him to say that Debbie should get the kids is extremly ludicrous.

1876 days ago


Michael's oldest son has the same left loopy eye as this bozo doctor. It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser... I feel sorry for these kids for what they are about to go through... the press has been respectful thus far, but I've a feeling in the weeks to come all Michael Jackson's hens are coming home to roost in the media. It's about to get very dark and sordid, mark it.

1876 days ago


What a sleazeball. If he knew Michael was taking Diprivan he should have INSISTED Michael stop taking it or he would report it to the appropriate authorities. FIRST DO NOT HARM, remember doc? Debbie Rowe should NOT get those kids as they don't even know her and she's a brute. As for Michael's remains, whichever brothers want him in Neverland should rethink that. MJ's mom doesn't want it because Michael said he never wanted to go back there after the police raided the place. They must be thinking of all the money they could make by turning it into another Graceland. Leave the man in peace.

1876 days ago


Fact is this guy wasn't MJ's supplier. He gave him drugs during operations, but so what? Quit hating on the guy.

Yea he released some information on a patient, but this is within his legal rights and it's only something he had to do to clear his name. People, even Mjs family, seem to be accusing him of doing something that he did not do, what do you expect him to just shut up and take it?

1876 days ago


The kids have big ears like this doctor (and debbie's eyes)

1876 days ago


I saw this interview last night and this guy is not telling the truth in some areas. I think he bleached MIchael Jackson's skin. No one goes completely white like that w/o some help from a doctor. He also touted himself as asomeone who studied heroin addiction and wrote a book about it. So what? He's no different from the other doctors who were on Jackson's payroll. This guy also looks like he's not well physically. He had a hard time speaking. He acted like he had to catch his breath all the time.

1876 days ago


"FIRST DO NOT HARM, remember doc?"

He TOLD MJ to stop taking them ya dumb***. That's not doing harm. He can't be expected to force him to stop, MJ was a rich man and there isn't much you can do to prevent him from acquiring drugs if he really wants them. Put yourself in his position at the time and you wouldn't have done any better, sorry.

1876 days ago

nobody special    

I didn't see this interview so I cannot judge this man. I do however, think that both he and Debbie Rowe are the parents of of 2 of MJ kids . I do feel that MJ would have possibly approached these two with a proposition to provide sperm/carry his children for a hefty sum - money is a powerful incentive to do things that one wouldn't normally consider. Debbie Rowe married MJ because she was paid to do so not because they were madly in love with one another (same sham like marriage as Lisa Marie Presley).
I don't think that Debbie Rowe should get these kids - especially if she has taken the stand all along that just because you give birth doesn't make you a mother attitude - she doesn't deserve to have them.

1876 days ago
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