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Jon Gosselin Fashions Himself a Designer

7/13/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

His reality show may have ended his marriage, but it's also giving Jon Gosselin a douchey clothing line for kids.


Jon -- with his new 22-year-old GF Hailey Glassman by his side -- has been partying up in St. Tropez with bedazzler extraordinaire Christian Audigier and are going into the children's fashion biz together -- with a line that might even be featured at Kmart. The best part, Jon's eight rugrats will be used as models for the clothing line.

Those poor kids need more fame about as much as they do a tacky, rhinestoned dragon and skeleton t-shirt.


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Come on, I think I need to throw up! I refuse to buy another Ed Hardey shirt or shoes for hiring this looser!

1865 days ago


These people are so boring. Don't waste computer space and TV time with their losing stories. BORING!

1865 days ago


The Ed Hardy guy and Jon are about the most tacky combination I can think of. No way will I put my grandchildren in their stuff!

1865 days ago

laura bell lou    

Please stop showing that nobody!! Who would want that pig! Kate can find better. Everyone needs to stop watching the show and buying books that carry their story then maybe they will go away!!

1865 days ago


Why would any designer in his right mind think a father, who fooled around on his wife while he was still married, would make a great label/name for a children's clothing line? This man (Audigier) isn't thinking clearly. I hope the line flops!

1865 days ago


Jon nice pictures for Kate to prove without a dought that you were cheating on her no matter what you say. Try explaining these pictures o your kids in a few years.

1865 days ago

frogs and gravel    

You go Jon! You Da Man. F*ck Kate, to hell with the kids and good riddance to the two mutts. I hope
you are fabulously successful in your clothes line (or Whatever) and have a long and happy life.

1865 days ago


Jon looks very happy in that car (See Photos) that his kids bought for him. It's not "cool" for a thirty-something year old man to be out flaunting his self that his 5 year olds made for him. I only hope Kate sees past the money part on this and won't allow those babies to model for these jerks.

1865 days ago


OMG, with this family really who is pimping who.....these poor kids will be in therapy for YEARS......couldn't he at least find somebody to sleep with that wasn't a friend of the family........I suppose when maddy and kara want boob jobs at 16 so they can model for "daddys" trashy clothes line they can get the "family" discount. Just think "hardy" isn't even wearing his own shirts in the pictures......scary....

1865 days ago


To the person who commented that we're assuming the skank is his girlfriend, well take a look at the TMZ supplied pictures where they're seen holding hands, and she's slobbering all over him. I'm not so naive to believe that Jon holds hands with all his business partners.

Ed Hardy clothes are for tools and douchebags. I can't imagine any parent seeking out that look for their children, but I promise I will boycott any store that carries a line of children's clothes designed by Jon, because I know it will be off the sweat of his 'modeling' children that those clothes are in the stores. Enough with living off your kids, man up and get a real job and leave the children to a normal childhood, something they have yet to experience in their lives.

Take a chapter out of Joe Jackson's parenting manual, cause wheat you're doing today, will give you the Michael Jackson's of tomorrow. Hope you're prepared for 8 funerals on your 80th birthday.

1865 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

Has anyone else seen how empty and lonely Jon looks? As for his new flame, check out the photos of her on the Huffington Post site. I believe they were taken from facebook....Hailey, making mom and dad proud.

1865 days ago


I wrote an email to the Hardy company, this is the response I received:

To: Tara Gregory
To: Jimmy Smith
Subject: Jon Gosselin
Sent: Jul 12, 2009 12:04 PM

I would like to congratulate the genius that thought it would be a great idea to use a separated, 32yo, father of 8 and use him to promote your clothing...Just what my kids and millions of other think "I want to wear clothes like Dad"...Yeah...And where does the $$$ come from?...Mostly parents who do not think he is anyone that should be emulated (a celebrity?, OK)...It's time for corporations to start being role models in a good way instead of thinking the more controversy the better...How would you feel if it were YOUR children that will eventually see Dad with another woman?
Thank you for your E-mail. I am a personal friend of Jon Gosselin and so is Christian Audigier. Jon is a great dad who loves his children dearly. We think it's great that he enjoys wearing our clothes.

He and Christian are working together on a motorcycle inspired line because they both enjoy riding, building, and designing motorcycles and hot rods.

I believe you are clearly misinformed and appreciate your concern. I hope you continue to support our brand. Have a great weekend.


Tara Gregory
Marketing Director
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
7/13/2009 1:05 PM

1865 days ago


Loves to see the man come out on top for once. Loves it. F all them women that spit out these kids and then make the guy pay a gazillion dollars in child support while they frollic around. Hope he makes a ton and she don't see much if any of it.

1865 days ago

frogs and gravel    

OUch! Damn bed bugs. After jet setting all over the world and being "Kate-Free", I can't see Jon
returning to his old life. That sucks for the kids.

1865 days ago


Doesnt this guy ever change his clothes?

1865 days ago
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