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Tony Romo Plays the Field

7/17/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking as happy as a newly freed man, Tony Romo played golf in Lake Tahoe yesterday.

The 29-year-old appeared lighter on his feet since having allegedly dropped around 120 lbs earlier this week.

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Jessica Simpson is only 5"3. I'm sure she weighs around 120 lbs. She is gorgeous and I'm sure nobody posting here comes even close to being that pretty. You are all some very jealous, bitter people. Also, she doesn't use auto-tune. The girl can actually sing. She just needs better material.

1889 days ago

Idol Watcher    

23. He dumped 350 pounds... because he got rid of Jessica and Papa Joe at the same time.

Posted at 3:41PM on Jul 17th 2009 by Dev

LOL!!! I'm with you, Dev. Jessica probably weighs at least 150 to 160 lbs. She hasn't weighed 120 since her and Nick split up.

1889 days ago


120 HA!!!
Congratulations for getting your Good Taste and Common Sense Genes back!
Hey Joe Simpson get a JOB!!!!

1889 days ago


SoSweet, you're right on the money. He couldn't get away from her even when they were apart, according to her oversharing about how he'd have to calm her down on the phone at night. Little Missy gave out far too much information! Let's hear it for "The Rules"! That's how I landed my husband, too!

1889 days ago


#11. Thanks studio53, because we were to fricken dump to figure that out ourselves.

fricken dump....?

The short bus is all yours dude.

I drive a Toyota, but thanks anyway : )

1889 days ago


He dropped 120 pounds in 1 week? It would take me 30 years to lose that much. But then again he dumped Jessica so maybe that was the 120 pounds he dropped this week.

1889 days ago


She weighs MORE than 120 lbs. She is at least 130-140 lbs :/
PS- Are you calling 120 lbs women fat?

1889 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

All you women bashing her looks only WISH you ever could look as good as she does! LMAO!

And all you men bashing her looks can only DREAM of ever being with a woman that looks as good as she does! LMAO!

You're a bunch of sorry losers.

And btw - She's only 5'3" - so 120 pounds could look like a lot on her. Yeah - you're all dumb, stupid - and ignorant too.

1889 days ago

Chuck D    

Tony Romo is a second rate quarterback who has seen his best days in many way.

1889 days ago


ick....to think of where that mouth has been

1889 days ago


120 pounds?!?! More like 150 pounds AT LEAST!

1889 days ago

J D    

He more than likely feels so good that he doesn't have to put that constan lip lock on Joe Simpsons ass all the time just to have Jessica as a girlfriend Iwould dump that bitch too since she has no mind of her own and thinks she can't even wipe her own ass with out Daddy doing it for her!S o her dad needs to be the one to date her fat ass!!!!!!!

1889 days ago

Idol Watcher    

46. LMAO! You are probably her mommy or sister defending her. Jessica hasn't weighed 120 since her Dukes of Hazard days.

1889 days ago


120 LOL - not even on her best of days. She is a flake - loser - lacking of any and all talent.

Actually... not very attractive AT ALL. We are simply programmed to think blonde + Big Boobs = Pretty. It doesnt.

NO, Im a hottie - not a hater! (See Link)

I assure you - Im not some bitter fat chick. To the contrary. And able to prove it. None of us are the slightest bit intimidated by Ol' Jess. We arent hating on her because we suck. Its because SHE sucks. I could take ANY man she ever roped in and Im just some plain jane chick. Not haters - simply not buying the 120 pd BS.


See? *giggle*

1889 days ago



1889 days ago
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