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Jessica Simpson

Loves the Ladies

7/20/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a few of her close gal pals including former assistant CaCee Cobb, newly dumped Jessica Simpson had a girls night out on Saturday.

Jessica Simpson

The 29-year-old Tweeted, "Love my ladies!!! Wish I could be with them everyday of my life. Laughter is wonderful :)"

With no man in her life, Jess can always turn to women.


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The girl on the right kind of looks like Camilla I right? I think that it is nice to go out with the girls, but she really needs to stay single for a while. The paparazzi really drags her through the mud no matter what she does that being said staying single and not being co-dependent would be good for her personally and publicly.

1859 days ago


Quit going after playas you dumb bitch. Fool me once, ok understandable, but fool me four friggin times! You really are a dumb ass skank.

1859 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

You cant fool us Jessica with your smile. Your only lying to yourself go back to the basics again and build upon that, maybe you will feel better about yourself and people will start respecting you again.

1859 days ago


LOVE LOVE HER!!!! time to go back to Nick!!

1859 days ago


I love dumb blondes.

1859 days ago


I like Jessica & wish her all the best. She's a very pretty girl & very sweet.

1859 days ago


unfortunately for jessica she has picked the players & she has been badly hurt.I give her credit for gettin out with her friends and trying to have a good time. of course she's sad! she's wasted 2 yrs of her life and her time. He's loss. She will be ok in time.

1859 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

Thats the problem with people they always say how sweet a person is a but people tend to not look at there actions to see how sour they really are. DAM PEOPLE THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE OR SPEAK!

1859 days ago


TMZ we want to know what's happening about Michael don't care any more about all these untalented people. We know he left his body and we know tmz can't track his soul coz he's free now than ever. I'm so happy for you Michael God pls Bless him for making poor people happy bless Michael for donating money to charity, Bless Micheal for all his love in a world that only hates him and pretend now that they love him. Bless Michael because he never took any one to court but let them take him uncountable time you were his only judge and his only protector. Now I know that you made him a saint. grant him strength to protect his children. Michael leave free for ever. I'm going to be sad until my death coz don't know how to fill the wound that's your departure left in my heart but i WILL FOLLOW YOUR GOOD EXAMPLES. love you for ever brother rest

1859 days ago


so what is that some kind of pitty need more then T&A when Jess figures that out she might ..and i say might be able to keep a man.

1859 days ago


Jessica may be nice, sweet or whatever, but she talks and acts like a 6th grader, and still lets her dad control her life. It doesn't matter that she has a great rack, most guys would get tired of the dumb, childish, clingy bimbo personality real quick. Tony finally got fed up with all the crap that comes with the package and said "Screw this - I'm outta here". Jessica needs to grow the hell up and tell her father to mind his own damn business. She will NEVER get a good guy to marry her if things stay like they are now.

1859 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jessica Simpson was cheating on Tony with John Mayer!!!! Jess is back with John Mayer :)

1859 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Jess has the worst singing voice, the girl is in desperate need of a vocal coach, and also getting rid of the stupid ass faces she makes when she sings. Gads, she looks like a freak when she sings. Does this girl ever look at videos of herself singing? She should be ashamed. I agree, she needs to go a way for a very long time.

1859 days ago


Don't worry, Jess. Remember, u have to kiss a lot of frogs, and as good as he looks, Tony was just another frog. Stay with your girls and fam until this passes, and it WILL pass. It's really hard when you live your life in a fishbowl, b/c believe me us "regular" girls kiss frogs all the damn time! xoxoxo

1859 days ago


35. I would like to see girls like Jessica Simpson & Jennifer Anniston & Brittany Spears show the world what a smart, educated, successful woman looks like without constantly being "needy" and clingy. ...

Posted at 5:28PM on Jul 20th 2009 by kj


Not one of these women can "show the world what a smart, educated, successful woman looks like" because the three of them, combined, could not summon up the cerebral energy to power a dim lightbulb.

If you want to see SMART women, look to female cheads of corporations, doctors, lawyers and university professors. We have spent our LIVES engaged in the business of learning. The three women you mentioned sing, dance and "pretend" for a living (and they only do those things marginally well). Do not confuse financial success (which they clearly have) with intelligence. They two are often mutually exclusive.

Jessica Simpson does not know the difference between chicken and tuna --- not exactly my idea of a "smart" woman, She has all of the time and money in the world to hire a tutor and improve her mind and her life. Instead, she chases after men who publicly humiliate her. Ditto for Jennifer Aniston. Surprisingly, the only one who seems to truly WANT to stop making stupid mistakes is Brittany. Good for her!

1859 days ago
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