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Erin Andrews Peeping Tom -- Inside Job?

7/21/2009 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews Peeping Tom -- Inside Job?TMZ has reviewed six videos shot by the Peeping Tom who secretly videotaped Erin Andrews in her hotel room as the ESPN reporter walked around naked, not having a clue she was being watched ... and there are signs the person who taped it may be connected with the coverage of athletic events.

Four of the clips were shot in the same hotel. The remaining two were shot in a different hotel. In the first hotel, the peephole is round. In the second hotel, the peephole is jagged. The furniture in the two hotel rooms is completely different.

In the first set of videos, Erin is naked, curling her hair while looking into a mirror. It appears all four clips are from the same video. In the second set of clips, Erin is also naked, ironing a pair of pants.

The videos raise the suspicion that the person who shot them may have been familiar with her work schedule and may have been traveling with her. Erin's people are on the hunt for the culprit.

We will not post this video, because it is a clear invasion of privacy.

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I love how you said you won't publish it b/c it's a clear violation of her privacy. Where did Rihanna's privacy stand when you published pictures of her battered face.

1919 days ago


LOLOLOL! TMZ you will not post this video because you'll get your ass sued!! Invading people's privacy is your job! Seriously you guys are funny.

1919 days ago

First whores!    

The video was boring but Erin does have a hot body. Yummy yum yum!!

1919 days ago

First whores!    

49. 1. ashlee... Sorry hun but you're the loser, we have lives and we work. You're the idiot that spends 100% of your time on tmz because you want to be first, because you're an idiot loser... Get a job you st!pd loser!!

Posted at 4:51PM on Jul 21st 2009 by LOL

WOW! What is up with the hatred LOL? Ashley bothered you that bad? Relax LOL, your day will get better.

1919 days ago


Oh so now you develop ethics? Yeah right......Harvey you aint fooling no one. She'll sue your pants off.....thats the real reason.

1919 days ago

Mark Byrn    

Come on TMZ, you're playing the fool. Not only does it look like her ESPN frat pals made the flick but she might have been playing along as the kinky exhibitionist. Either way, the clip finds it's way to the Internet and now it's damage control time.

1919 days ago

Joe Williams    

The good news reported on Howard Stern on Sirius / XM Satelite Radio is that Erin Andrews is fully shaved in the peep hole video seen on the internet.

This is good news for sports fans.


1919 days ago


60. I love how you said you won't publish it b/c it's a clear violation of her privacy. Where did Rihanna's privacy stand when you published pictures of her battered face. Posted at 5:31PM on Jul 21st 2009 by Tia

1919 days ago


59. Mememememememe get your number st8.. make sure you read a memorize the number that you're referring too..

1919 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

It's a practical joke. If she's going to work with men she's going to have to have a better sense off humor.

1919 days ago

Linda Mott    

If it was someone she was traveling with or someone she knows, that makes it even worse than a stranger. She must feel so violated. TMZ is very decent not to post the photos.

1919 days ago

who dat    

It is so obvious Erin was involved in the filming. The tiny hole in the wall was PERFECTLY located to center her in the video. What are the odds of that? This film has been available on the internet since Feb of this year, with NOBODY talking/ writing about it; UNTIL Erin hiring the attorney to issue that phony press release threatening lawsuit. It was...Hey everybody Erin is naked, take a look. A smart lawyer would never have confirmed it was her. Reason, its not illegal to film people without their consent & post on the i-net, in many states. Did you notice how she was arching her a** out seductively, then turn fully toward the camera? PERFECTLY IN FRAME.

Erin is an attention whor*. Who is definately involved in this filming & release. She will be laughing all the way to the bank.

1919 days ago


I dont know about you girl but I don't curl my hair naked. Who the heck curls their hair naked? I think she was in it.

1919 days ago


62. Amanda. Mind your business.... She's the one that started off this thread with a nasty remark by calling people idiot and stu!!pd.. So stfu... I'm sure you're Ashley, why would any other person comment for her? SO stfu Ashley

1919 days ago


Invasion of privacy? Wasn't bribing city officials to get pictures of Rhianna that were not supposed to be released an invasion of privacy? It is seriously laughable you keep saying you refuse to post the videos because they infringe on her privacy, as if you are taking the moral high road TMZ - you've never done it before, why now?

1919 days ago
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